Evaluation question 2
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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    Evaluation – Question 2
  • 2. Brand Identity
    I have created a brand identity by using a beach theme throughout the video and ancillary tasks as a genre characteristic.
    I have Used images to portray the theme
    • Back ground on poster is pebbles, these also appear in the digipak and as several shots throughout the video.
    I have shaped borders into shapes that portray the ocean. I have also done this with the track names on the digipak.
    I have created a Guitar motif on the digipak as this instrument is what the artist plays in the video and appears with him in photography throughout the ancillary tasks.
  • 3. Typography
    My typography is consistent throughout my ancillary tasks.
    Agency font used for industry information
    Bradley Hand ITC font used for the sections written by the artist. This is a serif font that looks quite personalised. The hand written look gives the digipak a more personalised touch.
    Troutkings BTN font used for titles and names. This font reminds me of the little mermaid, with the trident shapes. This intertextuality runs with the ocean/beach theme.
  • 4. House colours
    The house colours I have chosen for my artist are red, blue and white.
    The red signifies something new
    This red appears as backgrounds but also as the red strip on the album cover and on the advert.
    The blue is connotation of the ocean. This is used in backgrounds
    The White is used for fonts. I chose this colour as it stands out against the blue and red.
    Red ribbons
    Red carpet
  • 5. Layers
    I have used textured layers on my ancillary tasks aswell as my video. This is an effect I like to use on my work.
    Advert – Blue layer over the top of the pebble background – connotation of the ocean theme.
    Digipak – Transparent ripple effect used as an overlay on the front cover – connotation of the ocean theme.
    Video – Green Screen Effect – Emphasis on an action that matching lyrics to visuals; one of Goodwin's principles.
  • 6. Images
    Indirect images used of artists on the ancillary tasks as well as close ups of his guitar.
    Creating a selling point based on the concept of his music rather than his image.