Chinese and cantonese, language or dialect


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My midterm project for Chinese class.
Should Cantonese be considered a language or a dialect?
Is Hong Kong a country?

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Chinese and cantonese, language or dialect

  1. 1. Chinese and Cantonese dialect or language? Dialects and Language of China By: 林峰 我的英文名字是威廉
  2. 2. What is a dialect? 方言 A dialect is a form of a language that may share the same written form, but can be mutually exclusive when spoken.  Dialect and accent are essentially the same  方言 (fāng yán)
  3. 3. Language 语言 While there is no universal distinction between a dialect and language, the difference is left up to the degree of variance.  Language is usually decided by political or social differences, like different countries. 语言( yǔ yán ) 
  4. 4. 我说中文 zhong wen   Used in the context of knowing other languages, usually referring to the written form. You don’t say I speak American, we say I speak English. 我说汉语 han yu Used when talking about speaking the language itself  汉 (hàn) the largest ethic group in china  Both ways are correct colloquially  我们说英文不是美式英文 Difference between 中文 和 汉语
  5. 5. Chinese dialects         Chinese has been broken up into 8 main dialects Guang - Mandarin 官话 (Standard) also known as Northern Pudongua 普通话 [850million native speakers] Min Nan - Fukian 闽方言 Xiang - Hunan 湘方言 Gan 赣方言 Wu 吴方言 (90 Million) Ke Jia - Hakka 客家方言 Yue 粤语 (70 Million) 粤语,俗称广东话、广府 话,当地人称白话 (Hong Kong dialect and Cantonese)
  6. 6. Map of China Dialects 中国方言
  7. 7. Cantonese      My friend and I agree that Cantonese is a different language, although it is often thought of as a dialect of Chinese. Why is it a different language? Because its unintelligible to other mandarin speakers, initials and finals are pronounced differently also, it has 6 tones! Cantonese uses traditional characters so the only way of communication is through writing. Cantonese is the main language of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is almost like separate country from mainland China. its also known as the “special administrative region of the PRC”
  8. 8. Friend Interview 朋友   •   你好!我的叫做徐直 (xú zhí) Where is your hometown? 家乡 (jiā xiāng) 我的老家在中国江苏省盐城市滨海县,然后我现在住在 上海。 (Yancheng, Jiangsu and moved to Shanghai) Which dialect方言 (fāng yán) do you speak? 我讲滨海话,盐城市每个县的方言都不一样但我可以听 得懂他们讲什么。 (Standard Pudonghua, local dialect of Jiangsu) Is Cantonese a Language or a Dialect? “I think different people have different views, but I think Cantonese is a dialect, keep in mind other dialects can have more than 6 tones.” Do you think Hong Kong is a separate country? “Hong Kong is not a country and it is still a part of China”
  9. 9. Standard Mandarin Eastern dialect of Jiangsu province 回家 拼音是 (huí jiā)  小孩 拼音是 (xiǎo hái)  干嘛 拼音是 (gàn ma)   但方言是 (wen ga)  但方言是 (xiao xia)  但方言是 (zun ni) Dialect Example
  10. 10. Conclusion When saying I am learning Chinese, make sure to realize it’s Mandarin.  Saying I’m learning Chinese is almost like saying I’m learning European.  What do you think? Is Cantonese is a Language or a Dialect? The answer is really subjective 