Things i wish i knew about drupal commerce


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Presented at DrupalCambs March 2012. The presentation looks at the fantastic Drupal Commerce module and how you can look to get up and running with it quicker.

It lists modules you can use and ideas to look at how to restructure the thinking of your e-commerce platform.

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Things i wish i knew about drupal commerce

  1. 1. Things I wish I knew aboutDrupal Commercebefore I started
  2. 2. Will Hall (thats me... Hello) @willhallonline Twitter website
  3. 3. Some of you are Um. masters.
  4. 4. confusing you, going off the If I ampoint, boring you or a combination of those, please raise your card. :)
  5. 5. Anyone watch much ofDrupalcon Online?
  6. 6. you can still watch it at If not (why?);http://denver2012.drupal.orgAt least watch the keynotes. It is good brain food!
  7. 7. Did you see some of the sessions that had slides(zzzz) like this...
  8. 8. My REST/API Cool ServerI have loads I want to say Like thisAPI callback function hook_node_callback() hook_form_FORM_ID_alter()I am slightly tired now Falling asleep Especially as I am not a hardcore developer I didnt read this because it is at the bottom of the page and was really long so I didnt read it. There is so much on this page I had to make the text smaller Maybe I will load vim. Because everybody likes that And it is the best way to get people attention back.
  9. 9. I am trying out somenew slide styles.Let me know what you think...
  10. 10. OK. Lets get thisstarted.
  11. 11. I want to sell stuff online
  12. 12. I want to use Drupalbecause it is awesome
  13. 13. I want to use Drupal 7because Drupal 6 is old
  14. 14. And Drupal 7 is Newer Brighter Shinier
  15. 15. Right. That is that decision made.Now lets install my usual modules.
  16. 16. Hmm... I used to use Ubercart But now I wantDrupal Commerce
  17. 17. Because Will said it was better.
  18. 18. ...
  19. 19. (head scratch)
  20. 20. Drupal Commerce is not Ubercart
  21. 21. Every product is aproduct
  22. 22. Products are shown onproduct displays
  23. 23. 1 t-shirt. So if you sell You sell 3 sizessmall, medium, large in 3 colours red, blue, green.
  24. 24. You have9 productswith product ids etc.
  25. 25. You have1 product display.
  26. 26. Every product is aproduct
  27. 27. More aboutDrupal Commerce
  28. 28. Drupal Commerce uses Rules... A lot.
  29. 29. UseCommerce Kickstart
  30. 30. Use these modules: Commerce Bulk Product Creation Commerce Autosku Commerce Product Option Commerce Product Display Manager Commerce VBO Views Views Views Bulk Operations
  31. 31. Problem: How do I easily create products on Drupal Commerce?Solution: Commerce Bulk Product Creation
  32. 32. Problem: How do I easily createproduct sku numbers on Drupal Commerce? Solution: Commerce AutoSKU
  33. 33. Problem: How do I easily manage and create products options on Drupal Commerce?Solution: Commerce Product Option
  34. 34. Problem: How do I better view/administer products displays on Drupal Commerce?Solution: Commerce Product Display Manager
  35. 35. Problem: How do I easilyedit/change/administer products on Drupal Commerce?Solution: Commerce VBO Views
  36. 36. Problem: How do I make views for products on Drupal Commerce? Solution: ...
  37. 37. 1. Filter Criteria:Content: Type (= Product Display) 2. Relationships: Content: Product 3. Fields Product) Field: Image ( 4. Filter Criteria:( Product) Content: Product: delta (= 1)
  38. 38. Wanna see a site?
  39. 39. Of course you do!
  40. 40. Hopefully the internet works?
  41. 41. Urrr... What an ugly site!
  42. 42. Payment solutions: PayPal (Commerce PayPal)SagePay (Commerce SagePay) etc...
  43. 43. ShippingCommerce Shipping (inside Commerce Kickstart)
  44. 44. VAT
  45. 45. Extra StuffCommerce Taxonomy Field Product AttributeAdd images to the product options/attributes. Commerce Cheque Simple implementation for accepting invoiceable payments
  46. 46. Questions?