Question 1 - In what ways does your  media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of       real media prod...
Title of the Newspaper
Design Layout/ House Style
Title font and Style
Question 2 - How effective is thecombination of your main product       and ancillary texts?
Ancillary tasks in terms of genre and             convention.
Evaluation Question 1+2
Evaluation Question 1+2
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Evaluation Question 1+2


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  • Looking at the title of my newspaper in comparison to the existing Manchester newspaper, there isn’t that much difference. Conventionally for a local newspaper I have used the town/city as the opening word for example ‘Salford Advertiser’ ‘Liverpool Echo’. So I have used local newspaper conventions in creating the title ‘Manchester Chronicle’. I have used Chronicle as it means a factual written account which is what the news is, also Chronicle was used as newspapers in the past have been called similar names so I tried to follow the conventions.
  • In terms of context I have also taken the conventional approach with my newspaper. Firstly a newspaper reports on the latest news and news relevant to your region, so I opted to write an article about the Manchester Riots which is very relevant to my target audience and then linked business and sport stories on my cover to the their respective pages. This is because in more or less every newspaper on the shelf there is always a back page on Sport and money and economical issues are always important for the reader as it is something that impacts on day to day life. Therefore contextually I have followed conventions on what varieties of reports to write and I have also wrote reports that are relevant to the target audience.
  • In creating my final product, I read many copies of the Manchester Evening News to take inspiration from their conventions, As we can see I’ve only really used a variety of 4 colours, blue, red, black and white and this has been continued between both cover and second page, this creates a sense of professionalism and also sticks very tight to the conventions of a local newspaper. Furthermore on both cover and second page I have created right hand columns for sub-articles, this is a convention used particularly in the Manchester Evening News and I believe it is a nice layout for the consumers and is a good way to publish more information onto the page, creating variety for the reader and a reason for them to stay on that page as there might be something that interests each individual. Conventionally for a newspaper I split my main article up into three columns which is what you would expect to see in a newspaper, never has it been one column where you read across the whole page, this shows I have done my product research and utilised it into my final production.
  • The title font I have used is a Times New Roman font which is conventional within the newspaper market. It is typical to see a traditional style font and adopting the same style, contributes to audience familiarity and will attract my readership.
  • Common of a local newspaper there is more or less always an advert on the front page and second page of the newspaper, so I followed the conventions. Firstly the Lynch advert is conventional as it is known as a local service around Manchester which is my region for this newspaper and everyone needs to know a taxi number at some stage so it appeals to everyone who reads the paper. I have also assed 10% discount to students on that advertisement which is incentive for young people to buy and read the newspaper as it is aimed at them in places.
  • I found from doing product research and a reader of local newspaper myself, it is conventional to have a contacts column on the second page so consumers and the audience can share their stories with the local newspaper. This column of my production was add professionalism as it is a feature you see throughout most local papers. As you can see I have used all the correct jargon concerning the variety of stories such as Investigation an Chief Reporter add much the column seem very genuine. Also relating to house style each Person has their own e-mail address which you can see is *****, having mchronicle in the e-mail address also contributes to the realism of the product and continues the house style throughout.
  • The photos I have used within my newspaper all vary. Firstly the close up shot of the woman was used on the cover to present her article, this woman would be used every week if the product came into circulation and would give the audience familiarity, its a convention that’s already been used by many newspapers in the industry. The main cover image didn’t relate to the cover article. In my product research I found out that in more cases than not often the two would differ and it would be unusual to see the main cover image relating to the cover article, this is because contrasting them creates variety to the reader and creates a wider readership. The two images on the second page of the beach and Miss Selfridge directly relate to the articles and these images are just used as anchorage to widen the readers imagination so they can have a clearer picture in their mind of what happened. I found in my product research that many photographs used in local newspapers relate to articles and anchor down meaning so I have followed the conventions throughout.
  • As we can see the ancillary task I have created follows almost the exact same conventions as the ones of the Guardian. This is because I felt the colours used on the Guardian would be most effective for a billboard as it would catch the attention of people walking/driving past. In contrast to the fact opinion opposite used on the Guardian, I have emphasised the point that it is a local newspaper and it relevant to the consumer. This is because I wanted to emphasise the unique selling point which is the fact that it is relevant to the people of Manchester. Also as we can see on the billboard I have placed the web address for my newspaper which continues the house style as it is on the cover of the newspaper, I have also used the same selling line “news relevant to you” which makes it seem more professional.
  • Looking at the conventions of a radio advert they tend to last for 30 seconds which is exactly how long the advert I created lasts for. This is because you don’t want to overload the consumers mind with too much information and 30 seconds is ample time to convey the message required. As I also gathered from my product research, in majority of radio advertisements there is humour involved to entice the reader and make it feel more personal. I said ‘cheaper than a packet of crisps’ this is humorous to the audience as it is well known that the price of cheap goods like crisps have risen due to inflation and now you can purchase a newspaper which is cheaper than a packet of crisps. Conventional of radio adverts I added background sound effects with background chatter at first bringing in the consumers and once I made my point I brought in the instrumental to sell the newspaper. The ancillary task also follows the house style of the newspaper by having the same selling line “news relevant to you”.
  • Evaluation Question 1+2

    1. 1. Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    2. 2. Title of the Newspaper
    3. 3. Context
    4. 4. Design Layout/ House Style
    5. 5. Title font and Style
    6. 6. Advertisements
    7. 7. Photography
    8. 8. Question 2 - How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    9. 9. Ancillary tasks in terms of genre and convention.