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Persuasiveessays Persuasiveessays Presentation Transcript

  • 
  • Persuasive Essays Attemps to convince the reader that thepoint of view recommended by the writer isVALID Only one side of the issue is presented 
  • Persuasive Essays Introductory paragraph  Topic sentence cannot be a fact  It should be a STATEMENT of position clear and direct  Not to be personal  No use of personal pronouns  State three reasons to support your position 
  • Persuasive Essays Body  Use especific evidence  Not broad generalizations or personal opinions  Sentences must closely relate to the topic and the sentence that came before it  The logic of arguments must be easy to follow Restate the most compelling evidence The last chance to remind and /or convince the reader 
  • Persuasive Essays Conclusion Don’t introduce new material in theconclusion 
  • Persuasive Essays.Getting started (analyze critically)  What’s the writer’s argument?  How the argument is supported?  What kind of language is used?  Is the argument logical?  What is the purpose of the writer? 
  • Persuasive Essays . Different methods  Appeal to values: The audience’s sense of justice attitudes towards the community or the world  Dramatize the issue: Make the audience react( statistics vs a more convincing story = homeless people)  Establish authority: Effectiveness depend on the writer’sbackground. The writer must be knowledgeable. Quote experts. use reference  Use effective language: Words shoudn’t be either too weak nor too strong 
  • Persuasive Essays. Fallacies and weaknesses of persuassiveessays  Ad hominem: Arguing aganist a person, not against his beliefs  Bandwagon appeals: “everyone” believes in it the reader is not part of the crowd if he believes otherwise  Exaggerated claim: Overstating the causes and effects 
  • Persuasive Essays. Fallacies and weaknesses of persuasiveessays Misrepresentation: Leaving out facts on purpose to slant anargument  Oversimplification: Simplistic solutions to complicated problems Either-or Thinking: False argument that there are only to possible outcomes of a situation Post hoc (ergo propter hoc): Arguing that because an event happened before another , there is a relation between them 
  • Persuasive Essays. Background information  Must tell the reader the facts of the case  Clear, documented, truthful  Support your main argument 
  • Persuasive Essays. Concession  Show that you know the opposing point of view  Take into consideration the counterargument 
  • Persuasive Essays. The Appeal  State what you believe and the reasons why the reader should do the same  Make it clear what you want from the reader 
  • Persuasive Essays. Eliminating wordiness  Eliminate redundant words  Eliminate empty words  Eliminate weak modifiers  Replace wordy phrases 
  • Persuasive Essays. Eliminating wordiness Simplify sentence structures; use adjetives  Eliminate “it is …that”  Minimize the number of prepositional phrases Reduce unnecessary nominalizations 
  • 