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King arthur   zoey
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King arthur zoey


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Published in: Education, Sports

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  • By zoey miller
  • Transcript

    • 1. KING ARTHURA historical legend
    • 2. ABOUT KING ARTHUR King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries. King Arthur led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6thcentury. The details of Arthurs story are mainly composed of folklore, and hishistorical existence is debated by modern historians. Arthur appears either as a great warrior defending Britain from human andsupernatural enemies or as a magical figure of folklore.
    • 3. KING ARTHURS CHILDHOOD King Uther married Igraine and they had a son named Arthur. This was a very dangerous time and attacks by Saxons happened alot. So King Uther gave his baby son to his wizard, Merlin, for safety. Merlin sent Arthur away to be raised in the countryside. He grew up with his foster brother, Kay. He never knew who hisreal parents were.
    • 4. THE SWORD IN THE STONE When King Uther died, no-one knew he had a son. So there was lotsof arguing about who should be King of Britain. Suddenly a mysterious stone magically appeared in St. Paul’s Cathedralin London. Sticking out of it was a huge sword. Whoever pulled thesword from the stone was the rightful King of Britain. Arthur pulled the sword out easily. At first, no-one believed that Arthur had done it. But he repeated whathe had done. Everyone was amazed.
    • 5. KING ARTHUR CROWNED Arthur was crowned King. However, 11 of the local kings would not agree to him being King. They did notwant to have to do what a fifteen-year-old told them to. Merlin the Wizard helped King Arthur to rule Britain. He took him to a magicallake. Merlin’s friend, the ‘Lady of the Lake’ lived there beneath the water. She gaveArthur a magic sword called ‘Excalibur’. If you used Excalibur in a fight, you would always defeat your opponent. Arthur led a big army against the 11 rebel kings. There were many battles, butArthur had Excalibur, so he won. The kings agreed that Arthur should be King.
    • 6. KING ARTHURS SUCCESS Arthur set up his Royal palace at Camelot. When Arthur was a bit older, he married a princess named Guinevere. All the knights in the country wanted to be soldiers for King Arthur. The bravest of themwere allowed to sit at the round table. They were known as the ‘Knights of the Round Table’. The Saxons were still attacking the British. Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fought against the Saxons in many battles. Theyfinally defeated them at the Battle of Mount Badon. In Britain, the Knights of the Round Table had lots of adventures. Some rescued princesses.Some fought dragons or bad knights. Many of them went to look for a religious cup called the‘Holy Grail’.
    • 7. KING ARTHURS DEATH Arthur knew he was going to die. He gave Excalibur to Sir Bedivere. He told him toreturn it to the magical lake. Bedivere pretended to do what he was told; but he hid Excalibur under a bush instead. Arthur asked Bedivere what happened when he threw the sword into the lake. Bediveresaid that it sank. Arthur knew he was lying and told him to go and do the job properly. Bedivere threw the sword into the lake. He saw the hand of the ‘Lady of the Lake’ comeout of the water to catch it. It is thought that he died there soon afterwards.
    • 8. BOOKS AND FILMS There were lots of books and films made about King Arthur. Some of the books are: Here lies Arthur, The mists of Avalon. But there are many more. Some of the films are: Merlin, and the sword in the stone.
    • 9. MY THOUGHTS I believe in King Arthur and that he really did take the sword outof the stone because it was meant for him. Do you believe in King Arthur ? Thank you for listening