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Wills Science Honors Powerpoint
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Wills Science Honors Powerpoint



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  • 1. The effects of erosion are evident in this picture, it looks like a small mountain that my brothers are climbing on.
  • 2. My brother and I aren’t jumping off of a cliff, The “cliff” that we are jumping off of is Town Neck beach after a storm swept away most of the sand that was put there.
  • 3. If the erosion on Town Neck got bad enough….officials say that the water might break through and could possibly destroy these houses
  • 4. This enormous gap on Town Neck beach was caused by the continuous erosion coming from both sides of the beach
  • 5. This is the boardwalk on Town Neck beach after a huge storm that eroded all of the sand away. At the top of the hill is how high the beach used to be.
  • 6. These are the drastic effects of the erosion on Town Neck, in the winter. Notice how steep and sheer the cliff’s are.
  • 7. This house is often the victim of flooding. If erosion continues like it is now…all (or most) of the houses along the shoreline could meet the same fate that this one did
  • 8. Here is another view of the flooding house. Notice how close the water is to the base of the house…
  • 9. This is one of the jetties that juts out off of the canal. This is one of the main reasons why erosion is so bad on Town Neck beach.
  • 10. This is a groin, one of several on Town Neck beach. If the town gets permission, all of these groins along the beach will be removed. Even though they don’t look like much…they are worsening erosion on Town Neck beach.
  • 11. This is an overhead view of the enormous gap on Town Neck beach…this gap was created by storms battering the beach, and by wind and wave erosion.