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Mike vietnam startup ecosystem



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  • 1. Introduction toVietnam’s Startup Ecosystem Presented by Mike Tran
  • 2. So who am I ? Apart from “still on survival mode”§  Founder and CEO at Keewi§  Studied in Canada§  Doing startup in Vietnam for a while§  Running a startup community in VN
  • 3. Vietnam is potentiallya goldmineVietnam is a veryhard & trickymarket to figure out
  • 4. Big numbersPop: Over 91 millionsInternet Penetration: 35% (higher than global avg)Growing rate: 5%95% age 15-24 have accessed to internet73% of internet users are under 3566% of netizens using web everyday
  • 5. Young population countryEvery year there are 1 mil new born babiesOver 50% of Viet population is under 30 y/o25% below 15 y/oAnd 69% are in rural areas
  • 6. iOS & Android picking upMobile user penetration: 130 million subscribersSmartphones: 17%3G penetration: 12%Zalo hits 500,000 Android downloads in no time
  • 7. Large portion for internet usage is still on computers81% desktops47% laptops56% mobiles3 in 4 households have a computer now  
  • 8. Credit card: 2.5% but spending (transaction) is verylow, mostly users pay for oversea payment.Bank account users: around 20% according togovernment’s announcementVarious online payment gateway: Paypal, Onepay,Nganluong …Pay by text messaging but limited amount andTelcos take around 50% range.
  • 9. But you should be able to do it anyway learn
  • 10. Running a startup in VietnamHard to find quality people & right mindsetsHave to clearly understand culture & marketHigh valuation is rareHonestly… competition sucks & COD is still king
  • 11. Startups that are doing it… anywayKeewi.meGiaohangnhanh.vnAppstore.vnIg9.vnTiki.vn…
  • 12. VCs that are funding it… anywayCyberAgent VenturesIDG VenturesPVNIDFJI Vina CapitalKusto Tiger IT Investment fund…
  • 13. Once you get it,you get it
  • 14. Thank you, any questions ? Mike Tran Founder & CEO at Keewi mike@keewi.me @mike726x