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Home plus virtual store

  1. 1. (Home plus virtual store)Raj RakholiyaYusuf KawoyaWill Mayers
  2. 2. Home plus (Company overview) Tesco has an 81% stake in the Samsung-Tesco venture, which operates Homeplus supermarkets. Tesco stared its operation in London UK in 1919s as a retail store. It is operating in 14 different country. Tesco invested $ 3.2 billion in south Korea as a part of their expansion plan.
  3. 3. Continue.. The company retail store business increased the number of superstores from 7 to 13 within 4 years. Tesco also started 24 stores in Thailand and 1 in Taiwan and looked to starting operations in Japan, China and Malaysia.
  4. 4. Alternative business strategy How can company grow with out increasing the number of retail store? Homeplus has the answer- virtual subway stores. What is virtual subway store? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJVoYs Bym88&feature=player_embedded
  5. 5. Why company adopted such strategy S.Koreans are the second most hard working people in the world. After the week of hard work and due to limited time it would be difficult for people to spare time after grocery shopping. To tackle this problem Homeplus came up with idea of opening virtual store.
  6. 6. Result of the new strategy.. Homeplus’ online membership increased by 76% Online sales increased by 130% Homeplus became number one in the online market It is even became a very close second, in offline market
  7. 7. Strengths.. Succeed to attract pool of tech and time savvy people. Established brand name Successful history of operation Experienced staff Innovative Technology
  8. 8. Weakness.. If the range of the product is changing, it would be costly to create virtual store all over again with IQ code technology.
  9. 9. Threats.. Threats from hackers Power failure Technological break down Competitors
  10. 10. Opportunity.. Company can introduce this successful business model with the same technology in developed country. They can diversify to attract new customers. Can establish it self as value brand through offering competitive prize.
  11. 11. Indirect Competitors.. E-BAY Amazon Home pluss strategy is competently different from these online retailers. E bay provides platform to both buyers and sellers.
  12. 12. Summary.. Homeplus has used alternative marketing strategy by delivering to the door steps of customers rather brining customers to stores door steps. Thank you..
  13. 13. Sources http://www.tescoplc.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/uktescooffers http://www.facebook.com/tesco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesco
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