Torch Body Fat By WC Fitness


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Learn how to torch body fat with this book brought to you by a Personal Trainer at WC Fitness.

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Torch Body Fat By WC Fitness

  1. 1. Brought to you by wcfitnessonline.comBrought to you by: Follow me on:
  2. 2. IntroductionWelcome to my book on Weight Loss Unlocked. I produced this book to give you somegreat free information to get you started on your weight loss goals. I will start of bydescribing some of the training you can do.Fat Burning Training: Which Is Best?This chapter is going to look through some of the best fat burning training styles aroundtoday. The aim is to show you a whole range of training you have available. So that you donot waste your time with boring and quite frankly, dated training.We will begin with the traditional training and why you should maybe not do it.Slow Steady State CardioSlow steady state cardio is probably the most popular type of fat burning training, yet it isthe least inefficient. This training style is any type of training were you keep a slow steadypace (obviously), for something like walking, running, cycling etc.The reason why it is so popular, comes from study done many years ago now, whichshowed that slow steady state cardio, burns fat for energy. Naturally everyone celebratedthis, because they wanted to get rid of fat, so surely this training is ideal right?The problem here is that, this type of thinking is very short sighted. Yes, your body willburn fat, but due to the slow pace of the training, you will not burn very many calories. Youalso only burn calories for the time you are training.More modern fat burning training types will keep your body burning calories for up to 37hours after you have finished training!So, although modern training does not use body fat for energy, it will burn more totalcalories. Thus resulting in more fat loss in the long run.The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, you will burn more calories with high intensitytraining. And secondly, you will burn more calories while you rest because you will raiseyour metabolism. (This can be known as the afterburn effect).Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  3. 3. Should I never do slow steady state cardio?You may be thinking that I do not like steady state cardio at this point. But I do like steadystate cardio as long as it is used properly.For starters; beginners should start of by doing this style of training. More advancedtraining methods would be too intense for beginners and can be dangerous. Therefore ifyou are a beginner or have not exercised regularly for a while, you should start of withsteady state cardio.Slow Steady State WorkoutsSlow Steady State Cardio workouts are pretty simple to do. You should start of by doing 30mins sessions 3-5 times per week. This can be something as easy as walking for 30 mins 3-5 times per week.As you get fitter you can build up the intensity by running or go faster at whatever else youare doing.After 3 weeks of slow steady state cardio, it is time to start doing more advanced training totorch body fat off. Let’s have a look at the other methods now.High Intensity Interval TrainingHigh intensity interval training (HIIT) is getting a lot more popular these days, and withgood reason: It works!HIIT is where you do fast paced intervals followed by slowed paced. It can be done withgym machines, cycling or even with running. As an example for a HIIT workout: Youwould warm up for 5 minutes, then sprint at about 80% of your maximum effort for 1minute, followed by 2 minutes at a gentle pace, then go fast paced again and so on.You only need to do about 6-10 fast paced intervals. So the HIIT part of your workout onlylast around 30 minutes or less. You will of course get the ‘afterburn’ effect with thistraining, meaning you will burn more calories for up to 37 hours after you have finishedworking out. This is the true power of modern training.You can of course do some extra slow steady state cardio combined with HIIT, to burnextra calories if you wish.Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  4. 4. Okay, you have now had an introduction to a modern style of training. The next trainingtypes will possibly take you further away from what you are used to doing. But the next fatburning training styles work fantastically, and will also help you sculpt your entire body.So, let’s start with circuit training.Circuit TrainingCircuit training is a form of weight training, were you do a lot of different exercises, oneafter the other without much rest, in a ‘circuit’ fashion. If you panicked about those twowords: weight training, do not worry. This style of weight training is designed for weightloss and “toning”, they will not put muscle on you.To give you a better idea what circuit training actually is, here’s an example: You wouldstart of with around 6 exercises such as :1.Squats2.Bench Press3.Dead-lift4.Bent-Over Row5.Lunges6.Shoulder PressIf you do not know what all the exercises are, that is okay, they are only for explanationssake. To do these exercises in circuit style; you would start of with squats, then movequickly onto the bench press, followed by the dead-lift and go through all the exercisesuntil you have finish them all, then rest.This is the basics of circuit training. You get a great toning and sculpting effect, while alsogetting great fat burning benefits due to the high intensity of the workout.Density TrainingDensity training is another great addition to your training arsenal. It is very simple to use,once you know how. The basic idea of it, is to do more work in less time, and it workswonderfully to ensure you keeping working hard.Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  5. 5. We can use the workout already described above to help explain density training further.What you would do is record the amount of time, it took you to do a circuit style workoutwith the exercises above.Let’s say it took you 6 minutes to complete one circuit. On the next workout, you would setyour watch for 6 minutes, then try to increase the amount of reps you did for all theexercises in the circuit, in 6 minutes.Therefore you have increased the density of your workout. Do not worry if you don’tunderstand this density concept entirely, just focus on the fact that it works very well atmelting of body fat.So there you have it; a brief introduction to a few options for modern fat burning trainingstyles. Hopefully you see the importance of them and why you should be doing them.Remember; each training style is only a tool to have at your disposal. It is important to usethem all, to stop your body adapting to any particular training style.I hope you enjoyed this chapter on fat burning training.How Much To Eat To Lose WeightNow I am going to show you how much to eat to lose weight. If you are wanting to shedunwanted body fat; how much you eat will have a huge impact on how much you lose.Weight loss (and gain) comes down to one simple calculation:Calories in Versus Calories outThis basically means that your weight loss and gain comes down how many calories youare eating versus how many you burn with activity. Seems pretty simple when you put itthat way doesn’t it?Where it starts to become more difficult is how many calories you need to eat everyday andhow many you actually burn of. The average recommended calorie intake per day is 2000calories for women and 2500 calories for men. This will alter depending on various factorsbut gives you an idea.Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  6. 6. How Many Calories To Lose Weight?Now that you have an idea how many calories you should be eating, you have to know howto eat these. It is very easy to eat more than this and put on weight.On average you need eat around 500 calories per day less than your maintenance level tolose weight.This figure comes from the fact that there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. Thereforeif you burn 500 calories per day, this equals 3500 over 7 days and works out at round 1pound per week of fat loss.How To Eat The Right Amount Of CaloriesKnowing how to eat the right amount of calories is where everything starts to cometogether and form the basis of your weight loss.There are many ways and different systems you can use to ensure you eat the right amountof calories. They all have different methods but they all must make you eat less calories towork.The most effective way of knowing how many calories you are eating is by counting them.Many people do not like to do this because it is quite time consuming, but it still remainsthe most effective method available. When I am on a weight loss phase, this is what I use.There are many calorie calculators available today that help you do this and save time. Youcan have a look around as they have apps, online and physical calculators these days.There are many other ways of dieting without counting calories. The best system to helpyou lose weight is the one the fits your needs best and gets the job done. I will put some ofthe most popular methods in the chapters below.How To Burn Fat Fast With Calorie CyclingOkay, now lets have a look at how to burn the fat fast. The problem when trying to burn fatfast is the dreaded starvation mode. This is when your body slows down it’s metabolic ratewhen you diet for too long. This is a survival mechanism because your body thinks it isgoing through a famine.Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  7. 7. You want to avoid this because it makes it very hard to lose weight when this happens. Ifyou have every gone on a diet and stop losing weight after a while no matter what you did.Chances are your body went into starvation mode. So who do you avoid this to burn bodyfat fast? Simple; use calorie cycling.Calorie cycling is where you eat less calories some days, then higher calories on others toprevent the starvation mode. It is one of the most effective and proven ways of burning fatfast. It is used by a lot of the top figure and fitness models!The starvation mode kicks in after 3 ½ days of dieting. Therefore we use the calorie cyclingmethod to eat for 3 days at 500 calories below your calorie maintenance level. Then everyfourth day you eat just above your calorie maintenance level. This stops your body goinginto starvation mode and keeps your metabolism running high.Burning Fat With FoodWe are now coming to the last piece of the puzzle for burning fat fast. You now know thatyou have to know you calorie maintenance level, while using the calorie cycling method toburn fat fast. To complete all of this, you have to ensure you are eating the right amount offood. Ignore this rule and you will not be burning fat any time soonBasically you have to start counting calories to know how many you are consuming. Thismeans you have to see how many calories is in the food and drink you are taking in. Thecalorie amounts are usually located on the nutritional facts on the packaging of food. Thesedays a lot of companies put the calorie amounts of the front as well, to make it easier foryou.Keeping a food diary and recording all the calories you are eating is usually the best way torecord what you are eating. There are plenty of hand-held or online calorie countersavailable to use, to makes things easier for you. It can be a pain to do this, but it almostguarantees that you will burn fat fast.Carbohydrate Cycling – Low Carb DietCarbohydrate cycling is one of the most effective methods of weight loss available to you.This is the technique that many figure athletes and cover models call their secret method.The reason for this is that carb cycling works (very well).Brought to you by: Follow me on:
  8. 8. It works so well because your body uses carbohydrates for energy and when you do not eatthem your body is forced to burn fat for energy. This is a very simplified version of whathappens but gives you the general idea.With the quick explanation out of the way let’s have a look and see how to lose weight withcarb cycling. There are many methods of doing this but I like to keep things as simply aspossible. I have found that people give up on systems if they are to time consuming orcomplicated to maintain. Therefore we will use a great technique called the zig zag method.Zig Zag MethodThe zig zag is a method were you eat low carbohydrate on some days and eat morecarbohydrates on other days. There are different ways of doing this; a good way is to eatlow carb for 3 days then eat high to moderate carbs every fourth day.You can vary this slightly to suit your lifestyle better if you like. You want to be doing 1-2high to moderate carb days were you eat some carbs. So you can work this out to fit intoyour routine the best way.What To Eat On Low Carb DaysOn low carb days you want to be eating as much high protein and low carb foods aspossible. I have listed some of these foods below:ChickenBeefFishPorkEggsDiary – cheese, milk, yogurtBeans – black, pinto, lentils etcNuts and Seeds – peanut butter, cashews, almonds etcFoods To Avoid On Low Carb DaysThe foods listed below are foods that you must avoid at all costs on low carb days.BreadRiceBrought to you by: Follow me on:
  9. 9. PastaPotatoes – includes chips and crispsCakes & BunsPastryDo We Eat Fruit & Veg?The recommendation for eating fruit and veg can be tricky on low carb diets, as theycontain carbs. Fruits and veg are very healthy and any diet you are on should be healthy.Therefore on your low carb days I recommend that you eat veggies and avoid fruits.On your high carb days eat lots of fruit and veg, plus other high carb foods like bread andpasta.Junk FoodWhile you should really cut junk food as much as possible on a diet, it is good to have somejunk food now and then. This helps keep your will power up and will keep your diet ontrack. When having junk food you should always have it on your high carb days. This isn’t afree pass to eat junk food all day, but enjoy some on your high carb days.Carbohydrate CyclingSo there you have a simple approach on carb cycling to lose weight fast. There are differentmethods that measure food and include other requirements. But I have found that peopledo not follow these as they are to complicated. If you decide to give this a go, please let meknow.Want More Great Stuff From Me at WC Fitness?Do you want to keep up-to-date with all my latest workouts info and special offers? If so,you can follow me on your favourite social media. Also, feel free to ask me any questionsyou have.You can follow me using these links:Follow me on TwitterFollow me on FacebookFollow me on Google PlusBrought to you by: Follow me on: