Talent2: QA Mgr, Technical Mgr, Dmm Intimate, Senior Designer & Technical Services Mgr


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Fashion apparels vacancy!

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Talent2: QA Mgr, Technical Mgr, Dmm Intimate, Senior Designer & Technical Services Mgr

  1. 1. Identifying and attracting the right people for the right job
  2. 2. About Us Talent2 is about talent management for the future. Our aim is tohelp companies with their staffing needs and assist them to achievetheir resourcing goals. Recently ranked number 7 on HRO TodayMagazines distinguished Global Market Leaders List; we are drivenby a mission to be the world leader in Recruitment Outsourcing.United by a passion to deliver innovative resourcing solutions,Talent2 looking for committed individuals to join our client on theirthrilling growth journey.
  3. 3. Our Client Our client is one of the largest US based contract manufacturers,importers, and distributors of apparel, including men’s women’s andchildren’s apparel. The company was founded in 1970 and is basedin Columbus, Ohio. They have grown from a cottage industry to aglobal force in apparel sourcing and manufacturing. They havemanufacturing operations and joint ventures in more than a dozencountries including China, Israel, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.
  4. 4. About the rolePosition : QA Manager (Intimates & Apparel)Location: Far East AsiaIndustry : Apparel ManufacturingOversee the QA function for assigned brands, categories and/or geography;Insure factories/vendors clearly understand the quality requirement of respectivebrands and address production quality issues in a timely manner.
  5. 5. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES:• Manages the day-to-day order execution to ensure on-time delivery of quality product activities.• Identifies problems early on and recommend appropriate courses of action• Monitors vendor performance and recommends appropriate courses of action to enhance theirperformance level• Partners with regional QA teams to drive performance and service level for vendors• Works closely with the regional QA team leaders to drive standardization of process
  6. 6. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES:• Provides coaching to auditors and calibrate auditors and inspectors (MCAs & FCAs) to meet brandrequirements• Conducts quality review meetings with merchandising teams on a regular basis• Conducts factory evaluation and provide recommendations• Prepares timely and accurate reporting and tracking of key performance indicators• Manage and drive regional QA initiatives as assigned.
  7. 7. Requirements• At least 10 years garment industry experience preferably in a Senior Technical or QA/QC role• Diploma in fashion and clothing technology or its equivalent• Knowledge of patterns, grading and sewing process is a plus• Competent at approving production samples• Direct and able to influence factories on production issues• Good leadership skills; able to manage resources effectively• Able to work effectively with all levels across functions
  8. 8. About the rolePosition : Technical Manager- ColorLocation: Far East AsiaIndustry : Apparel ManufacturingIn charge of the overall color management of HK and regional offices. To lead theregional Color Operation and to work with the Production team, Merchandisingteams, QA/QC and Vendors, taking responsibility for the technical developmentof color and print issues. Handle print development project and enforcecorporate color standardization.
  9. 9. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES: • Review all color issues with Colorists on a daily basis and communicates with internal counterparts, vendors and customers • Meet with the key vendors, factory & merchandising teams on development & pre-production issues • Set up color matching requirements of each individual customer with all the suppliers • Trouble shooting on all color and print quality issues such as bulk continuity, color fastness and hand feel/ fabric appearance with fabric suppliers and garment factories • Conduct mill evaluation and bulk production inspection
  10. 10. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES:•Provide coordination between customer, inter offices and all vendors on color developmentand technical issue• Supervise the color and print approvals on all new projects and launch program• Work on color standard development as required• Set up tracking system to monitor the performance of the suppliers• Train up the Colorists and associates working in other production countries to ensure they areusing the same standard to review & communicate colors issues• Train all new mills and vendors to bring them up to color matching and color control standard
  11. 11. Requirements• College degree or equivalent work experience• At least 10 years of relevant experience in the garment industry in knit and woven• Strong technical skills in print development• Knowledge of dyeing and finishing is required• Good command in English, Chinese and Putonghua (added advantage)• Proficiency in PC applications• Good interpersonal and management skill• Occasional trips to Mainland China or overseas are required
  12. 12. About the rolePosition : Divisional Merchandising Manager- IntimatesLocation: Far East AsiaIndustry : Apparel ManufacturingTo improve business sales of the brand and maintain positive partnership with USteam and Customers. To manage the overall development and production for thebrand and align the brand’s growth with business direction.
  13. 13. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES:• To understand, analyze & capture customers business - their market position, price bracket, products,merchandising & production culture and their work approach.• Provide operational direction to the production and merchant team to ensure schedule is met from productdevelopment to receipt of goods by customer• Proactively work with the fellow merchandising team, factory and technical team to ensure quality ongarments delivered• Cultivate customer intimacy with buyers and production team at different levels. Work on cost and marginanalysis to achieve budgeted margin• Involve in quota management - keep abreast of utilization rate, premium, and making decision when andwhat quantity to purchase• Manage raw material planning with launch mills, pad suppliers and major components
  14. 14. Job Description RESPONSIBILITIES:• Monitor the revenues and expenses within the division• Collaborate with other supporting divisions in the company to protect companys interests• Involve in team building and enhancement of staff qualities to meet goals set• Initiate brainstorm meetings and discussions with team to formulate business strategy and plan• Communicate closely with US team/ customers in kicking off manufacturing, strategy discussion, co-ordination meetings.• Make sourcing trips to mills and factories to establish and develop and expand the base for the business• Identify countries for material and production sourcing.• Build up factory base in the Asia• Develop a work strategy in Asia to cater to customers needs
  15. 15. Requirements• 7-8 years merchandising management experience in intimates• Possess knowledge of US retail market, fabric and production market and concept of garmentmanufacturing• Good interpersonal and communication skills; flexible and resourceful in problem solving• Good command in English, Chinese and Putonghua (added advantage)
  16. 16. FAR EAST ASIA
  17. 17. About the rolePosition : Senior Designer (Outerwear)Location: Shanghai, ChinaIndustry : Apparel Manufacturing
  18. 18. Job Description RESPONSIBILITIES:• Forecast fashion trends including style, fabric, color, trim and accessories, and provide "TrendReport" to the customers• Market research on fabric / yarn, trimming, color/style, trends, general market conditions,competitors trend and developments, update market report and window report.• Presentation on new fabric, trims & trend boards, and follow up based on customers inquiry andexpectation• Support associates and customers with sketch, CAD, print pattern, style inspiration,embellishment design, embroidery developments etc
  19. 19. Job Description RESPONSIBILITIES:• Supervise outsourcing design studio or freelancers and monitoring their job• Coordinate fabric and trim sources. Provide information to associates and customers when theneed arises.• Support merchant team for product development.• Undertake special projects as assigned.
  20. 20. Requirements• Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in the garment & fashion industry• Good command in English, Chinese and Putonghua• Must be familiar with CAD & PC applications• Good interpersonal and management skill• Willing to travel
  21. 21. China China has played a very critical role in boosting South-East Asian economy. Its growth story has been quite remarkable. China is one of worlds largest receiver of foreign direct investments. World Bank estimates reveal that around $80 billion are invested in China annually. Chinas job market is also quite impressive, offering employment to about 15 million new workers on a yearly basis. Most of the people live in rural areas as only 39% of the people were living in urban areas during the preceding 10 years. Life expectancy at birth in China is still higher than most developing nations. Many people are estimated to have lived up to 71 years. As part of its continuing effort to become competitive in the global marketplace, China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, its major trade partners are the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Germany. Chinas entry into the WTO has benefited coastal cities, especially in the southeast. Although a British crown colony until its return to Chinese control in 1997, Hong Kong has long been a major maritime outlet of S China. © Talent2 Pty Ltd 2011
  22. 22. Living & Working in China On the whole, the cost of living in China is still much lower than in western countries, despite thenations status as an economic powerhouse. Furthermore, most expats are lured abroad by lucrative salarypackages that allow them to achieve a lifestyle far above that of the local populace, though, dont be misled intothinking that luxury amenities are cheap. As in most destinations, the cost of living in the larger, urban centres will far exceed that of the small,rural villages. Beijing and Shanghai, in particular, claim cost of livings on par with major European capitals. As arule, the cost of purchasing imported, western-style brands and goods will be significantly more expensive -cereal in particular is exorbitant. Not to mention, prices associated with items that are not typically Chinese, likedairy and wine, will also be higher. On the other hand though, local products and services are widely availableand incredibly affordable. Fresh produce and food stuffs, clothing, entertainment and domestically-manufacturedelectronics are all very reasonably priced in China. Shanghai is Chinas most Westernized city, and the most comfortable one for expatriates withoutsingle most difficult aspect of living in Shanghai is the language: Mandarin Chinese is still, by far, the linguafranca, and without mastering the basics, an expatriate wont have access to all that the city has to offer. Thesedays, you can buy just about everything in Shanghai, although imported goods often carry a hefty price tag.
  23. 23. China Economy Chinas major industrial products are chinas main exports also. Share of manufacturedgoods, including textiles, garments, electronics and arms are highest in Chinese exports. Chinasleading export minerals are tungsten, antimony, tin, magnesium, molybdenum, mercury,manganese, barite, and salt. China is among the worlds four top producers of antimony,magnesium, tin, tungsten, and zinc, and ranks second (after the United States) in the production ofsalt, sixth in gold. China is one of worlds largest producers of aluminium.
  24. 24. China economy: Statistics In 2010, China’s GDP growth was 10.456 percent, totaling US$ 5,745.13 billion, and is expected toincrease 11.79 percent in 2011 to US$ 6,422.28 Billion. Forecasts for 2015 predict China’s GDP to reach US$9,982.08 billion, growing 10-12 percent per year between 2010 and 2015.Chinas economy is huge and expanding rapidly. In the last 30 years, the rate of Chinese economic growth has beenalmost miraculous, averaging 8 percent growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per annum. The economy hasgrown more than 10 times during that period, with Chinese GDP reaching 3.42 trillion US dollars in 2007. Chinaalready has the biggest economy after the United States and most analysts predict China will become the largesteconomy in the world this century.China’s population in 2010 was 1.341 billion, and its expected to grow to 1.375 billion in 2015. In 2010, China’sunemployment rate stood at only 4.1 percent, decreasing 4.65 percent from the previous year and expected todecrease further to 4 percent in 2011. Forecasts for 2015 predict China’s unemployment rate to remain at 4 percentbetween 2011 to 2015. We based the above analysis from: http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/china/
  25. 25. About the rolePosition : Technical Services ManagerLocation: TaiwanIndustry : Apparel ManufacturingBe the country Technical leader overseeing the QA & Fit Technicalfunctions to support all Taiwan production across all internal/ externalbrands.
  26. 26. Job DescriptionRESPONSIBILITIES:Talent Management• Lead the QA and Fit teams of Taiwan office - provide strategic direction and oversight in operations toensure seamless execution. Manage exceptional quality/tech call-outs from leaders.• Develop next level bench strength and build/enhance visibility of associates with brands and otheroffices; equip them with the necessary management/leadership skills to lead his/her functionindependently.• Drive and facilitate cross-function development to enhance the teams capability and scalability. Assessmanpower situation and get alignment to re-deploy resources (perm, temp, factory implant) asappropriate to meet business needs.Regional Function Initiatives• Be the project leader for regional function initiatives as assigned.
  27. 27. Requirements• At least 10 years garment industry experience preferably in a Senior Technical or QAleadership role• Degree/Diploma in fashion and clothing technology or its equivalent• Good knowledge of fit/patterns, grading, sewing and wet processing technology.• Strong leadership skills with a strategic mindset.• Good team player and able to build effective relationship at all levels• Strong communication skill in both English and Chinese.
  28. 28. Taiwan Taiwanese society is generally egalitarian, people are warm, friendly and interested in visitors from other countries -- foreign nationals living in Taiwan often remark on how easy it is to fit in here. In addition, Taiwans unique blend of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian traditions creates an atmosphere that is particularly tolerant of other religions and denominations. Due to a long and energetic construction boom, housing is relatively inexpensive and rents have actually come down over the last 5 years. A commonly cited average for Taipei housing rental is NTD1,000 per ping (about 3.3 sq meters). A security deposit of at least 2 months is generally required. Many corporate expats live in modern security apartments in the Tienmu district in North Taipei and Sindian (formerly spelled Hsintien) in Southern Taipei. Prices of course vary according to inclusion of amenities and facilities such as air conditioning and swimming pools. Rental is proportionately less expensive in Taiwans other cities. © Talent2 Pty Ltd 2011
  29. 29. Living & Working in Taiwan Taiwan is renowned for its delicious food all over Asia. In addition to the islands ownunique cuisine -- a myriad of fine foods and dining experiences -- most of the worlds favourite foodstuffs and beverages are available here. Taiwan has made great strides in accommodating the staffing needs of internationalcompanies with operations in Taiwan. Not only have application requirements and procedures forwork permits for foreign nationals been clarified and streamlined through the consolidation ofwhat was once the domain of many different agencies into a single window, many restrictions haveeither been lifted or significantly relaxed for multinationals, thus allowing for greater hiringflexibility.
  30. 30. Taiwan economy: Statistics GDP (Constant Prices, National Currency) for Taiwan is TWD 14,206.32 Billion. In theprevious year, 2009, GDP (Constant Prices, National Currency) for Taiwan was TWD 12,818.94Billion GDP (Constant Prices, National Currency) for Taiwan in 2010 was or will be 10.82% morethan it was or will be in 2009. In the following or forecasted year, 2011, GDP (Constant Prices,National Currency) for Taiwan was or will be TWD 14,976.33 Billion, which is 5.42% more than the2010 figure. In the previous year, 2009, Unemployment Rate (% of Labour Force) for Taiwan was 5.85 %Unemployment Rate (% of Labour Force) for Taiwan in 2010 was or will be 10.94% less than it was orwill be in 2009. This makes Taiwan No. 81 in world rankings according to Unemployment Rate (% ofLabour Force) in year 2010. The worlds average Unemployment Rate (% of Labour Force) value is4.82 %; Taiwan is 0.39 more than the average. Unemployment Rate (% of Labour Force) for Taiwan inyear 2010 is 5.21 % in the following or forecasted year, 2011, Unemployment Rate (% of LabourForce) for Taiwan was or will be 4.60 %, which is 11.71% less than the 2010 figure. We based the above analysis from: http://www.economywatch.com/economic- statstics/Taiwan/GDP_Constant_Prices_National_Currency/
  31. 31. Interested?Our client offers competitive and comprehensive remuneration package withrelocation benefits and opportunities for career advancement.Interested candidates are highly encouraged to email their application in aword format to: willie.chew@talent2.com © Talent2 Pty Ltd 2011