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Why did God create human beings and what is the purpose and meaning of life?

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  • Without an object cannot discover self. Understand, feel limitations. If alone on island cannot know what it means to be a human being. No emotional or intellectual life. Cannot be good or bad if alone. Baby? Drink milk, be cuddled. Idea of milk and cuddle doesn’t satisfy Doesn’t just want to see mother, wants to be embraced and loved physically Toddler? Wants to touch everything Don’t just want to see toys, want to play with them Take it away -> cries
  • Child enjoys touching, playing with things. New things. Relationship with things limited. Collect stamps, rocks but whether live or die they don’t change. Don’t depend on self for life. Can cut and polish. Child plants bulbs and waters. Plant depends on you for life. Awe and wonder. But can’t touch or kill. Animal, pet -> play with, train, tricks, dog best friend – loyal and will defend. Returns love with loyalty and affection Read poetry to dog -> woof woof Want relationship with another human being -> friends Want to experience unique love, understand with another -> marriage Relationship should deepen and last forever
  • No matter how great, how absolute,and how all-knowing and all-powerfulGod may be, He cannot be happy alone.The words “happiness” and “it is good”make no sense when you are alone. Youcan say that it is good, or that you arehappy only when you are in a relationshipwith a partner. Is there anyone whosays he is happy when he is alone? Nomatter how all-knowing and almightyGod may be, He is not happy when Heis alone. Let us say a good singer sings asong all by himself. Will he be happy?He needs someone to listen to his song.He will only be joyful when that give andtake exists. Likewise, God also needs anobject partner in order to experience joy.(65-20, 1972.11.13)
  • You may think it rude if I share this with you, but I would like to give you an example. You use the bathroom each morning. When you defecate, do you wear a gas mask? This is not a laughing matter but a serious one. If you are near someone else defecating, you will quickly move a good distance away. But when you smell your own feces, you do not even notice it. This is because that fecal matter is one with your body. Therefore, you do not feel that it is dirty. When you were young, did you ever taste the dried mucus from your nose? Does it taste sweet or salty? It's salty, right? Since you can answer, you must have tasted it! Why did you not feel that it was dirty? It is because it was part of your body. Reverend Moon has figured out something that no one in the world knew. When you cough up phlegm, you sometimes swallow it, right? What about you who are here today? Have you ever had that experience? Be honest. Why do you not feel it is dirty? Because the phlegm was one with your body. We all eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you go about twelve inches down from your mouth, there is a fertilizer factory. By eating three meals a day, we are providing raw materials for fertilizer factories. After knowing that, can you still take food into your mouth with a fork and spoon? We know that there is a fertilizer factory in our stomach, but we live on without feeling its presence. Why do we not feel it? It is because we are one with it. In the same way, we have love, life, lineage and conscience, but because they are one with us in balance, we do not feel them. Just like us, God has love, life, lineage and conscience, but He cannot feel them by Himself. Because they are completely in balance, God cannot feel them. That is why God also needs an object partner. We understand the necessity of an object partner from this perspective. When one is alone, one cannot feel oneself. But when a man appears to a woman and a woman appears to a man, the stimulation of love and lineage will erupt like lightning and thunder. You must be fully awakened about this. We have lived without knowing this truth. Man has not understood that God absolutely needs His love partner.
  • God too wants to experience joy through relationships of love with beings like himself that can receive his all the love he has to give and can respond fully. When God gives us love, how muchwould He want to give? God’s love doesnot have a set limit. He wants to giveinfinitely. Even after giving everything,God still says, “Because of you, I wantto live in you.” What is the essential elementthat makes this possible? It is love.God would be happy to live as a servantif that life were lived inside love. A fathercould feel joy even if he sees his belovedson defecate on his dining table. Lovetranscends law. God has been continuously extendingHis love to people, but that doesn’tmean He will complain, saying, “I havegiven you everything without reserve.Why do you not give back? How can yoube like this?” The God of absolute love isstill frustrated that He has not been ableto give all the love He wants to. God cannotassert Himself absolutely into ourlives. If God’s purpose in creating manwas to give perfect love, God would stillwant to pour His love into the humanworld even if He has been prohibitedfrom doing so until now. The more wethink of God as being so unconditionallygiving, the better we feel. If God weresomeone who says, “I have given everything,so now you give back,” we wouldnot need Him. (36-77, 1970.11.15) God is the Father of human beings,and human beings are God’s sons anddaughters. He created them by investingthe core of His bone, the core of Hisflesh, and the core of His bone marrowin them. If they pull on God, God cannothelp but follow. (20-207, 1968.6.9) If God is our Father, He could nothave wanted to create us as mediocre orincompetent creatures. As He createdus to stand in an equal position, at thesame level, as the all-knowing and allpowerfulGod, our conscience seeks thehighest and best. (53-224, 1972.2.28)
  • Creation is in indirect dominion. Can he experience it all through us? How about ocean? Maybe dolphins can become aquatic temple of God? As an invisible deity, God cannot feel any stimulation from this universe. No matter how great a stimulus comes to His mind, as an incorporeal being, He will not feel inspiration. As these invisible aspects are the same, they cannot stimulate each other. When two conflicting things, like hot water and cold water, come together, there is a reaction, isn’t there. God needs that kind of stimulation. (141-37, 1986.2.16) God is invisible even in the spirit world. He has no form. Thus in order to become the corporeal parent of humankind, God has to acquire a form. Without form He cannot become the center. (222-337, 1991.11.7) God’s final purpose of creation is to acquire a body. Since the incorporeal God cannot govern the physical world, He must appear with a body as the Father and Mother of all humankind. He must assume a physical form in order to relate to created beings as subject partner and object partner, and thus feel stimulation through His sensory organs. (25-342, 1969.10.12) As a being without form, God cannot rule over the physical world, although He created it. He therefore needs a body. God’s purpose of creation is to acquire a body and become a substantial parent. That was to be Adam and Eve.
  • Everything created in harmony with God and with other beings We are representatives of God Museum analogy
  • Allah who is Compassionate and Merciful.
  • And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28 What is a blessing? Gift Ability Opportunity Responsibility Goal
  • Mind body unity 1. Be Fruitful – the ability to perfect our character. This involves achieving mind-body unity so that God can be present in this unity. The most important aspect of this is to develop a sensitivity to the heart of God. By fulfilling the 1 st blessing a person would become the incarnation of God, feeling how God feels, thinking as God thinks and acting as God would act etc. Here we have the basis of human rights as each person is a child of God, conscience, personal ethics etc. Taqwa, God consciousness Sport, snooker, games, The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching , a book by a man I’d never heard of, Thich Nhat Hanh. There was a quote on the jacket: “Thich Nhat Hanh is a holy man, for he is humble and devout. He is a scholar of immense intellectual capacity.” Those words were written by Martin Luther King, nominating Nhat Hanh, a monk from Vietnam, for the Nobel Peace Prize more than 40 years ago. It could hardly hurt to try his book. So I did, and I was blown away by the simplicity of what Nhat Hanh wrote, urging readers gently and warmly to enjoy the here and now. The secret was to approach all of life much like meditation, including the bits that we think of as boring or unpleasant. “Every act is a rite,” he says at one point. “While washing the dishes one should be completely aware that one is washing the dishes. At first glance, that might seem a little silly: why put so much stress on a simple thing? But that’s precisely the point. If while washing dishes we think only of the cup of tea that awaits us, thus hurrying to get the dishes out of the way as if they were a nuisance, we are not ‘washing the dishes to wash the dishes’. What’s more we are not alive during the time we are washing the dishes. In fact, we are completely incapable of realising the miracle of life while standing at the sink. “ If we can’t wash the dishes, the chances are we won’t be able to drink our tea either. While drinking the cup of tea, we will only be thinking of other things, barely aware of the cup in our hands. Thus we are sucked away into the future — and incapable of actually living one minute of life.”
  • Growing up is mind mastering body. So learn to control excretory functions, eat at right time and place, sleep at right time and place and in right clothes after washing etc. So too with sex - right time, right place, right person. If body dominates mind -> greedy, secret eating, quantity not quality, stuffing oneself. Eating should be elevated and spiritualised. Beauty embodied in meal -> elegantly laid outr table, eating as social occasion. Ritualised meals, scared meals, feasts, festivals. Physical desires expression of internal. should be eleveated and spiritualised. Eating becomes a scared act - religious festivals. Also a social act and not just to satisfy hunger. Don’t eat alone. Same sexual desire - lust. Should also be given high spiritual content. Express love. Sex without love -> empitiness and dehumanising. Unity of spiritual and physical. Principle point is sp and ph are different aspects, dimensions. So eating, sleeping and sex all have sp and phy dimension. What is important is if spiritualised and eleveated or not. Sex too should be encounter with divine not just satisfying urge. Desire for shelter -> cave or beautiful architecture. Desire for sleep -> cardboard box or luxory bed We can become good only if our body obediently follows our mind, which directs us towards goodness. All too often, hwover, our body rebels agaunst the mind’s directions, repeating by analogy Cain’s murder of Abel. This is how evil grows within us. For this reason the religious way of life requires that we make our body submit to the commands of our higher mind.
  • Should feel how God feels, think God’s thoughts and do God’s will Islam, Hadith When I love him, I am the hearing with which he hears, I am the sight with which he sees, I am the hands with which he holds and I am the feet with which he walks’.
  • Multiply – the ability to establish a perfect family. This is about establishing the 4 great realms of heart, 3 great kingships etc. and thus a lineage. These are relationships based on love as delineated by the ethical norms appropriate for that relationship. The expansion of Logos/Tao/Law/Li – is the realm of ethics and norms of behaviour and of course justice. To inherit God’s logos one becomes a good child, spouse, parent, g-parent, uncle, cousin, neighbour, pupil, teacher, employee, employer, politician, King, etc. etc. and thus can relate appropriately to anyone. The family is expanded through the levels of community, society, nation and world. In this people look for some position or niche in which they can make some contribution to their world whether it is as scout leader or foreign secretary. So here we find justice, morality, familial, social, political and economic ethics etc. [ A child is the fruit, the manifestationof the parents’ love, an extensionof their life, and the embodiment of theparents’ ideals. Children are born onthe basis of the parents’ love, life, andideals; thus, the more the parents seethem, the more lovable they become, themore they become ideal people to relateto, and the more vibrant life becomes.(69-78, 1973.10.20)
  • Career Dominion – the right to have dominion. Through this we have the opportunity to inherit God’s creativity through owning, caring for, manipulating and eventually becoming one with physical things and thus become Lords of Creation and mediators between the spiritual world and physical world. This is expressed not only in art but also in gardening, farming, manufacturing, driving a car, riding a horse, decorating one’s house, playing the piano, writing etc. etc. Through such activities people struggle to have dominion over the physical reality by mastering particular skills. Furthermore they strive to express or reveal themselves through such an activity and create something which gives them joy to behold. This joy comes from the relationship with the physical thing irrespective of whether it is done for someone else or someone else will appreciate it. Through this a person comes to inherit God’s creativity. Along with this comes the ethics of ownership, stewardship, environmental ethics etc. Khalifa - regent of God
  • How it looks is a reflection of who we are
  • Love God and do what you want Everything we do has 2 aspects or purposes - for self and whole. Do something for someone - whole but should also be rewarded and become spiritually uplifted. Shouldn’t think or say - this is for whole, this is for individual - dualism Communism and UC practice is dualistic. Sacrifice individual for whole. Not unification terminaology. If living a public life should also benefit personally. Otherwise feel drained and used and destroyed.
  • In a well run business this is how it is. People are rewarded for working hard. Know that good of company results in their good. Feel taken care of and interests are met. Career and development path. Not stuck in same job. If don’t take care of employees best ones leave, rest dissatisfied, don’t work well or hard and business collapses. There again is just out ot get what one can then again business collapses.
  • 202 Principles of creation part 2 wh

    1. 1. The Principles of Creation Part 2
    2. 2. Why did God create the universe and me? What is the purpose and meaning of life?
    3. 3. ► Determined by the creator, not by the created being ► Purpose Value, meaning All beings have a purpose
    4. 4. The basic principle for understanding “Know yourself. He who knows himself will know God. He who knows God will become like God.” St. Clement of Alexandria One Can Know God by Knowing Oneself Chapter 7 heading, Wolli Wonbon, 1958
    5. 5. What do people want? “Everyone is struggling to attain happiness and avoid misfortune.” EDP, 1 “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle
    6. 6. What makes us happy? • Baby? • Toddler? Happiness comes when one’s desire is fulfilled which comes from a relationship with an object
    7. 7. What kind of objects? Object in which own nature reflected and complemented. Object which stimulates one to feel and discover self.
    8. 8. How is joy produced? Creator Creation Love Subject ObjectBeauty Joy Object reflects one’s dual characteristics Object stimulates one’s dual characteristics Object complements one’s dual characteristics
    9. 9. Which is more stimulating? • Our object partner helps us to feel our own internal nature and external form through the stimulation it gives. EDP, 33 • Idea or reality? – When the idea alone is the object partner, it is not as stimulating, nor is the joy as profound, as that from a finished work. EDP, 33 – So God created a substantial world
    10. 10. God wants to have relationships of love with beings like himself Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. Genesis 1:26 “I say, ‘You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you.” Psalm 82:6 “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have made; what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Yet you have made him little less than God, and crown him with glory and honour. Psalm 8:3-5
    11. 11. Why did God create man? • The most essential aspect of God is heart. Heart is the impulse to love an object and is the fountain and motivator of love. It is the nature of heart to seek an object to love. God, whose essence is heart, feels joy when he can love an object that he created. DP, Level 4 – What kind of object? One in his image and likeness – male and female
    12. 12. God wants to live with people God’s purpose for creating human beings is to experience joy through relating with ideal families filled with true love. Sun Myung Moon “The dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them.” Revelation 21:3
    13. 13. God wants to interact with the creation • God is invisible and without form • Even though he created the universe he cannot rule it without a body • So he created human beings as his body • By becoming one with human beings God can experience the creation
    14. 14. To sum up Why did God create man? The first purpose was to have a being with whom He could relate as His object. The second purpose was that God Himself had to have a form through which to communicate with all things in the invisible world and the substantial world. From this viewpoint, what kind of being is Adam? The invisible God manifested Himself in the substantial form of Adam, in order to stand as the subject in the substantial world. God's third purpose for creating man was in order to fulfill His ideal of love. In that ideal, the subject and the object were to become one. God wanted the ideal world of love to remain forever. God created man centred upon these three purposes. Why We Have to Go Through Hardships 11.9. 1972
    15. 15. Human Beings God Created World Love Love Beauty Beauty Joy Joy God, man and creation Subject SubjectObject Object
    16. 16. How can we become ‘like God’, the body of God, the dwelling place of God, the incarnation of God? “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” Ephesians 5:1
    17. 17. What is God like? • Heart – Intellect, emotion, will • Logos – Reason and law – Ethics - relationships of ordered love – Four Great Realms of Heart • Creativity To become like God, God gave human beings the Three Great Blessings
    18. 18. The three great blessings And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28 God Heart Logos Fruitful Dominion Creativity Multiply Human
    19. 19. First blessing - be fruitful Mind Body True Person The ability to create and complete our character “You are the temple of God and God’s spirit dwells in you.” 1 Corinthians 3:16 Sensitivity to the Heart of God Subject We create our character through our thoughts, words and deeds Keep promises Unity of mind and body Words and deeds are one Joy “Be complete as your heavenly Father is complete.” Matthew 5:48 Object Fulfill potential God Whole hearted Meditation Virtuous
    20. 20. Mind - Body unity Mind Body True Person Subject Object Beauty Truth Goodness Food Sleep Shelter Sex God
    21. 21. God Mankind Emotion Intellect Will Emotion Intellect Will HEART Feeling Thinking Doing Beauty Truth GoodnessPursuing:
    22. 22. Fulfilment of the first blessing Whatever we do whether we like it or not we create and express our character by everything that we think, say and do Embodiment of the truth of God = True Teacher
    23. 23. We create ourselves Dorian Gray The Story of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde
    24. 24. Society Nation World Second blessing: multiply True Love Child God The love of God and the love of man are not two loves, but aspects of the same unifying love. St Maximus the Confessor When husband and wife are united in marriage, they are no longer seen as something earthly, but as the image of God Himself. St John Chrysostom Husband Wife Family The ability to create a family Joy Four Great Realms of Heart “If we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” I John 4:12 Family is the basis of society Family is the school of love
    25. 25. Development of human relationships The fulfilment of the second blessing ► Familial ► Friendship ► Work ► Social Whatever we do whether we like it or not we form relationships with other people that are an expression of who we are
    26. 26. What is love? “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7
    27. 27. God’s love - True Love Woman Children God Man Husband Father Expressed and experienced through the family Wife Mother Daughter Sister Son Brother Love, life and lineage
    28. 28. Third blessing: take dominion Right of dominion over the creation Good Environ- ment Inherit God’s creativity Lords of Creation Microcosm God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it. Genesis 2:15 Natural World Person Joy Whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name. Genesis 2:19 Harmony with nature The creation waits for the revealing of the sons of God. Romans 8:19 God Stewards
    29. 29. ► Develop creativity and self expression ► Develop and perfect skills ► Responsibility and freedom of ownership Dominion
    30. 30. Inherit God’s creativity and dominion of heart and love The fulfilment of the third blessing ► Art, sculpture, building, making ► Gardening, farming, music, clothes ► Industry, manufacturing, fishing ► Walking, climbing, cleaning, driving ► Ecology, stewardship, ownership Whatever we do whether we like it or not we create an environment around us which is an expression of who we are
    31. 31. We create our environment
    32. 32. Family Society Nation One World Family Purpose of life – three blessings Husband True Love Wife Child God Person True Love Things Good Environment God True Love Body Mature Person God Mind Be ‘Fruitful’ Multiply Have Dominion
    33. 33. Our main roles in life • True Teacher – Unity of words and deeds – Practice what you preach • True Parent – Heart of a parent in the shoes of a servant – Treat people justly • True Owner – Looks after the things he owns – Creates a good environment – Freely shares what he has with others
    34. 34. Dual aspects of purpose Joy to God and others Whole Purpose Subject Individual Purpose Object Joy to the self
    35. 35. How do you integrate the two purposes? • The individual purpose and the purpose for the whole are not independent. They are related and interdependent • The purpose for the whole is secondarily the purpose for betterment of the individual. • The individual purpose is not separate from the purpose for the whole. • The purpose for the whole cannot continue to exist without guaranteeing the individual purpose. EDP, 33
    36. 36. How does it work in practice? Task IndividualTeam
    37. 37. Value, love and beauty, good and evil
    38. 38. How is value decided? • The value of an entity may be determined by the relationship between its purpose of existence and the desire that a human being has for it. – The value of a particular tool depends on whether it is useful to a particular person • The value of an entity intended at its creation is not fixed as an inherent attribute. – Determined in the market • It is established through the mutual relationship between the purpose of the entity according to God's ideal of creation, and people's original desire to treasure it and bring out its true worth – Stradivarius makes a violin. A maestro treasures the violin and plays it to produce beautiful music
    39. 39. It finds its true value when it participates as an object partner in a God- centred four position foundation by relating with a person through give and take action and by their union becoming the third object partner to God. True Value ThingPerson God Yehudi Menhuin
    40. 40. Meaning and interpretation Interpretation Judgment Text Painting Music Person Purpose Values Hermeneutics: Theory and methodology of text interpretation Every reading is an interpretation and every interpretation is an appropriation of a text for its own purposes. The Torah has 70 faces
    41. 41. What is love and beauty? • In the relationship between a man and a woman, the man is the subject partner, giving love, while the woman is the object partner, returning beauty. • However, when the subject partner and object partner become completely one in harmony, love is found within beauty and beauty is found within love. • This is because when a subject partner and object partner become one in a circular movement, the subject partner sometimes acts as an object partner, and the object partner sometimes acts as a subject partner.
    42. 42. Man Couple Woma n God Love Beauty "Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:33
    43. 43. Love and respect • The primary emotional needs" for men and women, respectively are that men need respect and women need love, like they need air to breathe. • Love and Respect – a Royal marriage
    44. 44. What is good and what is evil? • An act or the result of an act is considered good when it fulfills God's purpose of creation. This takes place when a subject partner and object partner unite through the harmonious and spirited give and take of love and beauty, become the third object partner to God, and form the four position foundation. • On the other hand, an act or its result is called evil when it violates God's purpose of creation by forming a four position foundation under the dominion of Satan. EDP, 48
    45. 45. Family Society Nation One World Family Husband True Love Wife Child God Person True Love Things Good Environment God True Love Body Mature Person God Mind
    46. 46. What acts help or hinder fulfilling the 3 blessings? Help • 1st blessing – – • 2nd blessing – – • 3rd blessing – – Hinder • 1st blessing – – • 2nd blessing – – • 3rd blessing – –
    47. 47. Good and evil and consequences • Good and evil actions may take the same form, their true nature may be discerned through their fruits. They yield their fruits in accordance with the divergent purposes they pursue. EDP, 71 – E.g. sexual love • Good motivation alone is not a justification – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”
    48. 48. Some misunderstandings • We find many cases where an aspect of human nature conventionally considered evil is, in fact, good if its purpose is directed toward the Will of God. Let us take the example of desire. Desire, which people often consider sinful, is actually God-given. EDP, 71 • This is a critique of certain understandings of Buddhism and some Christian views of sexuality and the body • Not justifying unethical acts if “God-centred”
    49. 49. Next - How do we grow spiritually?