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  • 1. 1660 - 1800 1789 – 1798 Lyrical balladsTradition InnovationStyle / subjects Style / subjectsLiterature PoetryMan Man
  • 2.  Man  Inner man Limited goals  Experiences Everyday tasks  Aspirations Limits  Recollected by an individual  man
  • 3.  Representatives  Representatives Dryden  Bronte Pope  Shelley Addison  Blake Swift  Coleridge Johnson  Keats Burke
  • 4. Elizabeth Bennetthe second of Mr. and Mrs. Bennets five daughtersan attractive twenty year old when the story beginsa sensible, intelligent womanOriginally holds Darcy in contemptfinds that Darcy improves on acquaintance
  • 5.  Fitzwilliam DarcyThe central male character and Elizabeths second loveinterest An intelligent, wealthy, extremely handsome and reserved 28-year-oldman Proud to strangers but possesses an honest and kind nature underneathConsiders Elizabeth his social inferior, unworthy of his attentionHis initial proposal of marriage is rejected because of his pride andElizabeths prejudice against him At the end of the novel, he finds himself sharing his home, Pemberleyof Derbyshire, with his beloved new wife, Elizabeth.
  • 6. Mr. Bennethead of the Bennet familyAn English gentleman with an estate in Hertfordshire, his property is entailed to a male descendantHe is closer to Jane and especially Elizabeth, his two eldest and mostsensible offspringprefers the solitude of his study, neglecting the raising of hischildren
  • 7. Mrs. Bennet. Her main concern in life is seeing her daughters married well towealthy men, her foolish nature and frequent social faux pas often impede her effortstowards this end.
  • 8. Jane Bennetis the eldest Bennet sisterShe is twenty-two years old at the start of the novel, and is generallyconsidered to be the most beautiful amongst her sistersreserved manner and pleasantness to allShe is incapable of suspecting the worst of people, seeing only the goodShe falls in love with Charles Bingley, and is devastated when heabruptly breaks off their developing relationship without explanationthe misunderstanding on his part is cleared up and she accepts his handin marriag
  • 9. Lydia Bennetthe youngest of the Bennet sistersFifteen years old when the narrative beginsLydia is extremely flirtatious, naive, headstrong and recklessdescribed as being idle and indulging in frivolous pursuits, especiallychasing after the officers stationed at Meryton.She is seduced by Mr Wickham and runs away with him
  • 10. Charles Bingleythe closest friend of Mr DarcyHe is an outgoing, extremely good-natured, and wealthy young man wholeases property near the Bennets estate at the beginningHe is attracted to Jane Bennet, who reciprocates his feelings but is tooshy and reserved to fully express them.
  • 11. William Collinsthe 25-year-old cousin of Mr BennetA clergyman, he is the closest male relation to the Bennet family, and assuch stands to inherit Longbourn on Mr Bennets deathCollins is a pompous, narrow-minded sycophant who is excessivelydevoted and flattering to his patroness, Lady Catherine de BourghAfter being rejected by his second choice, he proposes to CharlotteLucas, who accepts him.
  • 12. George Wickhamthe enemy of Mr DarcyHe is a dashing, charming and handsome young soldier who attracts theattention of Elizabeth BennetWickhams charm skillfully conceals a more conniving and dishonorablenature, and there is bitter enmity between him and Darcy due to hisattempt to elope with GeorgianaHe later runs off with Lydia Bennet, but is tracked down by Darcy andhe marries her where Darcy pays for the marriage.
  • 13. Mary Bennetthe most serious of all the Bennet girls, partly because she is the leastgood looking sisterMrs Bennet had hoped that she could be persuaded to marry Mr Collinson his next visitshe is not very interested in society, seeing balls as a duty rather than apleasure.
  • 14. Kitty Bennetolder than her sister Lydia, is somewhat of a sidekick to herShe follows everything that Lydia does, and becomes insanely jealouswhen only Lydia is invited to go to Brighton with the troops, as shewishes to go herself.
  • 15. Charlotte Lucasthe neighbour and best friend of Elizabeth.She is 27 years old and, after Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth, he thenproposed to Charlotte, who instantly accepted as this was most probablyher final opportunity to get married.Charlotte herself accepted him (thereby losing Elizabeths respect).enjoys her marriage by staying away from Mr. Collins as much aspossible and taking care of her household and poultry
  • 16. Georgiana DarcyShe is immensely pretty and 10 years his juniorquiet and shy but amiable and good natured, and shows great skill atplaying the pianofortMr Wickham stole her affections many years before due to knowledge ofher great fortune which she will inherit when she comes of ageShe was just 15 when it happened , this is a case of dramatic irony due toLydias age of 15 and how she develops a relationship with Wickhamlater in the book.