From Augmented Reality apps to Augmented Worlds

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Presentation M-Days 2011-01-28, Frankfurt/M, PDF

Presentation M-Days 2011-01-28, Frankfurt/M, PDF

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  • 1. FromAugmented Reality apps toAugmented Worlds Willi Schroll, strategiclabs M-Days, Frankfurt/M 2011-01-28 pa:vd presentation available: viewing+download strategiclabs 2011
  • 2. Futurists are analyzing all the signals to get the big picture strategiclabs 2011
  • 3. Source: strategiclabs 2011
  • 4. Augmented Reality today strategiclabs 2011
  • 5. Augmented Reality in Gartner HypecycleSource: 2009 strategiclabs 2011
  • 6. What isAugmented Reality? strategiclabs 2011
  • 7. Augmented Reality is more than Augmented PerceptionSource: Nokia, strategiclabs 2011
  • 8. The special thing of Augmented Reality is that it involves the senso-motoric loopsSources: AR browser: Wikitude; AR drone: strategiclabs 2011
  • 9. Direct manipulation is the most intuitive wayto interact with the data in the environment Source: AR Social Shopper and AR conferencing: strategiclabs 2011
  • 10. Genuine Augmented Reality is involving our reality construction Reality ConstructionSource: X-ray:; AR conferencing: strategiclabs 2011
  • 11. AR effect for user experience The space of interaction is exploding: From the display to the physical worldSource: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap – ISMAR 2009: strategiclabs 2011
  • 12. Add sensors, web of things, gestural UI! AR is a kind of „transmedia“, a frameless, limitless „outernet“Source: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap – ISMAR 2009: strategiclabs 2011
  • 13. The impact ofAugmented Reality strategiclabs 2011
  • 14. AR is starting a new mode of interaction with the environment. Impacting life and work!Source: strategiclabs 2011
  • 15. In 2020 we will see all kind of layers like wehave an ecosystem of twitter streams today Corporate layers, event layers, personal layers, group layers – examples: Today: Activity streams Tomorrow: AR layers @mdays &mdays@wschroll &wschroll @google &google strategiclabs 2011
  • 16. Bruce Sterling, scifi author + visionary thinker „We can put any reality we want into your brain, now the issue is what reality should we put there.“Source: Bruce Sterling at ARE2010, strategiclabs 2011
  • 17. The implications ofAugmented Reality strategiclabs 2011
  • 18. Civic IICT Realspace Realpeople Navigation Instant Reality Hyperlocal Offers Realtime Reality Stream AR Advertising Lifelogging Experience Reality Mashup Augmented Signage Serendipity Local Immersion Search Commerce Ubiquitous Shopping HyperLBS Augmented 360° Transparency Predictive Marketing Social Search Reality Mining Face Recognition Privacy Reality User Augmented Media Infotainment Augmented Social Obectlinked Networking Customer Socializing Knowledge Symmetry Entertainment InterfacePermissions Augmented Immersive MAR Event Guide Dating Hybrid Tracking Identity Sharing Edutainment Context Intelligence Small Worlds Mixed RealityAugmented IdentityMAR Blended Learning 3.0 Games Ecosystem Reality Design MAR at Home Sensor Fusion Ambient Intelligence AR Commons Affective MAR Object Recognition Hybrid Intelligence strategiclabs 2011
  • 19. Hayes’16 business models ... some waiting Augmented Reality BusinessGary Hayes: 2009 strategiclabs 2011
  • 20. The maturity gap strategiclabs 2011
  • 21. Usability is still weak The interface is quite in its infancy.Source: Fraunhofer IGD, strategiclabs 2011
  • 22. Breakthrough technologies? AR Glasses and lensesSource: 2010 strategiclabs 2011
  • 23. Augmented Reality maturitySource: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap – ISMAR 2009: strategiclabs 2011
  • 24. Pioneers preparing the newSource: Robert Rice, Ori Inbar: Augmented Reality Roadmap – ISMAR 2009: strategiclabs 2011
  • 25. AR-enabled transparency for smarter livingSource: Map of the Decade – 2010s / rossdawsonblog-com (yellow frame added for emphasis by author) strategiclabs 2011
  • 26. Thank you for your attention! twitter: @wschroll Xing MAR group LinkedIn ARBcon group strategiclabs 2011
  • 27. How to connect with the Augmented Reality CommunityXing Groups: MAR and ARLinkedIn Groups: Augmented Reality Professionals,Augmented Planet, Mobile Augmented RealityNext events / planningare201117-18 May in Santa Clara 2012 in Berlin strategiclabs 2011