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Cms Bash Groningen Opening talk
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Cms Bash Groningen Opening talk


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Cms Bash Groningen Opening talk

Cms Bash Groningen Opening talk

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. CMS Systems Solutions for the same problem? CMS Bash, Groningen Wilco Jansen July 2, 2009
  • 2. Personal facts Name: Wilco Jansen Residence: Netherlands (Wijhe) Occupation: Senior Program Manager 2
  • 3. Joomla involvement Development Workgroup Member Board Member Open Source Matters Joomla Core Team member (First ever) Development Coordinator Google Summer of Code program manager Creator of the Joomla! Bug Squad Google Highly Open Participation Contest Joomla! Evangelist on many sessions world wide 3
  • 4. Open Source Content Management Systems solve all the same problem in different ways...
  • 5. 1069 CMS solutions out there...
  • 6.
  • 7. How to select your CMS?
  • 8. Read a good book?
  • 9. Or use common sense? Read a good book?
  • 10. Let us limit to the solutions at the CMS bash...
  • 11. We start with Mission and Vision...
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14. The Web framework for perfectionists with deadline Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly with less code
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. To develop a leading edge open-source content management system that implements the latest thinking and best practices in community publishing, knowledge management, and software design.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22. Our mission is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration In our vision, we see: * People publishing and collaborating in their communities and around the world * Software that is free, secure, and high-quality * A community that is enjoyable and rewarding to participate in * People around the world using their preferred languages * A project that acts autonomously * A project that is socially responsible * A project dedicated to maintaining the trust of its users
  • 23.
  • 24.
  • 25. A powerful, flexible Content Management solution that is easy to install, use and extend Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. Perfect for web sites or intranets, Plone offers superior security without sacrificing extensibility or ease of use.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28. To be an excellent, state-of-the-art next generation CMS enabling people to communicate with modern technology for years to come.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.
  • 32. Next...let us look at technology used
  • 33. Technology used (taken from CMS matrix)
  • 34. Technology used (taken from CMS matrix)
  • 35. The licences 35
  • 36. The licences
  • 37. The licences
  • 38. The licences Source:;title
  • 39. The licences
  • 40. Companies backing the solutions
  • 41. Companies backing the solutions
  • 42. Does size matter?
  • 43. Does size matter?
  • 44. Communities 44
  • 45. Importance of communities
  • 46. So what is the best toolkit for the job?
  • 47. Maybe the bash can answer that?