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A baisc summary of the following case studies for the Edexcel iGCSE B. Urban Environments: A case study of one city to show the land use patterns and the distribution of social/ethnic groups.
A case study of one named urban area in an HIC to explain how and why changes are taking place.

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Reading summary from the i gcse revision pack

  1. 1. Reading Summary from the iGCSE revision pack<br />
  2. 2. Land Use: Reading<br />
  3. 3. Reading university located near affordable housing i.e. White Knights<br />Industrial area, mostly council flats and terraced housing e.g. New Town<br />Industrial area, mostly council flats and terraced housing e.g. Oxford Rd<br />New housing development (in partnership with local government to encourage rejuvenation of Reading) e. g. Tilehurst<br />CBD, new services and modern high density flats. E.g. Oracle<br />Reading follows Hoyt’s model of a city, but with an additional industrial sector, rather than one for higher quality housing, which is located around the city as suburbs.<br />‘Twilight Zone, terraced housing e.g. Oxford Rd<br />Higher quality, semi-detached housing moving out from CBD, examples of gentrification and infilling.<br />Privately developed suburbs. E.g. Lower Earley<br />Industrial brownfield zone, majority terraced housing with some gentrification e.g. Kennet Island<br />
  4. 4. Ethnic & Social groups: Reading <br />
  5. 5. Ethnic & Social groups: Reading <br />
  6. 6. HIC urban area change: Reading<br />CBD & Inner City<br />Reading Development- Inner distribution road (IDR)was made to take traffic away from CBD, never finished and traffic in Reading is still congested. Closed off Broad street to all and encouraged banks to relocate there. <br />Friar street- pedestrianised and main entertainment area with new pubs and clubs.<br /> The Oracle- large area of CBD demolished for shopping centre, car park and Warner cinema. Near river with cafes making area attractive = mix of leisure and retail<br /> Rose Kiln Flats- example of a Brownfield site that's being redeveloped.<br />Junction 11 – Edge of CIty<br />Reading Gate- out of town shopping centre built on a Greenfield site next to the rural-urban fringe, located next to junction 11 of M4. B&Q, Comet, McDonalds. Next to Madejski stadium for continuous money flow.<br />Madejski stadium- Reading FC relocated from Elm Park in the inner city to a Greenfield site on the edge of city. Plus London Irish & Concert venue = Leisure and tertiary services. Next to Junction 11.<br />International Business Park- Business park next to Junction 11, close to M25, M4 plus public transport, has its own integrated transport = accessibility. Landscaped Car Park, Lake , Crèche, Health Club, amenities: BHS, Hilton, Madejski Millennium and Holiday Inn hence a hence quality of life. T-mobile, Harley Davidson, Wiley, Oxfam, Orange and Verizon.<br />Green Park- business/science park based around a water feature (high qulity of working conditions). Close to Reading University (esp.IT & Robotics); Creche, Health club, centre for conferences. (under developed as too much business space in Reading)<br />Courage Brewery- Built on a green field site, in 1978 and closed April 2010. there was consolidation in the brewing industry and now fewer but much larger enterprises are being built.<br />South side Reading- Reading Gateway development, the urban planners and architects SCOTT BROWNRIGG = a plan for Reading Borough Council & local politicians. Extension of residential and business. Links in with fast track buses. 1000 dwellings with hotel, retail park &leisure space.<br />Kennet island- housing development, first properties sold in 2007 and still being developed, part of the development is covered by a government backed initiativefor Key Workers (public servants such as nurses and policemen)<br />