Wilbert on Smartphones


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Smartphones in our daily lives

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Wilbert on Smartphones

  1. 1. Smartphones<br />Best of Both Worlds<br />
  2. 2. What smartphones ARE..<br />Smartphones are converged devices that combine the functions of a cellular phone and a handheld computer in a single device. <br />A Smartphone differs from a normal phone in that it has an operating system and local storage, so users can add and store information, send and receive email, and install programs to the phone as they could with a PDA(Personal Digital Assistant).<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Today’s smartphones offer a variety of features from emailing, GPS, social networking, integrated calendars that sync with pc’s to high quality video and photo capabilities.
  4. 4. With these capabilities, smartphones have changed the way people live in both positive and negative ways.
  5. 5. Socially, they have improved communicationthrough social networking apps and IM’s.
  6. 6. Education wise they help in researching through integrated browsers.
  7. 7. And in the business industry, the use of calendars to make appointments and synchronizing with pc’s and wireless networkshelp in increasing efficiency and also save a lot of time.</li></li></ul><li>Research Information:<br />A research was done by the University of Liverpool on “The Role Smartphones play in Education.”<br />It aimed at finding the different ways in which smartphones have enhanced the school and college experience.<br />Findings:<br /><ul><li>First of all, with the help of internet feature that the smartphone provides, students can have permanently access to EBooks.
  8. 8. Also many online courses incorporate online attendance. So, if a student cannot get to a course, he/she can just use their smartphone and connect to the course and get 100% guaranteed attendance.
  9. 9. Teachers may also develop some websites for smartphones that can be used by students. On these sites, students can register, logon and then have access to their course details, timetables, notifications, assignments.</li></li></ul><li>More research info..<br />Another research was conducted by CNN.com on “Smartphones and their impact on our lives and culture.”<br />Findings:<br /><ul><li>Smartphone sales are already outpacing those of PCs. A number of analysts predict that by the end of the decade they will be the primary point people use to stay connected.
  10. 10. "These devices are becoming the centre of our lives," says Will Stofega, analyst at IDC. "Smartphones are bringing an immediacy and an availability of the Internet that has changed and transformed the way people access information. They're the first thing we pick up right after our car keys, and they're changing our behaviour.“ </li></ul>Analysts see phones becoming the remote controls for our digital lives. We'll still use PCs, iPods, laptops, tablets and many more devices but the phone will be the brain at the heart of each individual's gizmo galaxy. <br />
  11. 11. Statistical data.<br />New York (CNNMoney.com)<br />“By 2015, smart phone ownership will surpass 80% in the U.S., up from 17% of the population today, research firms Frost & Sullivan and Forrester Research estimate.”<br />
  12. 12. cellular-news<br />“Smartphone users worldwide will top 1.1 billion in 2013, creating a lucrative market for mobile carriers and mobile application developers.”<br />
  13. 13. Own conclusion.<br />In my opinion, smartphones HAVE made a great impact in our daily lives. They have made communication a lot more easier and immediate. Applications available in smartphones can be used for all kinds of day to day activities at either work, class or just at home.<br />Almost everyone now has a smartphone. Be it teenagers or working class people. Some get them as status symbols, but many get them for their diverse functionality and liability.<br />And although useful and effective, smartphones may get to a point of becoming a nuisance to the society. Anything nice and fun gets addictive. Students given the capability to chat at any time with phones like the “Blackberry”, may end up loosing concentration in their studies.<br />