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AMA Baltimore - Building Your Content Marketing Plan
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AMA Baltimore - Building Your Content Marketing Plan

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As companies race to implement content marketing programs, many are doing so without a concrete plan. Right Source Marketing Managing Partner Will Davis leads this workshop on building your content ...

As companies race to implement content marketing programs, many are doing so without a concrete plan. Right Source Marketing Managing Partner Will Davis leads this workshop on building your content marketing plan for Baltimore's American Marketing Association chapter. The workshop covers understanding buyer roles, viewing content from a business perspective, content planning, content creation, content optimization, content distribution and content tracking and analysis.,

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  • 1. Content Marketing Strategy AMA BaltimoreWill Davis@willdavis@rightsource#AMABaltCM
  • 2. ABOUT ME• Right Source Marketing Managing Partner• Content Marketing Institute CMI Consultant• Dad, BBQ Fan• @willdavis, @rightsource• 5’11” 1**
  • 4. THE GAME HAS CHANGED• Buyers are educating themselves• 60% of a buyer’s decision-making process in B2B is complete before they even talk to a salesperson*• Marketo cites that number as closer to 70%• Enterprise organizations download an average of 10 informational assets during the purchase process.** *Corporate Executive Board **IDG Research
  • 5. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING?“Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way.” – Joe Pulizzi, CMI Demonstrating Expertise vs. Speaking of Expertise
  • 6. CONTENT MARKETING PILLARS• Content Planning• Content Creation• Content Optimization• Content Distribution• Content Reporting and Analysis 6
  • 7. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?• “Brands have to become publishers”• …but brands have different business models and business goals than publishers
  • 8. CONTENT SUPPORTS BUSINESS OBJECTIVES• Yours probably isn’t selling ad impressions• How does your content marketing strategy fit in with the business strategy to drive business results?
  • 9. CONTENT SUPPORTS BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Business Objectives Business Strategy Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Content Objectives Content Strategy Content Tactics Content Metrics Credit: Jay Baer/CMI
  • 10. CONTENT STRATEGY COMES FROM:• Business objectives (business plan)• Marketing objectives (marketing plan)• Content objectives (content plan)
  • 11. CONTENT MARKETING CHALLENGES View full CMI Research 11
  • 12. UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE• Who are your buyers and influencers?• What do they care about?• What problems do VP they face? Marketing• How can you help solve them? IT• What are their Director CFO objections?
  • 13. EXAMPLE: CONSULTING FIRM• Helps clients solve complex challenges across the industry spectrum• From public companies to private companies to investors• A nimble, experienced, unique team of expert advisors, analyzers and problem solvers
  • 14. BUYERS/INFLUENCERS• Large Company BD (VP Strategy or BD)• Smaller Firm C-Level Exec (CEO, COO)• Investors, VCs (Managing Partner)• Chief Financial Officer• Chief Technology Officer• Chief Medical Officer
  • 15. WHAT ARE THEIR QUESTIONS? ADDRESS• Who can help us commercialize our tech?• Who can we acquire that does XYZ?• What is their background?• Who have they worked with that’s like me?• What are their specialties?• How do they understand my company’s unique challenges?• How do they work?
  • 16. …AND SO MANY MORE FROM:• Talking with your clients• Talking with your prospects• Talking with your got-aways• Talking with your sales team• Reviewing analytics• Reviewing industry trends• Online research• RFP Questions
  • 19. ADDRESS QUESTIONS WITH CONTENT• Different content topics for different buyers• Different content topics for different stages• Different content types for different buyers• Different content types for different stages
  • 23. CONTENT CREATION RESOURCES• Building the content marketing team• Internal resources• On-call resources• Participation and perspectives from SMEs• Participation and amplification from employees, partners, advocates• Regulation/Compliance factors
  • 24. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION• Not just for search engines (the robots) but buyers (the humans) too• What do you want them to do?• What calls to action (CTAs) should you include?• AKA – “Uh, Now what?”
  • 25. CONTENT OPTIMIZATION - LEAD CAPTURE• “Forms are the enemy of spread” – but…• “You can’t have a prospect if you don’t know who they are”• Determine what information is worth a “gate” (fewer, but known readers) and what isn’t• Determine follow-up process – be helpful but not creepy
  • 26. CONTENT DISTRIBUTION• Where does your target audience live, online and off (Google, Compete, Alexa) – Social media as part of your content strategy – Guest blogging – Co-branded webinars, seminars, events – Email (don’t miss out on this one) – Print – Mobile
  • 27. REPORTING AND ANALYSIS• Measure everything that you possibly can• But - report very few, very business-focused KPIs• Discard vanity metrics wherever possible• How do your KPIs align with business objectives?
  • 28. KPI EXAMPLES• Overall Site Traffic > Top of Funnel Awareness Visits, page views, visitors• Referral > Spread Search, referred sessions, social sharing• Inbound submissions > Lead Generation Form fills• Sales - $$• Know which tools play a role in each place
  • 29. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS• Recruiting• Client Retention• Employee Retention• Sales/Marketing Relationship• Raising Capital• Reinforce Company Messaging• Public Relations• …and more
  • 30. THANK YOU! Will Davis Right Source Marketing @willdaviswill@rightsourcemarketing.comwww.rightsourcemarketing.comwww.marketingtrenches.com Free eBook: How to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing