Metrics that Matter

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My presentation to SES London 2012 - metrics that matter

My presentation to SES London 2012 - metrics that matter

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  • 1. London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondonMetrics that Matter Will Critchlow Distilled @willcritchlow
  • 2. I’m focusing on managing teams or agencies Picture:
  • 3. Who’s been bawled out for not getting enough links? Picture:
  • 4. Saying “just do it better” isn’t very helpful Picture:
  • 5. Step 1: have a planPicture:
  • 6. Side-note – get it signed off Picture:
  • 7. Watch how fast the sausages come out, sure Picture:
  • 8. But when stuff goes wrong(*) (*) and stuff will go wrong Picture:
  • 9. Realise that the metrics that matter are INPUTS(*) (*) or the plan was a rubbish Picture:
  • 10. i.e. If the sausages aren’tcoming out fast enough, it’s this guy’s fault Picture:
  • 11. Here’s how I structurereporting: • Activity • Output • Results
  • 12. Activity What have you done?Picture:
  • 13. Examples:hours spent, emails sent (I like
  • 14. Output How’s the plan going?Picture:
  • 15. Is all the activity creating the desired outputs? (This is actual outreach data from an email from our head of outreach)Total Hours Spent As Team: 24.75Total Sites Reached Out to: 63Total Responses: 36Response Rate: 57%Number of Successes: 18Rate of Success: 50%
  • 16. ResultsHow much money have we made? Picture:
  • 17. Get as close to the money as you can (that’s really the others’ presentations) UniqueSource/Medium Revenue Visitorsgoogle / organic 13,279 $42,910.90(direct) / (none) 9,487 $18,149.00
  • 18. Oh, and show what’s holding you up (excerpt from a real email from a PR company we worked with) Note: WC provided additional editorial content for BBC online feature – chasing next steps from journalist Action: Metro interview to be re-scheduled ASAP – LG continuing to liaise with journalist Note: WC provided content for first Bnet feature Action: WC to provide summary paragraph for end / LG to forward to journalist – ASAP
  • 19. Discovering problems(normally): • Results • Output • Activity
  • 20. Fixing problems (always): • Results • Output • Activity
  • 21. You can know things are going wrong well before you’re sliding along on your arse Picture:
  • 22. Focus on leading indicators of success (or failure) Picture:
  • 23. “Ontrackness”Picture:
  • 24. Soft metrics: “Do people like it?”Picture:
  • 25. Summary – these are themetrics that matter (IMO): • Activity • Output • Results
  • 26. Will CritchlowFounder,