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  • 1. Web Analytics
  • 2.
    • What is it?
      • The process of measuring, collecting and reporting data from a company’s website
      • It makes it easy for you to know your website’s number of visitors, what they do, where they come from and other data points
    • Google analytics
      • The most common tool for garnering web analytics
      • Advantages:
        • It’s free
        • No need to be a web guru, Google walks you through it
        • Data collection is organized into four simple parts-Visitors, Traffic Source, Content and Goals
    Web analytics
  • 3. Data collection
    • Visitors
      • Tells you everything there is to know about the people who visit your site
      • Tracks the following:
        • Geography
        • What pages they visited
        • Average number of pages they visited
  • 4. Data collection
    • Traffic Source
      • Tells you how your visitors accessed your website
      • Helps with search engine optimization because it tells you what keywords your visitors used to get to your website
      • Also tells if they used organic searches and it gives you information on your response rate of Google Ad words if you use those
  • 5.
    • Content
      • Describes what your visitors do while they’re at your site
      • Provides information such as where they entered your site (if they entered through the homepage or a landing page), and the order they viewed pages
      • Provides you with a site overlay feature that shows you all this information right on top of your site, making it faster and easier to actually “see” what the visitors were doing
    Data collected
  • 6. Organization
    • Goals
      • Allows you to set goals and track them
      • Informs you how close you are to meeting your goal and how often you get closer to meeting that goal
      • You can create as many goals as you like
  • 7. Why use web analytics?
    • Aspect of marketing
      • Helps you figure out if you are using appropriate keywords for your website and whether or not your advertising money is being spent in the best way possible
    • Optimize your website
      • Helps optimize based on popular keywords and helps organize your site so visitors can navigate easier
  • 8. Call to action
    • Full report – http://crunk.starrtincup.com/webanalytics
    • William Tincup
    • W: www.starrtincup.com
    • E: tincup@starrtincup.com
    • P: 817-204-0400