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Staying the Course


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Never, ever, ever - give up! Our lives and happiness within our families depend on it.

Never, ever, ever - give up! Our lives and happiness within our families depend on it.

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  • 1. Motivational Strategies for Job Seekers by Job Seekers
  • 2. Has job search made you feel like;
  • 3. Or like;
  • 4. Suggestions from your colleagues:
  • 5. Club Member Examples: Marsha Stays Motivated by; Dr. Parker Stays Motivated by;  Networking  Spiritual Resources  Helping Others  Networking  Staying Healthy  AARP Enrollment  WS - Resources  WS - Resources
  • 6. More Examples JL (Willie’s Colleague) Stays Motivated By: Willie Stays Motivated By;  Reflection  “Service” Work (i.e. Job Clubs)  Continual Learning/College  Gospel Music  Interacting w/Family  Spiritual Affirmations  Financial Goals = $  Anger turned into Progress
  • 7. Other Scholarly Suggestions  Rewards  Giving yourself a goal, and then rewarding yourself for reaching it might sound a bit cheesy, but you probably do this unconsciously. Had a busy morning finishing off an application you’re proud of? Then you reward yourself with a treat for lunch.  Quotes, posters, and images  Do you remember as a teenager having a wall plastered with posters and pictures cut out of magazines of your favorite musicians, actors and so on? Well, inside you that teenager probably still lurks, and is still motivated by role models, words and song lyrics, pictures and art.
  • 8. Cont’d Suggestions  Make your search into a game:  Let’s face it, it’s a job looking for a job. If you’re out of work you’re probably at home all day on your own, which isn’t a barrel of laughs either. You have to put the fun into it, and you can do this by creating a game out of your activities. Here are a few ideas:  Job advertisement lingo bingo: create a bingo card with words or phrases that you find in job advertisements, the more cheesy the better. Think of this as a version of corporate bingo. As you go through a day’s search of job boards see if you can tick them off, and if you get the full house treat yourself to a small prize (gift under $10). It sounds corny but it does work for some!
  • 9. Teamwork  Struggle to stick to your goals? Get a friend to be your manager.  If you’re finding that your self-discipline is lagging, ask a trusted friend or family member to act as your “job search boss”. Send them your goals, or a list of what you need to do that day, on an email. Ask them to follow-up with you about it. Ask them to question you about why you haven’t followed up or acted on the tasks that day if you’ve not managed to complete everything. The idea isn’t that they punish you, it’s more to act as a sounding board as to what factors or issues are stopping you from doing what you need to do.
  • 10. Exercise  Be physically active  Sitting at a PC or laptop all day every day is not healthy, and we all know it. Your posture, breathing and sense of perspective will be affected by working like this. Firstly, do give yourself regular breaks from the screen and desk. Just going for a walk to another room, doing a domestic task, making a drink, can all help you have a five-minute break each hour.
  • 11. See Yourself In Your Next Job  Visualization and/or meditation  We’ve spoken before about visualizing yourself in a role, and how this can help you to motivate yourself to finish that application, or spur you into getting on with the research ready for interview. You can also visualize yourself carrying out job searching activities, to get you going if you’re running out of steam.  Meditation is more about helping you to relax. There are lots of CDs and so on out in the market or you could go to a class. Most meditation will start by getting you to sit or lie in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and imagine a serene place, such as a beach or a garden.
  • 12. Volunteer  Do something meaningful or positive  If you’re out of work, this is an opportunity: think of all the things you’ve wanted to do but never had the time. Volunteering, learning a language, pursuing a hobby. Allocate time to do something positive. It will help you to structure your time for job searching and also give you a reward.
  • 13. Be Active In Your Job Club  Share the experience  There’s other people feeling the same thing as you. There’s lots of job seeker forums and job clubs out there, and it doesn’t usually cost anything to join. You and other job seekers can help to motivate each other with encouragement and sharing the load. You are your Brothers Keeper.
  • 14. Get Rid of baggage from Past Jobs or Experiences Be the Change You Want To See In Your Life
  • 15. Knowing Yourself – Empowers You To Have A Plan  Willie Will E-Mail An Emotional Intelligence Quiz  Open Discussions