Cloning "A List" Clients to Increase Sales


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“While America is experiencing its greatest transfer of wealth, the senior level ‘baby boomer’ financial advisors are retiring out of the market,” explained Associate Dean William Byrnes. “The next five years presents substantial opportunities for this generation of financial advisors who exercise best networking and face-to-face practices.”

“Many young professionals unproductively spin their wheels when it comes to growing their client base,” interjected co-author Robert Bloink. “The online Thomas Jefferson graduate program is competitive because most faculty members like myself brings decades of business experience into the classroom and keep our students eye on the ball – developing their client books.

“The National Underwriter Sales Essentials Series combines all of the most practical, proven sales techniques advisors need to convert prospects into customers, win new business, and to grow sales,” added Rick Kravitz Managing Director of the National Underwriter Professional Publishing Division. “The Life & Health Sales Essentials focuses on the selling skills and techniques essential to achieving success—prospecting for new business and the demands of running an agency.”

William Byrnes continued, “I invite you to learn 'How to Clone Your Client's, What`s Your 'Point of Difference?', The ‘Ben Franklin Method’ For Winning People Over, How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals, and Marketing to the Millennials. In our books, we focus on client cloning, including: asking intriguing questions, C2C qualified introductions, and client crowd sourcing.”

The attached powerpoint is from an Advisys webinar. More daily articles from William Byrnes on his blog:

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  • No one makes you look better when you’re face to face with your clients or prospects. From your first appointment to analyzing needs, preparing a financial plan and presenting solutions, only Advisys does it all. We combine the best and most complete client education and presentation materials with financial planning tools that quickly produce trustworthy results, all in one compliant, customizable application. Impressions matter: make sure you look your best with Advisys.
  • First money harmony workshop in 1982
  • Cloning "A List" Clients to Increase Sales

    1. 1. For Producer Use Only FOR AUDIO Call 877-309-2071 Code 711 875 017 # Or Use Computer Speakers
    2. 2. Today’s Webinar Published by
    3. 3. Back Room Technician® “Be your best when it matters most: when you’re face to face with clients and prospects.” – Complete client education and presentation – Goals based financial planning solutions – In one compliant, customizable application …only Advisys does it all.
    4. 4. William H. Byrnes, IV • Associate Dean for Graduate & Distance Education Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law • Author of 24 books and over 1,000 published articles, including Sales Essentials: Prospecting • Contributing author for Tax Facts, Tax Facts Online, and National Underwriter Advanced Markets
    5. 5. Cloning your Client Professor William Byrnes, Author, National Underwriter Sales Essentials (Life & Health): Prospecting
    6. 6. This Morning’s Agenda Pointers • How to Clone Your Client • Developing the Profile • Asking Intriguing Questions • C2C Qualified Introductions • Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals • Client Crowd Sourcing • Ben Franklin Method
    7. 7. How to Clone Your Client Everyone may be a potential client for me BUT Is Everyone a potential great client for me?
    8. 8. How to Clone Your Client 1. DETERMINE YOUR BEST “A” CLIENTS 2. Approach them effectively for referrals of clients who are like themselves 3. Gain testimonial introductions to those referrals 4. Effectively share your services and attract NEW strategic relationships
    9. 9. Develop the Profile of Your Dream Client • Question 1: Who Do You Like to Work With? • Question 2: Who Can You Help Most? • Question 3: What Are Your Financial Requirements?
    10. 10. Q1: Who do you like to work with? Brainstorm: what are the qualities that you like in a client? • PROBLEM SOLVING STYLE • CORE VALUES • EXTRACURRICULAR PREFERENCES
    11. 11. Who Are Your Best A Clients? • Start with 80-20 as a General Rule • Use Your Profile to Rank Them • Rank by All Three Questions of Your Profile • Choose Top Three by Summing Ranking
    12. 12. How to Clone Your Client 1. Determine Your Best “A” Clients 2. Approach them effectively for referrals of clients who are like themselves 3. Gain testimonial introductions to those referrals 4. Effectively share your services and attract NEW strategic relationships
    13. 13. Approach them effectively for referrals? • Make It a Special Meeting • It's All About Them (80/20 rule again) • What to Bring? – Your expanded dream client profile – A list of prospecting categories keyed to the client's positions and relationships – Information packet you will send to the referral
    14. 14. How do I Turn the Referral into my Client? • Existing Client Brokers the Introduction • Follow-up with Information by Letter • Prequalify by Phone Interview Before Meeting • In-Person Rapport Building • Prepare to Meet Objections & Concerns
    15. 15. What`s Your Point of Difference? • Rhubarb Pie v. Blueberry Pie • Coed prep school v. All boy or all girl
    16. 16. How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals (Crowd Sourcing part 1) "All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those Advisors they know, like and trust." • 80/20 rule of rapport building • Feel-Good Questions • Be the Facilitator of Everyone in the Room • Critical Follow Up • “Partner” for Referrals Conversation
    17. 17. Strategic Allies as a Source of Referrals? • It's all about the Service • Develop a Dream Profile of Strategic Ally • Start with Your Dream Practice • Seek Help from Your A Clients
    18. 18. Final Agenda Items for Comment • The Ben Franklin Method for Winning People Over • Marketing the Millennial
    19. 19. Do It Today!
    20. 20. National Underwriter Special Offer Buy the Sales Essentials Bundle for only $19.95 A savings of more than 30%! Regular 2-Book Price: $29.90 Special 2-Book Price: $19.95 No Special Discount Code Needed
    21. 21. 1. Write down the name of a client or prospect Call now: (800) 777-3162 2. Call us and we’ll put together your presentation 3. Buy Back Room Technician and make the sale One Sale Pays for the annual subscription! Three easy steps to greater success:
    22. 22. Annual subscription: $599 60-day money-back guarantee. Call now: (800) 777-3162 Why waste valuable time?
    23. 23. Questions