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Internet trends for marketers
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Internet trends for marketers


Published on

The director's cut version of my presentation from Distilled London meet-up.

The director's cut version of my presentation from Distilled London meet-up.

Published in: Business

  • 'Hi Will!

    I really have to agree with you that in 2023, we will still do email on our phone, we will still use keyboards and we will pay for more things :)'
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  • Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation Will, had a great night too. Was nice meeting you, let's make sure we grab a beer and have a proper chat next time!
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  • 1. Internet Trends for Marketers WILL CRITCHLOW
  • 2. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Let’s look backwards
  • 3. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Last year may have been the year of the dot coms, but 2000 is set to be the year of the mobile., 2000
  • 4. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow 2003 10 years ago Check out this 2002 piece by Tim O’Reilly predicting the decade we just had:
  • 5. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe did email on our phones2003: the iconic blackberry was released
  • 6. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe didn’t Instagram our Angry Birds’ breakfast Thanks @philnottingham
  • 7. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe had “broadband” Source: Ofcom and
  • 8. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe first version of Skype was released
  • 9. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowbut YouTube was still two years away
  • 10. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow 2023 10 years from now
  • 11. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe are still doing email on our phone
  • 12. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe still use keyboards The DYAC of the future is “damn you Siri” Source: DYAC
  • 13. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe still read textEasier to scan, more socially acceptable at work, doesn’t require quiet / headphones Still looks less like work
  • 14. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow(We are bad enough at reading & walking) Source: gifsoup
  • 15. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe pay for more thingsOften voluntarily (see: Louis CK, NYT’s porous paywall)
  • 16. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe dumb pipes continue acting dumbMeet Cesar Alierta, CEO Telefonica Google should pay us for using our network erm
  • 17. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe last mile is no longer the issueThe “middle mile” is – getting fibre to the exchange Source:TechCrunch
  • 18. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowNo-one watches scheduled TVApart from news, sports, and actual live events
  • 19. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowMobile is a big deal but not for the reason you think Source: Business Insider
  • 20. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe iPod revolutionised an industry Source: Business Insider
  • 21. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe iPhone makes it look slow Source: Business Insider
  • 22. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThen came the iPad Source: Business Insider
  • 23. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowHoly **** Android Source: Business Insider
  • 24. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow…and it keeps going Source: Business Insider
  • 25. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow We need to look at the PC market to understand what’s really happening
  • 26. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowBefore I was born, systems I’ve never usedruled the earth Source: Business Insider
  • 27. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWhen I was young, we saw the rise and fall ofAmiga, Atari, Commodore Source: Business Insider
  • 28. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThrough school, university and early work, itwas a two-horse race (being kind to Apple) Source: Business Insider
  • 29. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowNow: Same old, same old Source: Business Insider
  • 30. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowUnless you add in iPad and Android Source: Business Insider
  • 31. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowIf you care about the details check out thischart and this animation (note the log scale)
  • 32. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowI think the real story is “everywhere”, not “mobile” Source: cnet
  • 33. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Mobile devices get PCs get more like more like PCs mobile devices Faster Touch Better at browsing App stores Easier to purchase on Instant on
  • 34. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow The future is here…
  • 35. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowIt’s just not evenly distributed [hat-tip William Gibson]Yes, I think I might be advocating studying hipsters Source: Paste Magazine
  • 36. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe use devices interchangeably29% of US adults own a tablet or ereader up from 2% in 2009 Source: Business Insider, image from thed34n
  • 37. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe have seamless, sync’ed access everywhereAlready: Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps / Android, iCloud, Instapaper, Kindle whispersync
  • 38. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe buy everywhere Source: IBM
  • 39. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe broadcast stuff about ourselvesBut in a more useful way (maybe)
  • 40. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe subscribe and follow(Often people, not brands – even when curated by a brand)
  • 41. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowWe need more computer curationTo make sense of the streams (See: priority inbox, FB edgerank) Not everything gets here… …or here Even when we’ve asked for it
  • 42. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Show me the strategy
  • 43. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Google
  • 44. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowRead @bfeld on Google’s long game
  • 45. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow“Connected and fast” Source: and theverge
  • 46. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Amazon
  • 47. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Your margin is my opportunity Jeff Bezos
  • 48. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow …periodically Amazon wants to "check in" with its ability to make money. Thus, in 2007, Amazon more than doubled its profit, to $476 million, on a 38% increase in sales to almost $15 billion. Fortune
  • 49. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Facebook
  • 50. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowDAU/MAU > 50% - stickiness See: quora, quora and andrewchen
  • 51. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Some strategies I predict will do well in search
  • 52. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowEarn (and keep) attention not just shares Photo by: latzko
  • 53. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow(Admit it, who shares stuff before reading it?) Check out: buffer
  • 54. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowThe “LinkedIn” (see also Forbes) “Borrowing”personal authority – these implementations are broken for different reasons atm See: LinkedIn and Forbes
  • 55. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowBrands as “real” publishers(See: Red Bull) Read: Mashable
  • 56. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowReal world APIs(banks, I’m looking at you) See: Mashable
  • 57. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowBricks and mortar aggressively acquiring startupsThere is real innovation in fashion and e-comm for example (see: brandid)
  • 58. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowPutting unexpected people in chargeYou should read all these articles about Harper Reed, CTO of Obama for America: The Atlantic, BusinessWeek, Mother Jones, gigaom, Time Photo: juggernautco
  • 59. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowObsessively implementing new stuff firstThere are first-mover advantages to technology shifts such as rel=author Illustration by: marketingfacts, from crossing the chasm
  • 60. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowCross-functional teams outside normal hierarchyRead about the NYT interactive team Read: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek
  • 61. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowBeware! You might be competing with loss-making teamsThe NYT modelled an avalanche! Read: Modeling an avalanche
  • 62. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Summary
  • 63. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlowI think the real story is “everywhere”, not “mobile” Source: cnet
  • 64. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow Mobile devices get PCs get more like more like PCs mobile devices Faster Touch Better at browsing App stores Easier to purchase on Instant on
  • 65. WILL CRITCHLOW - @willcritchlow …and Searchlove Boston in May: