The Triple M Of Marketing Success 2


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The Triple M of Marketing Success-Whitepaper

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The Triple M Of Marketing Success 2

  1. 1. The Triple M of Marketing Success By Willy Aoll – Salesman Extraordinaire & Deal MAKER The next time you set-out to create a successful ad, sales letter or even if you decide to cold prospect (or the next time you're perplexed as to why your wonderful promotion didn't work), think about these three ingredients... #1: Select the Right MARKET... It sounds rather obvious, but most agents fail with their marketing right here – they fail to target the "hungry crowd"...people who are "right now" facing a problem about real estate, and are motivated and interested in what you may be offering. What do I mean by "market"? A "market" is a group of people who share a common demographic (statistical description, such as location, occupation, income, etc.) or psychographic (belief wiring). Your goal is to select a market that has an immediate, pressing desire for your services. Want an example? About 6 months ago a product manager called me because she had been selling a "high–end" Telcos/WISP’s infrastructure solutions for over 9 months, and her efforts produced zero calls or sales. When I asked her to hop on her trusty CRM system and take a look at the market, she noticed that only 2 Telco companies had bought in the entire area over the past year! She had been fishing in an empty pond. I then told her to select 5 decent markets in her area based on casual knowledge, and using her CRM system analyze each market for # of solutions sold, average sales time, # of dominant competitors in the market and a few other statistics. By comparing 5 markets based on these criteria, all of a sudden one of the areas stuck out as a higher–potential market than the others – an area with lots of activity, high turnover, short sales times, fewer dominant competitors, etc. Within 30 days working these markets she had her first big sale, and is now making a small fortune from her sales efforts. So how do you find hot markets? How do you find the well–stocked ponds that will produce consistent business for you, year–in and year–out?
  2. 2. The secret is to pay attention to where the dominant activity exists for the type of solutions, products or services that you specialize in selling. If you're a luxury market specialist, do your homework and locate luxury areas with better activity than others. If resort properties or horse properties are your specialty, then analyze the best resort or horse property subdivisions to target. If you're looking for buyers, examine your market for segments where the highest volume of buyers exist (get cozy with your local board and you can find lots of market data). Between your CRM and a trusty Excel spreadsheet, the answers are right at your fingertips. But you want to know the one "market" that will out–perform anything else as much as 16 to 1? It's your "house list"...your list of past clients, friends, family, business associates, golfing buddies and acquaintances. Learn how to build a booming "house list" business by having a personal chat with me. Don't worry, it's completely FREE! Go where the pond is stocked in the first place, and your odds of success will be much greater when you cast your line. #2: Select the Right MEDIUM... Speaking of casting your line...once you've found your market(s), the next question you should ask yourself is: "Where does my target market get information that's important to them?" The secret is to tap into the lines of communication and information that your market already finds credible and helpful. Most salesmen and ladies are seduced into finding mediums (magazines, newspapers, etc.) based on the highest circulation, but that's a big mistake because you're going to pay for exposure to people who have no interest in your services – it's called "waste circulation" and it's very costly. Find a medium that reaches your targeted prospect and only your targeted prospect. You might choose to use direct mail after performing an analysis like our sales lady above. You might locate a technology, trade, commerce or a business newsletter to contribute a helpful article about buying or selling in the area, solutions to typical problems etc. Or you might find a bedroom newspaper that specifically targets the area your niche market is.
  3. 3. Either way, the "secret" to success is in finding well–targeted, small ways to reach your prospect and only your prospect. That's because every dollar (and minute) counts when you're prospecting for leads and clients. The more you target, the more money you make! #3: Create the Right MESSAGE... All of your advertising, mailings or any other marketing should have one and only one objective: Motivate qualified buyer and seller prospects to CALL YOU or hire your services! If they don't call or hire you, you've wasted your money. But most sales people believe that, if they throw up their photo with a "call me for more information" they've done the job. Wrong! You will find volumes of books and courses about direct response marketing and ways to motivate prospects to call you, but here's a quick 4–point checklist that will almost instantly improve the success of all your marketing. · Capture Attention with a Benefit–Rich Headline and Lead. Your headline is your "ad" for your ad or letter or even your product presentation – no it's not your name or your big company logo. It's the specific call–out message that causes your reader or listener to stop and take notice, just like a headline in a newspaper article works. Your "lead" is what you say in the first 5 seconds that captures the attention of your reader and motivates them to read on. · Stimulate Interest by Harmonizing with Your Prospect. How do you get people interested in you? By talking about the problems they face and the desires they seek. It's not about you; it's about them! When you connect with your prospect and empathize with their situation (their immediate fears and desires), you instantly capture their interest and open their minds to be willing to listen to your solutions. · Create Desire by Matching Your Services Perfectly to Their Fears and Desires. When you demonstrate how your services solve problems or deliver benefits for your prospects and clients better than any other option – in a way that's risk–free for them – you automatically make yourself a stand–out choice for their business. The art of persuasion is simply matching your solution perfectly to the problems and desires your prospect faces. · Stimulate Action with an Irresistible Offer and Call to Action. Remember this: No one will call you without a self–serving, almost irresistible reason for calling. So you need to give prospects
  4. 4. reasons to call. For lead generation, offer special reports, preferred lists of solutions, products, services and value-adds and other "magnets" that will motivate people to seek you out. When closing a sales presentation, list out all the "things" you will DO for them, and make an offer that will have them saying, "we'd have to be fools to pass this up!" If you don't include an offer, combined with an urgent call to action, chances are your prospects are going to procrastinate. And procrastination in this business means an empty checkbook! This is the essence of the Triple M marketing method as shown in the following: Researched & Compiled By Willy Aoll Chartered Marketer