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Mendeley for Librarians
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Mendeley for Librarians


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This is a narration of the slides presented for the Mendeley for Librarians instructional session.

This is a narration of the slides presented for the Mendeley for Librarians instructional session.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Mendeley for Librarians
    May 20th 2011
    William GunnHead of Academic Outreach
  • 2. Just started using Mendeley. How come I was never told about such a great tool?
    @litreviewhq I haven't heard of Mendeley but it could be exactly what I'm looking for... Thanks!
    @enkerli I *love* Mendeley. It's the best thing that has happened to reference management since EndNote
    Just fyi, Mendeley is pretty awesome on searching research:
    @AmandaMichelle I love Mendeley: love the web importer, use it across devices (phone/ipad), and to share readings w/advisors, etc. #phdchat
    I friggin' LOVE Mendeley!!
  • 3. What you will learn
    What problems Mendeley solves
    What technology Mendeley uses
    How Mendeley compares
    How to teach others about Mendeley.
  • 4. Based in London & New York, Mendeley is researchers, graduates and software developers from...
    Supported by:
    ...backed by co-founders and former executives of:
  • 5. Connecting Scholars in the Cloud
    Research is a social activity, but the tools and the data aren’t.
    Databases have incomplete metadata, incompatible licenses prevent remixing and sharing necessary for new insights.
    Capture the latent info in their process!
  • 6. Mendeley is not just a reference manager!
    ...and aggregates research data in the cloud
    Install Mendeley Desktop
    Mendeley extracts research data…
  • 7. What is Mendeley?
    Mendeley Web: A research catalog of 100M documents from 1M researchers, 80K collaborative groups.
    Mendeley Desktop: A bit of software that organizes PDFs and helps you write papers.
  • 8. Mendeley Desktop
    Set up and manage your reference groups
    Library showing all your documents (citation or table view)
    Add tags & notes and edit document details
    Filter your papers by authors, keywords, tags, or publications
  • 9. 7 ways to add documents to Mendeley
    You have different options to set up your library:
    • Add single files or an entire folder
    • 10. “Watch a folder” to automatically import PDF files
    • 11. Drag and drop PDFs into Mendeley Desktop
    … and Mendeley will try to extract the document details automatically
    You can also:
    • Add existing EndNote/BibTeX/RIS databases
    • 12. Sync with other reference management webapps
    • 13. Use Mendeley Web Importer to add from online databases
    • 14. Add from the Mendeley Research Catalog
  • 15. What happens when you add PDFs to Mendeley?
  • 16. Document details lookup
    Enter the DOI, PubMed, or ArXiv ID and click on the magnifier glass to start lookup
    Missing info is added automatically
  • 17. Web Importer
    To install the Web Importer, drag & drop the bookmarklet to your Favorites/Bookmarks
    in your internet browser
    Supported sites
    The Web Importer helps you grab citations off the web
  • 18. Usingthe Web Importer
    On the web page with the reference(s) you want to capture: click on the bookmarklet…
    …then click on “Import” to import the reference/paper to your Mendeley library. If possible/available, also the associated PDF will be imported.
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  • 24. Citing in Word & Open Office
  • 25. Citing in Word & Open Office
    Citation will show up based on selected style
    Generate a bibliography in one click!
    Cite into Google documents
    or other editors by copy & paste
  • 26. Mendeley and Endnote
    Why spend money if good free tools exist?
    Overkill for just collecting papers and inserting citations
    Beholden to their existing base, can’t innovate
    Tools of scholarship should be in the hands of scholars!
  • 27. Citation Style Language
    • CSL is a markup language, like HTML, but for citation info.
    • 28. Developed by Bruce D’Arcus, first implemented by Zotero
    • 29. Open format
    • 30. Tools for scholarly communication by and for scholars.
  • Citation Style Language
    Implements CSL
    Ships with thousands of styles
    Develops citation style processor code
    Supports community in development of styles
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  • 35. Mendeley Web
    Mendeley Web is three things…
    Crowdsourced catalog of research
    A social network of researchers and documents
    A web service for research data & stats
  • 36. Aggregate data enables social discovery in real time
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  • 51. We’re in this for the long haul
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  • 55. Select relation:
    uses same method
    A human-curated, constantly evolving semantic article database
  • 56.
    JISC DURA Project
  • 57. Add Mendeley to your library website.
  • 58. Integrate set workshops into your curriculum
    Email with questions
  • 59. Join the Mendeley for Librarians Group
    This is a private librarian-only group so members can share presentations and documents. We’ll send everyone an invite via email.
  • 60.