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Behold the Power of Segmentation
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Behold the Power of Segmentation



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Behold the Power of Segmentation
  • 2.
    • What is it?
      • Segmentation breaks down your house or alternative prospects list into smaller groups based on predetermined similarities
      • The more data you know about the people you want to target, the more relevant your marketing communications will be
  • 3. Advantages of Segmentation
    • Sending focused campaigns that connect with the target
    • The more relevant the email is to the target, the greater the response rate will be
    • A greater response rate leads to a greater ROI
    • The target feels like you are talking directly to them
  • 4. Demographics
    • What’s the purpose?
      • They help you narrow your search almost instantly
      • They help weed out people that may be unqualified for your campaign
    • Examples
      • Industries of employ
      • Department
      • Title
      • Age
      • Gender
  • 5. Psychographics
    • What are they?
      • Attitudes
      • Beliefs
      • Interests
      • Values
    • Why use them?
      • It can tell you how and where to find people outside the office
      • Can get a better sense of where these people might appear for marketing purposes
      • Allows you to use imagery and word selection to directly appeal to the intended target
  • 6. Infographics
    • What are they?
      • Infographics break down exactly where your target goes to get their information
    • Our Recommendation
      • Choose only the top 2 or 3 communities to deploy your campaign
      • The top 2 or 3 tend to reach 85%-90% of the market
      • A lot of companies waste time and money trying to identify and marketing to the other communities that make up the remaining 10%-15% of their audience and receive a diminished return
  • 7. List Select
    • What is it?
      • A list select is a segmented version of your house and/or alternate lists that represent only the people that apply to a specific category you want to market to
    • What is the Value of it?
      • You can use psychographic, demographic and infographic information to your advantage
      • It increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • 8. Call to Action
    • Full Report – http:// crunk.starrtincup.com /segmentation
    • William Tincup
    • W: www.starrtincup.com
    • E: tincup@starrtincup.com
    • P: 817-204-0400