Using WordPress as an Application Framework


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My WordCamp Miami 2013 presentation on Using WordPress as an Application Framework

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Using WordPress as an Application Framework

  2. 2. WHO IS BRAD?Brad  Williams    Co-­‐Founder  Co-­‐Author  Professional  WordPress      &  Professional  WordPress        Plugin  Development  Co-­‐Organizer  WordCamp  Philly  Co-­‐Host  DradCast   Brad Williams @williamsba
  3. 3. TODAY’S TOPICS  • What  is  an  ApplicaIon  Framework?  • Why  WordPress?  • ApplicaIons  Powered  by  WordPress   Brad Williams @williamsba
  4. 4. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK An  applica&on  framework  consists  of  a  soMware  framework  used  by  soMware   developers  to  implement  the  standard   structure  of  an  applicaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  5. 5. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK ApplicaIon  Framework  Features  •  User  Management  •  Template  Engine  •  Error  Logging  •  LocalizaIon  •  Form  &  Data  ValidaIon  •  File  Uploading  &  media  management  •  Image  manipulaIon  •  Search-­‐engine  Friendly  URLs  •  External  APIs  •  Ability  to  extend  using  hooks  &  classes  or  plugins  •  Scheduled  code  execuIon  •  Caching  •  Extensibility   Brad Williams @williamsba
  6. 6. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK WordPress  Features  •  User  Management  •  Template  Engine  •  Error  Logging  •  LocalizaIon  •  Form  &  Data  ValidaIon  •  File  Uploading  &  media  management  •  Image  manipulaIon  •  Search-­‐engine  Friendly  URLs  •  External  APIs  •  Ability  to  extend  using  hooks  &  classes  or  plugins  •  Scheduled  code  execuIon  •  Caching  •  Extensibility   Brad Williams @williamsba
  7. 7. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK Why  reinvent  the  wheel?   Brad Williams @williamsba
  8. 8. APPLICATION FRAMEWORKAlways  start  with  a  solid  foundaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  9. 9. BAD FOUNDATIONBad  FoundaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  10. 10. GOOD FOUNDATIONGood  FoundaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  11. 11. BAD FOUNDATIONBad  FoundaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  12. 12. GOOD FOUNDATIONGood  FoundaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  13. 13. OUTSIDE THE BOXToday’s  Goal:  Think  Outside  the  Box   Brad Williams @williamsba
  14. 14. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Brad Williams @williamsba
  15. 15. SECURITY STATS FOR  WORDPRESS   Brad Williams @williamsba
  16. 16. EXAMPLE TIMELet’s  Look  at  Some  Examples!   Brad Williams @williamsba
  17. 17. WORDPRESS IPHONE APPWordPress  iPhone  App  What  did  we  build?    •  App  to  end  world  hunger?  •  App  to  solve  a  criIcal  problem?  •  App  to  provide  a  useful  service?   Brad Williams @williamsba
  18. 18. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Of  course  not!    We  built       Location Based Pee Tracking Brad Williams @williamsba
  19. 19. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Existing users can login (and remember me) Authenticates using WordPress Brad Williams @williamsba
  20. 20. WORDPRESS IPHONE APPNew users can register an account (in WordPress) Brad Williams @williamsba
  21. 21. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Users can PLOT and add a simple description Brad Williams @williamsba
  22. 22. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP PLOT is saved and all existing plots are listed Brad Williams @williamsba
  23. 23. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Each PLOT is a post in WordPress Geo data is saved as post metadata (custom fields) Brad Williams @williamsba
  24. 24. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Every post is listed in WordPress as normal Brad Williams @williamsba
  25. 25. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Profile  pages  show  user’s  latest  plots  on  a  map   Brad Williams @williamsba
  26. 26. WORDPRESS IPHONE APP Each  “plot”  is  a  post  in  WP  with  a  unique  permalink   Brad Williams @williamsba
  27. 27. WORDPRESS IPHONE APPApps  for  every  device!    All  100%  GPL   Brad Williams @williamsba
  28. 28. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONAuto  Photobook  Facebook  ApplicaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  29. 29. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONExtended  Permissions  allowing  the  applicaIon  to  access  an  Facebook  user  data   Brad Williams @williamsba
  30. 30. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATION When  the  app  is  installed  in   Facebook  the  new  user  is   created  in  WordPress       Facebook  data  is  saved  as   WordPress  user  metadata   (birthday,  favorite  movies,   etc)   Brad Williams @williamsba
  31. 31. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONIn  Facebook  the  user  can  create  new  Photobooks  using  their  favorite  Facebook  images   Brad Williams @williamsba
  32. 32. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATION The  Facebook  ApplicaIon  is   100%  WordPress.     A  custom  theme  was  built  to   look  just  like  the  Facebook   design.   Brad Williams @williamsba
  33. 33. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONKeith  Milks  created  a  new  Photo  Book  called:  ConstrucIon  Book   Brad Williams @williamsba
  34. 34. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONThe  ConstrucIon  Book  (single.php)  shows  all  images  with  links  to  download  and  edit   Brad Williams @williamsba
  35. 35. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATIONIn  WordPress  the  ConstrucIon  Book  is  a  post  with  images  acached  to  the  gallery   Brad Williams @williamsba
  36. 36. WORDPRESS FACEBOOK APPLICATION Crazy  right?!   Brad Williams @williamsba
  37. 37. WORDPRESS IPAD APPYMCA  Y-­‐MVP  iPad  ApplicaIon   hcp://­‐mvp   Brad Williams @williamsba
  38. 38. WORDPRESS IPAD APPVisit  the  YMCA  and  scan  your  membership  card  to  log  in  to  the  applicaIon   Brad Williams @williamsba
  39. 39. WORDPRESS IPAD APP YMCA  members  can   “check-­‐in”  when  they  visit   a  parIcipaIng  branch.   Brad Williams @williamsba
  40. 40. WORDPRESS IPAD APPWhen  a  member  “checks-­‐out”  they  can  log  their  Ime  across  any  acIviIes  they  did  at  the  YMCA   Brad Williams @williamsba
  41. 41. WORDPRESS IPAD APPBadges  and  Challenges  are  earned  as  acIviIes  are  completed.    All  stats  are  tracked  by  locaIon.       Brad Williams @williamsba
  42. 42. WORDPRESS IPAD APPThink  it’s  WordPress?   Brad Williams @williamsba
  43. 43. WORDPRESS IPAD APPOf  course  it’s  WordPress!   Brad Williams @williamsba
  44. 44. WORDPRESS IPAD APPCustom  post  types  and  custom  taxonomies  are  registered  for  every  type  of  content  in  the  app.     Brad Williams @williamsba
  45. 45. WORDPRESS IPAD APPCustom  post  type  for  Badges   Easily  add  required  Steps  (CPT)  to  earn  a  Badge   Brad Williams @williamsba
  46. 46. WORDPRESS IPAD APPDMA  Friends  iPad  ApplicaIon   hcp://   Brad Williams @williamsba
  47. 47. WORDPRESS IPAD APPVisitors  can  login  with  their  membership  card  or  create  a  new  account  at  the  kiosk   Brad Williams @williamsba
  48. 48. WORDPRESS IPAD APPUsers  can  enter  special  exhibit,  event,  or  special  codes  to  check-­‐in  to  specific   Museum  secIons   Brad Williams @williamsba
  49. 49. WORDPRESS IPAD APP Badges  are  earned  by  compleIng   various  check-­‐in  requirements.     Every  badge  earned  gives  the  user   points.    The  harder  the  badge  the  more   points  the  user  earns.   Brad Williams @williamsba
  50. 50. WORDPRESS IPAD APPPoints  can  be  redeemed  for  Rewards  at  the  Museum   Brad Williams @williamsba
  51. 51. WORDPRESS IPAD APP The  public   absolutely   loves  it!   Brad Williams @williamsba
  52. 52. .Amazing  right?   AMAZING!   Brad Williams @williamsba
  53. 53. Brad Williams @williamsba
  54. 54. .What  powers  these  iPad  apps?   Brad Williams @williamsba
  55. 55. BADGEOS hcp://  hcp://   In  Partnership  with   Brad Williams @williamsba
  56. 56. BADGEOS A  free  plugin  to  create  a   powerful  achievement   and  badging  system  on   any  WordPress  website!  hcp://   Brad Williams @williamsba
  57. 57. BADGEOS Features  include:     •  Reviewed  submissions   •  Auto-­‐approving  submissions   •  NominaIons  and  review   •  Site  acIvity  (triggers  based  on   commenIng  and  logging  in  to  your  site)   •  CompleIng  specific  other  achievements   one  or  a  specific  number  of  Imes   •  CompleIng  one,  select  or  all   achievements  of  a  specific  type   •  Point  thresholds   •  Admin  Given  Badges  hcp://   Brad Williams @williamsba
  58. 58. BADGEOSCheck  it  out  and  Get  Involved!  Website:  hcp://  Plugin:  hcp://  Github:  hcps://       In  Partnership  with   Brad Williams @williamsba
  59. 59. RESOURCES•  WordPress  ApplicaIon  Framework  ArIcles   •  hcp://­‐wordpress-­‐as-­‐an-­‐applicaIon-­‐framework/   •  hcp://­‐applicaIon-­‐framework/  •  PresentaIons   •  hcp://­‐is-­‐an-­‐applicaIon-­‐framework/   •  hcp://­‐hotchkiss-­‐wordpress-­‐as-­‐a-­‐web-­‐app-­‐ framework/     Brad Williams @williamsba
  60. 60. DRADCAST PLUG Listen  to  the  DradCast  WordPress  Podcast                                            LIVE  every  Wednesday  @  8pm  EDT   Brad Williams @williamsba
  61. 61. CONTACT BRADBrad  Williams    Blog:  Twicer:  @williamsba  IRC:  WDS-­‐Brad      Professional  WordPress  Second  EdiIon  is  OUT!   hcp://   Brad Williams @williamsba
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