Pr tips for startups


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10 PR tips for startups. More here:

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Pr tips for startups

  1. 10 pr tips for startups
  2. 1. Make sure that your product is ready2. Keep the pitch short and sweet3. A clone? Admit it, and focus on strengths4. Reply to press inquiries promptly5. Building relationships with bloggers
  3. 6. Understanding your purpose and target audience7. Love big blogs AND the small blogs8. Keep bloggers updated with your startup9. Build a solid FAQ, or Media page ( Press releases: make them linkable
  4. Building relationships withbloggers•Read their articles, understand them•Find the right reporter to work with•Make sure they are interested in the spaceyou’re in
  5. Keep the pitch short and sweet•Hey, Hi, or Dear? Which one?•Put the most important stuff at the top•Don’t oversell•Put in useful quotes•Do it in less than 300 words.
  6. Understanding your purposeand target audience•What is your goal?•Who are the target audience?•Where are they from?
  7. •200 retweets•10,000 views•2,265 visits•200+ new users•Story here
  8. •US-based investors found EZTABLEthrough Tech in Asia•Received $1.5 million in investment•Story here
  9. Connect with us•For news, send to••@techinasia•KakaoTalk/WeChat: Techinasia