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Wonder why social media is suddenly such a hot commodity? Wish you knew how the most popular platforms worked, and what kinds of communities they created? Curious about how you can use social media for business, or even in an Advanced Writing classroom? You're in the right place.

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. social media 101 the new wave in communication
  2. 2. social media it’s not just new. it’s a paradigm shift.
  3. 3. traditional marketing aka “interruption marketing”
  4. 4. an added problem audiences are censoring
  5. 5. traditional marketing blocks “Spam” (print marketing) Caller ID / National Do Not Call registry TiVo Sirius Satellite Radio Can Spam Act for email
  6. 6. the great migration? from print to social
  7. 7. why the shift? more educated customers enhanced access to options & opinions desire for convenience (24/7 access) sustainability = trending away from paper desire for listening & relevance desire for speed (quick reads | executive summaries)
  8. 8. Permission marketing eNewsletters, search engines, social media
  9. 9. what’s the difference? company-centric or customer-centric
  10. 10. power to the people
  11. 11. what about social media? what is it, anyway?
  12. 12. social media = any format designed to build community & create relevant conversation
  13. 13. what does it look like? something like this...
  14. 14. or it might look like this wait for it ...
  15. 15. it’s not really a contest, tho maybe in market share. but not in purpose.
  16. 16. it is a two-way conversation where you speak based on what you hear
  17. 17. it is a symptom of web 2.0 any online resource with collaborative possibilities
  18. 18. social media categories network | share | recommend
  19. 19. network Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace
  20. 20. what’s the difference? “LinkedIn is the office. Facebook is the barbeque. MySpace is the bar.” (Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder)
  21. 21. share blogging, twitter, YouTube, flickr
  22. 22. another semi-helpful contrast “LinkedIn is my Rolodex. Facebook is my scrapbook. Twitter is my lifestream idea generator.” Mark Drapeau (@cheeky_geeky)
  23. 23. recommend digg, delicious, reddit, StumbleUpon
  24. 24. that’s nice. now how do I use them?
  25. 25. Facebook network & share with ‘friends’
  26. 26. feature: writing on the wall it’s not as foreboding as it sounds
  27. 27. feature: notes from memos to blog posts to memes to rants
  28. 28. feature: photos & tagging surprise - you’re on candid camera!
  29. 29. feature: companies foster evangelists, convert complainers
  30. 30. LinkedIn connect and interact with ‘connections’
  31. 31. feature: résumé nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills...
  32. 32. feature: recommendations you scratch my back, I say thank you.
  33. 33. feature: groups join, discuss, answer questions, plan events
  34. 34. feature: companies what, where, who, networks & stats.
  35. 35. benefit: strategic networking it helped Red Scarf Equestrian take off
  36. 36. twitter 140 characters or less, please
  37. 37. features? ... yes. but meanwhile, enjoy the Fail Whale
  38. 38. features?... yes. get a helpful walkthrough in this other preso
  39. 39. feature: twitter search the new Google?
  40. 40. twitter does ... updates sharing links (yours or others’) networking breaking news promotions help
  41. 41. twitter does ... solving problems asking questions getting feedback or a pulse on a topic live-blogging thought leadership top of mind
  42. 42. twitter for business too many success stories to count
  43. 43. YouTube it’s not just home videos anymore
  44. 44. feature: news breaking news, local news, highlights
  45. 45. feature: embedding get YouTube hosting + viral capability
  46. 46. feature: companies demonstrations, commercials, insight
  47. 47. social media & business an oxymoron? or the marriage of the future?
  48. 48. Flood the market Skittles’ bravery paid off
  49. 49. Create social tension Would people dump 10 FB friends for a burger?
  50. 50. Generate demand It worked for Paranormal Activity
  51. 51. Craft a community Fiskars proved even scissors can go social.
  52. 52. Get customers involved Cisco launched a social media “Newsroom”
  53. 53. Nab customer ideas Saved money & creativity. Generated warm & happy feelings.
  54. 54. social media in the Advanced Writing classroom
  55. 55. 1. Give a presentation like this. you’d be surprised at how little students know. or maybe you wouldn’t be.
  56. 56. 2. Correspond over SM. use it as email, to assign projects, or to give feedback. (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  57. 57. 3. Suggest SM for homework. delicious as search engine. Google docs/wikis for projects. YouTube feedback or assignments.
  58. 58. 4. Transform a project into a SM project. 1. Instead of a hard copy résumé project, have them set up a LinkedIn page. 2. Create a project that gets uploaded via SM. 3. Create a writing project on a private wiki — allows student & professor feedback.
  59. 59. 5. Even consider conducting a class via SM. Manage a project long-distance. or Simply use the medium to teach.
  60. 60. Q&A this means you.