Generating content marketing ideas that earn shares

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An illustrated guide with 11 principles of share worthy content. Learn what type of content you need to create in order to dominate your industry.

An illustrated guide with 11 principles of share worthy content. Learn what type of content you need to create in order to dominate your industry.

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  • That’s why you are here….it doesn’t matter what your industry or background is…we want the same thing
  • Doesn’t matter if your industry is computer repair in Cumberland County, SEO, etcThere are usually 1 or 2 competitors that probably come to mind right now
  • Sounds like a _lot_, but it isn’t…Web is a democratized platform…an even playing fieldIt’s just as easy to visit the New York Times website as it is the Carlisle Sentinel’s.
  • Use content to make yourself the leader in your industry
  • You are an expert in something…use that!Go to place on the web for something
  • A few common excuses that you’ll hear…. You might already be thinking one of these in your head
  • It’s not 1995…if you want to succeed online, setting up 5 page websites and doing nothing else isn’t going to cut it.
  • Open up and write about your processes, your day to day happenings…. This kind of content relates really well to other people
  • On-page SEO is terrible on this page…see title tag. Ranking number 1 off of the power of the blog
  • We are all experts about something….even random things. This video has 146 root domains linking to it, 108 comments and 2,687 likes.Businesses are very knowledge about their particular fieldsExperts are needed and sought after for even the most peculiar of subjects
  • As a proof of concept.. Something weird that I am really passionate about – wiffle ballYou would think that not many grown men are passionate about wiffle ball and not many experts are needed in an unpopular field.
  • But even the strangest and far reaching topics get tons of views and shares online
  • People will share and spread free things… ebooks, white papers, tools, music, lists, etcHip hop artists have really figured this out with mixtapes
  • Products, guides, tips….reach out to influencersUse free content to get your word out there…and capitalize on the audience
  • Interact with other business owners, bloggers and readers….work with each other, cross promote, share knowledge Guest blogging, roundtable discussions, interactive posts – what are you listening to?
  • 40 million unique visitors each yearShowcase unique knowledge that only you know
  • People love exclusivity
  • Teach people something that they don’t know
  • People look up weird things on the internet
  • People are curious…really curious (and stupid) Solve problems for people…it means traffic, shares, links, $$$$
  • One surefire way to get your content out there is to do something mind blowingly dumbCharles Carreon stole and republished comics from The Oatmeal and then threatened to sue him…it made him infamous
  • Gained around 1,200backlinks since the lawsuit
  • Qdoba launched a contest requiring people to create videos to win free videos for a year. To win, people had to get others to “Like” Qdoba’sFacebook page and vote for them on the wallThis engagement encourages people to get others to vote on the page
  • Break news…be the first to write about something interesting in your industry.Kenny Geidel, legendary vendor in Pittsburgh, passed away unexpectedly last year
  • We wrote a tribute and had it published within 15 minutes….huge traffic spike for visitors that day
  • Talk about what is going on with you and your businessSOME OF THE most popular TV shows are people working….there are probably plenty of interesting things that your company does
  • Write about and share the awesome day to day things that happen at your company
  • If you want to stand out and be the industry leader….you have to start with content.
  • Every market is competitive now… you have to sacrifice to get to the top. You need to invest money, time, etcEvery post isn’t going to go viral. Takes a lot of time and effort to build up quality content…if you don’t put your investment into that than your competitors will.
  • These are the only things you need to do to be successful*. You can get away with just doing one of the two, but that's rare, and usually someone else is doing the other part for you.


  • 1. Generating contentmarketing ideas that earnsharesTrevin Shirey
  • 2. A little bit about me…• Background in Journalism• Blogging since 2002• Featured on ESPN Radio 1050, Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review• Specialize in off-page optimization + blogger outreach
  • 3. We are all chasing success online
  • 4. More trafficMore traffic
  • 5. More leads
  • 6. More revenue
  • 7. You want to bethe leader inyour industry
  • 8. How do we get there?
  • 9. Just start doing it
  • 10. Create content to position yourself as best in your industry
  • 11. Become the leadingauthority in yourindustry
  • 12. Earn tons of social shares and links
  • 13. My boss doesn’tMy industry is think it’s boringI don’t like to write BUT! important Nobody reads our blogI’m not creative Our video enough camera sucksI don’t have time I’m hungryMy head hurts Twitter isI’m tired confusingI have too many We use the things to do Yellow Pages
  • 14. There is no excuse!
  • 15. “Do or do not. There is no try” 11 tips for creatingshare worthy content
  • 16. 1. Be personal
  • 17. 1. Be personal
  • 18. 2. Be an expert
  • 19. 2. Be an expert
  • 20. 2. Be an expert
  • 21. 3. Be generous
  • 22. 3. Be generous
  • 23. 4. Be social
  • 24. 5. Be ‘exclusive’
  • 25. 5. Be ‘exclusive’
  • 26. 6. Be controversial
  • 27. 6. Be controversial
  • 28. 7. Be informative
  • 29. 7. Be informative
  • 30. 7. Be informative
  • 31. 8. Be a jerk* Charles Carreon *not recommendedcarreon-is-charging-the-oatmeal-with-impersonating-a-charity/
  • 32. 8. Be a jerk* *not recommendedcarreon-is-charging-the-oatmeal-with-impersonating-a-charity/
  • 33. 9. Be engaging
  • 34. 9. Be engaging
  • 35. 10. Be the first…
  • 36. 10. Be the first…
  • 37. 11. Be transparent
  • 38. 11. Be transparent
  • 39. 11. Be transparent
  • 40. Be exceptional
  • 41. You have to earnyour way online
  • 42. Questions?• Slides:• Email: