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101 Ways to Use Social Media
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101 Ways to Use Social Media


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If you’re like most people, you get the impression that there are only a few "right" ways to use social media – and you’re not very good at any of them. The reality is that the Web 2.0 trend has …

If you’re like most people, you get the impression that there are only a few "right" ways to use social media – and you’re not very good at any of them. The reality is that the Web 2.0 trend has created almost as many ways to use social media as there are users ... or at least 101 ways. Find out what you’re doing right, and capture a lot more ideas that can broaden your social media horizons.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. 101 Ways to Use Social Media or, Your Way’s Right, Too Jon Evans & Will Gray Social Media Club Greenville 13 April 2009
  • 2. 1. Update people on your life
  • 3. 2. Share things you like
  • 4. 3. Create a business network this is the heart of Will’s Facebook network
  • 5. 4. Spread breaking news one of many stories scooped in 08 by socmed
  • 6. 5. Weekly promotions like Liquid Highway’s Twitter Tuesdays
  • 7. 6. Urgent power cord location It worked for Guy Kawasaki & Will Gray, anyway.
  • 8. 7. Develop your personal brand Gary Vaynerchuk at Web 2.0 Expo (2008)
  • 9. 8. Find freelance work Or even a new job!
  • 10. 9. Amber Alerts this is the iPhone app
  • 11. 10. Find people close to you as in, actually close, not just touchy-feely close.
  • 12. 11. Solve problems Zicam found people talking about colds, and gave them a free coupon
  • 13. 12. Get / give a recommendation a restaurant, spa, flight service, plumber — you name it, someone’s got a recommendation
  • 14. 13. Pimp a scooter It worked for Jon
  • 15. 14. Support a charity start a movement
  • 16. 15. Save links to great places or even discover new fabulous places
  • 17. 16. Make people laugh check out “Facebook in Reality” on YouTube
  • 18. 17. Live-blog a relevant event Will did it for the Oscars
  • 19. 18. Get feedback on your haircut we wouldn’t recommend this style for you
  • 20. 19. Check traffic before you drive this also works for walking, bicycling & flying
  • 21. 20. Use twitter to feed your dog or even to let you know when your washing machine’s finished
  • 22. 21. Share stories that enrich lives YouTube is a wonderful way to do it
  • 23. 22. Pick up chicks we would not recommend this
  • 24. 23. Give them a way to meet you prospective employers love it so do new, overly-curious friends
  • 25. 24. Stalk someone we would actually not recommend this
  • 26. Is there more than one right way?
  • 27. Even better than knowing 101 ways to use social media is knowing YOUR way.
  • 28. The 4 Steps to social media enlightenment
  • 29. The 4 Steps to finding your way
  • 30. Step 1 who am I?
  • 31. how do I introduce myself? how do others introduce me? could I define myself in a single sentence? could I do it in a way that distinguishes me from everyone else?
  • 32. Step 2 what am I passionate about?
  • 33. what would I do even if I wasn’t getting paid for it? could someone create my ideal job? take a Life Planning Day what do other people ask me about?
  • 34. Step 3 who do I want to listen?
  • 35. who is in my tribe? who should be? clients? prospective clients? friends? 2 schools of thought: befriend everyone you can befriend as many relationships as you can maintain
  • 36. Step 4 what do I want to say?
  • 37. social media = creating relevant conversation & building community
  • 38. what is relevant conversation for me? NOT a restroom break NOT flossing the cat’s teeth maybe landing a new client maybe asking the right questions maybe talking about what I love / do best
  • 39. The 4 Steps to Finding Your Way 1. who am I? 2. what am I passionate about? 3. who do I want to listen? 4. what do I want to say?
  • 40. There are plenty more ways for you to discover
  • 41. 25. Write a novel several people on twitter alone, let alone all the novel blogs out there
  • 42. 26. Get exercise accountability more convenient, but easier to ignore?
  • 43. 27. Advertise special sales Dell made $1 million on sales thru Twitter in 2008
  • 44. 28. Share a tune to start the day, ilike, imeem, and dozens of others
  • 45. 29. Create a flash mob 17,000 took over Liverpool Station (London) in a Facebook-driven event (Feb 2009)
  • 46. Whatever you do, find your way.