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  • 1. High-Growth Startups, andBuilding a Sustainable EcosystemAalto University’s Builidng BlocksWill Cardwell, Aalto UniversitySenior Advisor, Global
  • 2. Startup companies will be engaged incombat in the Valley of Death…so you must get the ecosystem right!
  • 3. Based on Startup Communities, by Brad Feld, 2012.
  • 4. Based on Startup Communities, by Brad Feld, 2012.
  • 5. Based on Startup Communities, by Brad Feld, 2012.
  • 6. Based on Startup Communities, by Brad Feld, 2012.
  • 7. Stanford eCornerSteve JurvetsonVideo
  • 8. The Aalto University StrategyVisionThe best connect and succeed at Aalto University, an institutioninternationally recognised for the impact of its science, art and learning.Goal A world-class university by year 2020UniversalmissionContributionsto a better worldNationalmissionCompetitivenessand welfare of FinlandStrategic enablers Leadership; Internationalisation; Services; InfrastructureCulture builton common valuesPassion; Courage; Freedom; Responsibility; IntegrityCorestrategiesand KPIsResearchexcellenceOriginal, impactful,interdiciplinaryPioneeringeducationStudents in focus,a new learning cultureand approachesTrend-setting artArt, architecture anddesign as key driversfor improving livingenvironmentsSocietalimpactAdding value throughentrepreneurship,business liaison andsocietal interactionsSchools Arts, Design and Architecture; Chemical Technology; Economics;Electrical Engineering; Engineering; Science
  • 9. Some Key Building Blocks at AaltoAalto Ventures Program +Summer of StartupsStartup LifeStartup SaunaACE Tech Transfer & Pre-SeedAppCampusAaltoEntrepreneurshipSociety –Startup SaunaBuildingAaltoUniversitySchoolsACE –Aalto Center forEntrepreneurship
  • 10. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A STRATEGIC ISSUE FOR AALTO UNIVERSITY!!Aalto Ventures Program (AVP): Strengthening the academicdimensions of entrepreneurship at Aalto University (with Stanford)
  • 11. 15
  • 12. AppCampus Status2400 Submissions from 90 countriesOver 3m in grants allocated to over 130 teams
  • 13. Inspiration From The CommunityCompanies formed by studentsand alumni on a global stage19
  • 14. 20Inspiration From The Labs3 of Finland’s 5 fastest growing companiesare from Aalto Labs
  • 15. Will.Cardwell@Aalto.FiStill much work to do, but weare starting to lift off…Join us!