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iLibrarian (2011 Internet Librarian)


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iLibrarian: iPads and Mobile Devices presented at the 2011 Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey, CA.

iLibrarian: iPads and Mobile Devices presented at the 2011 Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey, CA.

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    • 1. iLibrarian:
      Virtual, iPads & Mobile Devices
      Willie Miller
      Internet Librarian 2011
      Monterey Conference Center
      October 17, 2011
    • 2. Key Messages
      Mobile tablets will have a significant effect on pedagogy in higher education.
      For some tasks, mobile tablets are superior to computers.
      Most students report engagement and learning while using iPads in class.
      Interdisciplinary working groups are valuable.
    • 3. Presentation Outline
      Institution and Project Overview
      iPad Library Instruction
      Research Findings
      Best Practices
      Q & A
    • 4. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI)
      Indiana’s urban research institution
      Student population:
      22,000 undergraduate
      8,000 graduate
    • 5. iPad Faculty Learning Community
      University Funding
      iPads in the classroom
      Eight-member interdisciplinary community
    • 6. Instruction with iPads
    • 7. Library Instruction with iPads
      Informatics First Year Experience (Fall ’10 & Fall ‘11)
      Perspectives in Communication (Fall ’10 & Fall ‘11)
      Computer Methods for Journalism (Spring ’11)
      Global Tourism Seminar (Fall ‘11)
    • 8. Library Instruction with iPads
      Information seeking and evaluation
      Mobile library resources (OPAC, EBSCO, Wilson Web, etc.)
      Mobile news and media (NPR, USA Today, TED, YouTube, etc.)
      Collaborative Concept Mapping (Popplet &iBrainstorm)
    • 9. Mobile Research
      • Instruction using a mobile site
      • 10. Connects users to mobile databases and journals
      • 11. Accumulates new mobile resources from database providers as they develop
      • 12. Connect users to second-party mobile resources and apps
    • 13. Mobile Research
      • Students use pre-installed news and media apps to apply information seeking and evaluation skills
      • 14. Multimedia apps engage students across learning styles
    • Collaborative Concept Mapping
      • Collaborative concept mapping using Popplet allows students to work together on individual devices
      • 15. Popplet’s web version continues collaboration and creation outside of class
    • Collaborative Concept Mapping
    • 16. Measuring Outcomes:Student Learning and Engagement
    • 17. Study Design
      100, 200, 300-level courses
      5 schools
      7 departments
    • 18. Study Design
      20 question Likert-scale survey
      • 12 standard
      • 19. 8 supplemental
      4 open-ended questions
      209 respondents
    • 20. Study Design
      Describe how the iPad activity helped or limited your learning of the class content.
      Describe at least two things you liked about using iPads in this class.
      Describe at least two things you disliked about using iPads in this class.
      Do you have any suggestions for other ways to use the iPads in learning class content?
    • 21. Preliminary Findings
      “Made even the students who are normally less engaged get into the activities”
      “All the tools you need are right there and customizable.”
      “Easily access information. Groups can produce more work quicker and eases group cohesiveness.”
      “It was convenient and fun …The portability of them made it easier to discuss with the professor.”
      “it’s nice to switch things up, and using the iPads was a ‘fun’ way to learn something that’s useful towards our degree.”
    • 22. Preliminary Findings
      “I am faster at writing notes on paper than with an iPad.”
      “I found myself want[ing] to play with the apps or search the web rather than focus on course material.”
      “time wasted when the iPad wasn't working properly”
      “checked my email and Facebook rather than participating because it was easier to hide.”
      “People can get lost in the iPad and not focus on group work”
    • 23. Best Practices
      Plan activities in detail and test technology
      Convey expectations
      Monitor activities carefully
      Curate resources
      Cultivate mobile information literacy
      Consider device limitations
    • 24. Resources
    • 25. Questions? Comments?
      iPads & Mobile Devices
      Contact Willie Miller
      Presentation available: