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Brief presentation about the distillery

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Chase Brochure

  1. 1. Chase Distillery Ltd Current portfolio
  2. 2. The Story of Chase Distillery <ul><li>As William Chase first begun business in England, he set his goals in producing potato chips out of their local potatoes. The brand became a great success and today around the World consumers know it as the Tyrell’s potato chips. </li></ul><ul><li>His new adventure became reality some 4 years ago, when the 20 meters high (one of the highest in the World) rectification column was installed to produce some of the purest ethanol in the World. This obviously in search of his perfect choice of pleasure: The adult beverages build on the best ethanol base. </li></ul><ul><li>This is how the Chase distillery was formed. The brand performance amongst consumers has been exciting! Today we manufacture and represent a selection of the best adult beverages in the World. The next steps is the Global expansion in select markets. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Chase positioning Statement <ul><li>For consumers who want to be seen as a true connoisseurs of fine adult beverages, Chase is the ideal choice because of the royal creamy taste and precision crafted design that is best seen on the Red Carpets of the World. </li></ul>
  4. 6. The Super Premium vodka The #1 English Potato Vodka - Number 1 English Potato Vodka, made from WHOLE PEELED POTATOES (no peel or skin or leftovers!!!) -Main difference to Polish Potato Vodka (like Chopin), is the Column Distillation vs. charcoal distillation = no burned (charcoal) odor -Potatoes grown on own farm, harvested, mashed, fermented and then triple distilled & bottled -Alcohol content 40 % ABV (80 Proof) -Bottle sizes: 1 L, 750 ML, 700 ML, 500 ML, 375 ML, 50 ML and special order 3 L -Case count: 750/700 ML= 6 bottles, 500 ML 6 count, 375 ML 12 count, 50 ML 12 count Potato vodka vs. Grain vodka -Potato based vodka smoother due to the starch content = No burning sensation at swallowing. Consumer’s prefer smoother taste in all taste tests -Best when mixed with real juice -Consumer wants variety. Changes give a chance to sell more and generate more profit CHASE character -Created through copper pot still which then is rectified in a 20 meters (60 ft) high column (one of the tallest in the World) delivering the a unique unforgettable quality. This process is repeated 5 times to arrive at this beautiful product - MILD, CREAMY, WITH A NOTE OF ALMONDS. Connoisseurs appreciate -Almost a Sweet taste sensation => drinkable also neat or on the rocks! -Best when mixed with premium juice (such as Tropicana) Other advantages to list -Pricing: CHASE delivers more dollars compared to the competition (Chopin) -Price position: in US CHASE target at $ 35 per 750 ML in Europe Chase target +10 to 15% over Chopin Awards and Recognitions - We have had superb reviews - we have just won a Gold Award at The Vodka Masters (88 entries )
  5. 7. English Potato ethanol based Liqueurs - The ethanol is made off the number 1 English Potato Vodka, made from WHOLE PEALED POTATOES (no peel or skin or leftovers=> smoother than others -The ingredients for the liqueurs are grown in the fields of the surrounding our farm -Alcohol content 20 % ABV (40 Proof) -Bottle sizes: 750 ML, 500 ML, 375 ML, -Case count: 750 ML= 6 bottles, 500 ML 8 count, 375 ML 12 count, 20 ML 16 count -The 500 ML and 200 ML come with a unique “flip-closure” Chase liqueur Flavours are made with all natural ingredients: -Raspberry – Light, fresh and fruity -Rhubarb – Delicate, sweet -Blackcurrant – Fresh, fruity, sweet, earthy -Elderflower – Tropical fruits, lychee, powerful -White Peach – Delicate, sweet, slightly nutty - The Natural Liqueur line up
  6. 8. New items to arrive within next months Chase Naked Vodka Is made of apples grown on the organically operated farm where no additives nor pesticides are used. This crispy and fresh new entry is already a “talk of the town” in England even before It’s launch. Sample bottle ready by end of September! Bottle size 700/750ML and 6 count case. Target retail $ 45
  7. 9. New items to arrive within next months Chase Naked Vodka –based GIN After Chase perfected the vodka It is time to introduce a new kind of Gin for the World! The Chase Gin made Of organic apples! What is more English than gin? The Union Flag which is proudly displayed on the Face of every product we make. Sample bottle ready by end of November! Bottle size 700/750ML And 6 count case. Target retail $ TBC
  8. 10. Other <ul><li>Due to the Boutique distillery, a high level of handcrafting takes place when making every bottle of Chase products. Due to this fact, we are not in the volume business but concentrating to deliver the best quality products for those who prefer to perfect the occasion. </li></ul><ul><li>And just for that, we understand that marketing place a key role in building the success for our brand as well as our select partners around the World. We are committed to building a tailor made strategy to support the targeted volumes for each product line. Contact us and we’ll plan the work and work the plan together. </li></ul><ul><li>As our owner William Chase says; “when you are proud of making something put your name on it”. </li></ul>
  9. 11. Exports, contact: Tom Venho: [email_address] Or call EU +358.50.573.5520 US 1.213.784.0879 US cell 1.310.699.8838