William Mills Agency Thank You Letter


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Scott Stern, CEO of Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, commends William Mills Agency on a job well done handling financial services public relations for his company.

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William Mills Agency Thank You Letter

  1. 1. November 4, 2009 Scott Mills President The William Mills Agency 300 West Wieuca Road Bldg. One, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30342 Dear Scott, I wanted to take a moment to say HOW HAPPY I AM WITH YOU AND WITH THE WILLIAM MILLS AGENCY! I am pretty sure that Lenders One is the most satisfied customer in the history of your agency. Before we started our relationship with the William Mills Agency, we had had previous experience with other Public Relations firms with little success. As result, I entered into this relationship with skepticism and hesitation. And now, several years later, we rank our investment with your firm as one of the best investments we have ever made as a company! I cannot say enough about the William Mills Agency team assigned to Lenders One as they are the best I have ever worked with. Charlyne McWilliams, Catherine Laws and Megan Ard are true mortgage industry insiders with the gravitas and reputation to help expand their clients’ media exposure! Charlyne, Catherine and Megan have helped Lenders One create millions of dollars of FREE media exposure in both the mortgage industry and the financial services industry. Second, our client growth as a result of that media exposure has been explosive as we have grown over 100% since we started our relationship. Third, the revenues generated from that new client growth has been millions of dollars. When you combine it all, The William Mills Agency has helped Lenders One create millions of dollars in media exposure, sign dozens of new clients and generate millions of dollars in actual revenue. Did I mention that I was happy with The William Mills Agency? In the past few years, Lenders One has grown from a little-known industry player to an industry thought leader. As a result, we are now regularly featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, National Mortgage News, American Banker, Mortgage Technology News, Origination News, MBA Newslink, Inside Mortgage Finance and more. In the past few years, Lenders one has been interviewed well over 100 times, we
  2. 2. have been featured in dozens of feature articles and we have appeared on MSNBC and Fox News. In another remarkable achievement, Charlyne, Catherine and Megan recently helped Lenders One get selected for a coveted Industry Roundtable interview at an MBA Convention. What is remarkable is that we had been turned down for similar opportunities on FOURTEEN different occasions prior to our relationship with WMA. Charlyne, Megan and Catherine worked with us on just one occasion and helped us achieve what had been previously unachievable! The coup de gras occurred recently when Lenders One RECEIVED FOUR SEPARATE PLACEMENTS IN AMERICAN BANKER IN ONE WEEK. We were told that this was nearly unprecedented. Simply remarkable!!! Finally, I want to say one last thing about the Lenders One team of Charlyne, Catherine and Megan. Given the level of success of the Lenders One relationship, it would be easy for them to relax and "stop pushing the envelope." However, they work even hard now us than ever before. Their commitment to our company is evident in our weekly conference calls, theirr preparation for every meeting or interview and their tireless pursuit of relevant and strategic media placements for Lenders One. In closing, I value our relationship with The William Mills Agency and with Charlyne, Catherine and Megan as one of our most prized company assets of any kind. You are inextricably linked to the success we have enjoyed in the past and you will be inextricably linked to the success we enjoy in the future. You are truly part of the Lenders One Family! Scott Stern CEO Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative “The Largest Alliance of Mortgage Bankers in the United States”