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  1. 1. Evaluation: Unit 18 – Advertisement Finished Product. For thisunitIt was all about research and making a fake company. So what we had to do was research and find out about other companies. At the start of the task we were gIven a choIce of our company to advertIse and sell water chewIng gum or a breakfast bar. We decIded that our company was goIng to be water, we came to thIsdecIsIonthIs because It Is somethIng that we all can relate to because we all drInk water every day and ItwIll be a good and easy thIng to advertIse. We knew that the name and the slogan where crucIal to the company gettIng well known and recognIsed so we came up wIth the name Yesterlagoon we used thIs because It was quIck and easy to use and It would sIckIn the buyers head. Then we had to come up wIth a slogan thIs was the maIn problem we had wIth our company and we took a lot of tImedelIberatIngthIs, In the end we came up wIthThInk, DrInk, AchIeve. We thought thIs was a good slogan because It told the consumer that If they thInk that they want to do somethIng, they can drInk our drInk and achIeve whatever theIr goal Is. Then for our company ParmIncorporated we decIded that the slogan was goIng to be Easy goIn’ easy lIvIn’ as a group we came up wIththIs and we thought that IsfItted very well as a company slogan.
  2. 2. The colour scheme for our water we used a brIght eye catchIng yellow and orange we used these colours because In our opInIon they blended well together and we thought that It represented our company well, we also used these colours because they call out to our target audIence because they are eye catchIng to people at the gym who are lookIng for a refreshIngdrInk at any tIme for a cheap prIce (50p) we chose thIsprIce because It Is a nIce round fIgure and people usually have a fIfty pence peace lyIng around In theIr back pocket. To create the logo we took the fIrst two letters from the start of each name Yester to create the Y lookIng part and then Lagoon to create the L shape at the bottom. You can also see our colour scheme InthIs where the orange Is at the bottom we dIdthIs to represent the natural electrolytes In our drInk. We used thIs font because we as a group thought It stood out well and the dots between the words emphasIsed the words and make people read them Instead of them not even gIve a second look, we thought that thIs would make It stIckIn theIr heads. For our presentatIon we used prezI and we trIed to make It as InformatIonfIlled as we could and we trIed to use the same font and the same colours to make It look lIke our company presentatIon. To meet our target audIence we added what and who we would try and get sponsors for thIs we added screen grabs of
  3. 3. footballs team Fulham and Southampton. We dIdthIs because our target audIenceIs sportsmen and woman and when they fInd out that theIrfavourIte football players are drInkIngthIsdrInk they wIll want It. We also added our short advert Into the PrezI because we thought that It would be a lot smoother than havIng to exIt our PrezI and open It. However hIttIng our target audIencewas dIffIcult because people In the gym are always on the move and they don’t have tIme to watch such InformatIonfIlledPrezI and they won’t know everythIng about our product. We used prezI because we found that most other people used PowerPoInt and we found that thIs was very worn-out and overused so we wanted to be dIfferent and more InteractIve to make us stand out. Also we as a group felt that prezI flowed a lot better and fItter our scrIpt well. ThIs shot that we have used In our advert, we as a group thought that It was our best shot because It shows the hero In the foreground and then blurred In the background we have the bully bullyIng an Innocent chIld. We thInkthIs because although we have used thIs to make our water advert however It also feels lIke a fIlmtraIlerwIth the vIllaIn and the hero. Also our group wanted to touch on a subject that no other company had trIed to do before thIs was bullyIng… We wanted to try thIs because thIsIs a growIng market for younger people and we wanted to make them feel that someone knows what they are goIng through. We as a group then thought to set the advert In a school because thIsIs where most bullIng happens and as a group bwe thought that thIs would be approprIate. We chose to have our company logo as a palm tree because our company Is based In the CarIbbean so we thought that thIsfIttedquIte well and It Is a happy and joyful Image to look at so thIsgIves the costumer faIthIn InvestIng there money to us to advertIsetheIr product. The reason we spelt palm ‘parm’ Is because we thought that It was quIrky and that It makes us dIfferent from
  4. 4. everyone else by sayIng that we don’t care about the lIttle problems In lIfe. The reason we chose the colour of the font Is because It Is the same colour as coconut mIlk and we thought that thIsfIttedIn very well wIth the whole Idea of the tropIcal and CarIbbean theme. For our magazIne and our bus logo we trIed to make them look sImIlar because then parm and yesterlagoon would be a rekognIsed company. We also used the beach scene to represent our compItIton that If you match 4 bottle tops to the code on the computer you wIll WIn a trIp to the CarrIbIan even thought Is It dIdn’t say anythIng about the competItIon on the adverts we thought It would represent our company well. Another thIng that made our company look a bIt more fun and InterestIng was the beach scene and colour and made our company stand our from any others. However other companIes lIke evIan and buxton whIch looked very boIng and sImple, although we thought about thIs because we know that sImple can be affctIve we decIded agaInst thIs and made them to look thIs way. ThIs Is the sheet that was fIlled In by our class mates, we feel that thIs was very faIr because we knew that when we presented we spoke very fast, thIs Is because our group was nervous and we dIdn’t know If our plan was goIng to go well or not, also the fIrst tIme presented we dId not engage wIth the audIence enough and we looked too much as our own presentatIon Instead of havIng a scrIpt and readIng It from the board and we had our back to the audIence to much. If I where to do the presentatIon for thIrd tIme I would try and speak a
  5. 5. lot slower because we would get our poInts across a lot eaIser and also people would understand why we have done thIs and the poInt of It. Our results GradIngCrIterIa P1, M1, D1 Have they communIcatedInformatIon and Ideas In dIscussIons about medIaproductIonwIthsuffIcIentclarIty to be understood P2, M2, D2 Have they used software to create theIrpresentatIon? P3, M3, D3 Have they addressed and Interacted wIth the audIenceapproprIately P4, M4, D4 Have they presented InformatIon and Ideas for medIaproductIon approprIatelyIn wrItten formats wIthsuffIcIentclarIty to be understood P5, M5, D5 Have they checked theIrpresentatIon for spellIng, grammar etc Comments Clear and confIdentpresentatIonwIth good use of research Grade DIstInctIon Excellent use of powerpoInt, photoshop, and premIer DIstInctIon Some eye contact (merIt) wIthaudIence DIstInctIon Much better, good use of scrIpt meant much better InteractIon, good use of vocabulary. Good use of humour to maIntaInaudIenceattentIon. Great presentatIonwIth clear DIstInctIon plan. Less text needed on some slIdes. Good attentIon to detaIlwIthmarketIngcampaIgn Yes DIstInctIon ActIon Plan (to Improve grade): • To get a dIstInctIon you need to re-do a presentatIonensurIng you practIse, use a scrIpt and most Importantly Interact wIth the audIenceeffectIvely • Make more lInks to your costumes and props In your presentatIon • PresentatIon re-done, all areas for Improvement were met I understand the contents of thIsactIon plan and realIse that It Is up to me to act on the advIcegIven Assessor name: AJO Assessor sIgnature Date: 21/11/13 ThIs Is a crItera table that a teacher dId that’s shows our groups presentatIon and what we dId well the fIrst and the second tIme
  6. 6. whIch Is In red. When we dId our fIrst presentatIon we where not very happy because we talked very fast and we also dIdn’t engage wIth the audIence lIke we wanted to and we found that If we where goIng to do It agaIn we would have done thIs and got our grade up to a dIstInctIon and thIs Is what we dId. If we redId the presentatIon agaIn I would have trIed to re-wrIte the scrIpt because In my opInIon It was quIte sImple and It dIdn’t contaIn enough facts or InformatIon. Also I would have made our prezI match the scrIpt better because It dIdn’t flow as well as we hopped and trIed to cover up the fact that It dIdn’t work well. However when we dId our presentatIon forn the second tIme I thInk that It was a lot better because we dId everythIng that we wanted to Improve and we felt that we dId thIs very well. Our group dIdn’t use a log/tIme schedule because as a group we thought that It was poIntless and not needed because we just went for It and made It up as we went along, however I now thInk that our group would have done a lot better because we would have had a lot more organIsatIon and then we could have made the fIlm what we wanted It to be. Even though we dId a second presentatIon we stIll spoke too fast and that meant that we dIdn’t get across poInts that where very Important to the company and they dIdn’t get recognIsed what we where tryIng to say. Step by step EvaluatIon (train logo). 1. FIrst I knew I had to Include the company logo so I added It to the poster fIrst tIme. Then I needed to add a nIce poster around It. 2. So then I added a beach scene to add to the carIbbean feelIng of our company because thIs Is where It Is based, I dId thIs by just usIng the box tool and made It yellow. 3. Then I added our water company logo Into the mIddle of the shot because It needs ot be the maIn focal poInt of the poster because this Is what we
  7. 7. want the comsumer to remember and recognIse our logo for thIs I just Imported the logo and then drew the bIrds wIth the pen tool.I put the yesterlagoon logo in the middle instead of the sun because this shows that if you drink our drink you will have a better day. 4. Then I added the water slogan ‘thInk, drInk, achIeve’ I dIdn’t thIs because people wIll always have thIs In theIr heads when they drInk our water and then they wIll see the logo and want to buy It, one agaIn thIs was a very sImple step I just use the text tool and wrote It In In the rIght font 5. Then just to add effect I added clouds to add effect wIth the blue sky and make the yesterlagoon logo stand out, thIs Is key because thIs Is what we want people to remember and use as a refrecnce when they look for our bottle on the shelf In the stores.I used the bright colours because I thought that it will also stand out in thedreary bus stations around london and once we are a bigger company in train stations around the world. ConclusIon - Group My groups strengths My groups weaknesses We Interacted wIth the audIence well and kept solId eye contact throughout. We worked well together and once we had an Idea we stuck to It and dIdn’t argue. We made our prezI and our scrIpt work well together and It flowed very well. When we dId our presentatIon we spoke very fast and It wasn’t very clear. Unfortunally we had technIcall dIffculItys at the start of our presentatIon and It put us off. In conclusIon I think that overall as a group we dId very well, we realIsed that on our fIrst presentatIon thatwe dId not get to our full potentIal, so we decIded as a group to do it again and this paid off we did it again and the next time we got the higher grade and we reached our full potential. To improve our grade we had to improve our eye contact with the audience and also to calm down and speak slower, and we did this well in our second presentation and mannaged to get a distinction.However if the group were to do it again we would have made some sort of plan or team sheet because this would have kept us on task and made engaging more on the tasks that were at hand.
  8. 8. ConclusIon - Self My Strengths My Weaknesses One of my maIn strenghts was that I was very confIdent at speakIng Infront of the group. I joIned and fItted/adapted well to my new group. One of my strengths was thsat I had a very verble controbutIon to my group. I easIly went off topIc and played too much FIfa. I trIed to make the Ideas to complIcated when they could have just been sImple. In my opinon I think that I was a great addition to the yesterlagoon group because I made quick decions and also good decions that made our groups work better and also woth the presentation I was a confident loud speaker which made our presentation clear. However if I where to do it again I would have spoken slower because this would have got mine and also the groups point across eaiser. Also the audience would go away knowing everthing they need to about the company instead of going away needing to ask questions. Self/Group EvaluatIon. Members of group. TheIr product. Target audIence. Do you agree wIth the target audIence? Strenght of product. Weakness of product. Out of 10 rate theIr advert How was the pItch? Clear? ConcIse? WIll Matthews, Thomas bIggsrayner, Nathen Bland, Luke Hall Water – Yesterlagoon FItness fanatIcs, keep sportsmen and women. Yes because theIr drInk energIses you. Good logo and costumes Spoke very fast. 9/10 Clear and Included many poInts In detaIl but spoke a bIt to fast.