Designing an Entrepreneurial Aalto


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Presentation given on SEP 27 to Espoo Syystreffit at Dipoli in Otaniemi

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Designing an Entrepreneurial Aalto

  1. 1. Designing an Entrepreneueural Aalto For Syystreffit 2012 Will.Cardwell@Aalto.Fi
  2. 2. Summary of the Aalto University Strategy The best connect and succeed at Aalto University, an institution Vision internationally recognised for the impact of its science, art and learning. Goal A world-class university by year 2020 Universal Contributions National Competitiveness mission to a better world mission and welfare of Finland Core Trend- Societal strategies Research Pioneering setting art impact excellence education and KPIs Students in focus, Art, architecture and Adding value through Original, impactful, design as key drivers entrepreneurship, a new learning culture interdiciplinary for improving living business liaison and and approaches environments societal interactions Strategic enablers Leadership; Internationalisation; Services; Infrastructure Culture built Passion; Courage; Freedom; Responsibility; Integrity on common values Schools Arts, Design and Architecture; Chemical Technology; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Engineering; Science
  3. 3. 6 Keys to Growth Entrepreneur’s Mindset• Reward Risk-Taking and Tolerate Failure• Encourage Black Swan Thinking• Engage in Customer Development• Build Diverse and Global Teams• Enable Effective Pitching to Investors• Operate both Broad-based and Highly Competitive Programs
  4. 4. Aalto Entrepreneurship Education Building Blocks Aalto1. Aalto Ventures Program School of Science2. Summer of Startups3. Startup Life AaltoES – Aalto Venture Garage4. Startup Sauna5. ACE Pre-Seed ACE – Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship6. AppCampus
  5. 5. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A STRATEGIC ISSUE FOR AALTO UNIVERSITY Aalto Ventures Program (AVP): Strengthening the academic dimensions of entrepreneurship at Aalto University (with Stanford)
  6. 6. Summer of Startups – ”Intern Substitute”10 weeks, 40 students, Global.
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Startup Sauna7 weeks, 400 applicants globally, 20 teamsCoached by Serial Entrepreneurs
  9. 9. AppCampus• A three year project, based in Aalto university: a fusion of engineering + business + design• Funded with 21M€ by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University.• A new kind of accelerator for next generation of mobile experience We think AppCampus is the most exciting innovation project EVER! 10
  10. 10. Positioning Entrepreneurial Programs ExecuteProduct Business A! Aalto University Faculties Educate 11
  11. 11. The Aalto Startup Community What Has Happened RecentlyBlaast €3M investments by global investors, launched mobile cloud in southeast Asian operatorsCampalyst Startup Sauna winner who went on to win of Seedcamp NYEniram name fastest growing Greentech company in Deloitte fast 500Flowdock announced $650k funding round of US seed investors (including Mårten Mickos)Kiosked lands big investment and grows quicklyMendor €8 million euro of VC financing, Red Herring 100 finalistModz significant financing round, founder Salla Koski wins 2nd prize among European womaninventorsMulti Touch launched world’s largest multiuser, multitouch display, €2M investment in August 2011Nexstim €13M funding for commercializing Navigated Brain Stimulation solutionsRemedy Entertainment Death Rally highly successful on iOS, with 1.8 paid downloadRovio sets every possible growth record in mobile gaming, showing how to branch into newmarketsSenseg named on of Time Magazines 50 most important inventionsScoopinion winner of 250k Sanoma Foundation Innovation AwardSupercell dominating iOS App StoreZenRobotics 13m euro investment
  12. 12. Other 2012 Highlights• First Aalto equity spinout completed. Name is Public in the Fall.• 1st Summer of Startups team selected for top US accelerator Y-Combinator (Kippt)• 1st Startup Life interns returning to build up a new company.• The Finnish venture capital fund Inventure announced that it will offer a 100euro investment to the winners of the next 3 Startup Saunas.• At least 5 Aalto-related startup companies have equity funding from the Valley in 2012: Blaast, Flowdock, Kippt, Ovelin, NN) totaling about 3m dollars.• Ovelin, Audiodraft, Kiosked, Mendor, Powerkiss, Modz, Senseg awarded by Red Herring and Wired.• Extremely promising strategic relationships with Stanford and soon other Universities in hotspots around the world…
  13. 13. THANKS!