Global Pollution
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  • 1. Global Pollution Photo at /imagesq=tbn:St20lkLF0fZueM: /CHM107/GlobalWarming/PowerStationSteamCO2.jpg Japan U.K China Pollution Control Devices Major Forms of Pollution
  • 2.
    • Uses the BAT to control pollution
    • Uses statue books to control water pollution
    • Pollution problem since the 13 th century
    • There biggest problem is smog
    United Kingdom Photo at /wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/Air_. pollution_1.jpg/350px-Air_.pollution_1.jpg
  • 3. United Kindom Pollution
  • 4.
    • Big industrial problem
    • Unsuitable farming because of pollution getting into the soil
    • Un drinkable water because of the pollution
    • Skies are black for 50 years
    • Pollution blockes out the sun rays
    • 750,000 people died from the air pollution
    • Reflect sun rays back into space heating up the earth
    Photo at /images?q=tbn:DDEkg-HiVNWehM:http: // China
  • 5. China Pollution
  • 6.
    • Main cause for pollution
    • Many die from disease
    • Itai-itai disease causes sever back and joint pain
    • Minamata degeneration of central nervous system
    • Polychlorobipheny caused by mercury poisoned seafood
    Photo By Japan
  • 7. Japan Pollution
  • 8.
    • Dust collection systems
      • Cyclones
      • Electrostatic precipitators
      • Baghouses
    • Scrubbers
      • Baffle spray scrubber
      • Cyclonic spray scrubber
      • Ejector venturi scrubber
      • Mechanically aided scrubber
      • Spray tower
      • Wet scrubber
    • Sewage treatment and Wastewater treatment
      • API oil-water separators[2][3]
      • Sedimentation (water treatment)
      • Dissolved air flotation (DAF)
      • Activated sludge biotreaters
      • Biofilters
      • Powdered activated carbon treatment
    • Vapor recovery systems
    Photo By /wed/2007/english/Photo_Gallery/ WED_2007/Zoom/SP1108592.011.jpg Pollution Control Devices
  • 9.
    • The release of chemicals into the air by cars, trains, planes, boats, and factories
    • Water pollution leaching to underground water
    • Chemicals getting into the soil
    Major Forms of Pollution /gif/ozone-pollution-smog.jpg