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Democracy in a Capitalist Society
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Democracy in a Capitalist Society


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Politics is a very real reality of our world and yes it is a game. Understanding this, in order to play the game - we must know the rules of the game.

Politics is a very real reality of our world and yes it is a game. Understanding this, in order to play the game - we must know the rules of the game.

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  • Real Talk for Real Solutions
  • While the definition of democracy implies a system or government of the people that is run by the people, the reality of common experiences is it’s all about who you know and less about what you know.
  • Inclusive of the cultural changes we are seeing as our democracy evolves is our value systems.
  • Technology and astute consumers/constituents has created an era of transparency as it relates to the information highway.
  • Each state has a website where one can go to get statistical data of the current trends of the Court, or better yet – visit a family law Courtroom and get a realistic and more personable perspective.
  • While at times entertaining, Judge Judy is effective at getting to the heart of the matter and imposing solutions in an effective and efficient manner. If only we could clone her…
  • Judges are former lawyers and often times refer litigants back to law offices in the spirit of providing subject matter experts. The challenge has been the creative billing practices of attorneys. (Kritzer, 2002, p. 1944)
  • Consumers and Constituents have a choice! They/WE have the power to impact change – once we individually and collectively realize this, a revolution will have begun.
  • Leadership that uses traditional methods of reward and punishment is becoming less and less effective. What is becoming increasing evident is that balance is required for success over the duration of a life cycle.
  • We all connect with people whom we can relate to, by establishing a form of Social Network – their contacts become your contacts and vice versa. Together, the true spirit of the Democracy can be recovered.
  • Social Media – The New Aspirin of the World!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Democracy Democracy - Figure 1
    • 2. Capitalist Capitalist – Figure 2
    • 3. Society Society – Figure 3
    • 4. Just-US
    • 5. Types of Courts Supreme Court – Court of Last Resort Court of Appeals - Hears Appeals of Lower Courts Superior Court – Hears General Jurisdiction Cases District Court – Hears Misdemeanor Cases Municipal Court – Presides Over Smaller Cities Judge Judy – Figure 4
    • 6. Lawyer Fees Fixed Fees – Specified Amounts Time Based – Hourly Rates Task Based –Task Oriented Statutory – Regulated by Law Commission Based – % of Outcome Value Based – Judgment Call Lawyers – Figure 5
    • 7. Decision Time? Victim – Figure 8 Survivor – Figure 9
    • 8. Transactional Leadership Transactional Leadership – Figure 6
    • 9. Transformational Leadership Transformational Leader – Figure 7
    • 10. Conclusion Social Media – Figure 10
    • 11. References Capitalist – Figure 2: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Democracy – Figure 1: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Judge Judy – Figure 4: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Kritzer, H.M. (2002, June). Lawyer Fees and Lawyer Behavior in Litigation: What Does the Empirical Literature Really Say? Texas Law Review, 80, 1944-1983 Lawyers – Figure 5: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Social Media – Figure 10: Retrieved from; on 9.20.19
    • 12. References Society – Figure 3: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Survivor – Figure 9; retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Transactional Leadership – Figure 6: Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Transformational Leadership – Figure 7; Retrieved from; on 9.19.12 Victim – Figure 8; retrieved from; on 9.19.12