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African-Union Network Presentation

  1. 1. 11 GREETINGS
  2. 2. HEED to the New Faces of Africa! Health Education Enterprising Democracy The Democratic Flame has been ignited! The Democratic Flame will spread like wild Fire all across Africa! Financial Empowerment : “From the African Diaspora with Love” * Long Live The United States of Africa One Nation Indivisible under god/Allah.*
  3. 3. * African-Union Network* DEAR FRIEND, You are invited to participate in an event that probably occurs every century. By joining us as a Corporate or Individual Member of our Network, You chose to become one of the Developing Participants of the most efficient tool for change, designed to change lives, and contribute to the development, growth, and eventually the empowerment of the African Diaspora and every living person in the African Continent. This Network is not limited only to people of African descent. We are using Africa’s immense Natural wealth both in Human and Mineral resources for the benefit of all Mankind! Change your life by joining us as a new Member! * Launching the Business to Business Network! *
  4. 4. Welcome to a new Life. We are Fostering Economic Growth & Accelerating economic integration between Africa and the Globe.
  5. 5. Executive Summary The first Billion Dollar Financial Empowerment Network. $$$$$$ The Green Card Express, is the main financial empowerment instrument designed to be the engine of the African-Union Business to Business Network. Backed by a pool of USA Registered for-profit Corporations and not-for-profit Organizations. Leading the way is the African-Union Protium & Energy Group *AUPEG*… based & Registered in Florida. *AUPEG* is providing low cost energy to American and Global consumers alike. Affordable Fossil Fuels products and Renewable Alternative sources of Energy. Our network is also designed to create the base for effective financial planning services to individuals and businesses in the State of Florida, the Americas, and eventually the Global Village. Presently the Financial Network US Headquarters is in North Miami Beach, Florida.
  6. 6. Introducing the true Global Green Card.
  7. 7. Current Status The Green Card Express, started as an alternative to the Outrageous abusive practices by most of the Global credit card providers…Because of the overwhelming response from the general population, the Network is set to become a conduit for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners, searching for a short-term Bridge to financial Empowerment and Business Expansion. DON’T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT IT.
  8. 8. Club/Network Objectives The mission of The Green Card Express is to become the premier Financial Empowerment instrument and the #1 provider of Global Discount Services, Air Travel, Hotels, Car Rentals, Internet, E-mail, web pages, sightseeing entertainment, and a pool of other discounted benefits. The network is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers. Buyers, Sellers, Suppliers and Members, through quality training and customer support, and will be recognized as the leading local & Global Financial empowerment facilitator for all Individuals and Corporations in the Global village!
  9. 9. Mission Our Network’s Mission through The Green Card Express, is to offer a comprehensive range of financial services to support the newly registered Club Members looking for Sound Financial advice, and Start-up Capitalization for their new ideas, to which we must assist in turning their dreams into operating businesses. the Green card is the key to the financial integration and empowerment of the next Green Generation. There is one place in the world in dire need of everything. That same place has everything that the world is in dire need of. The African-Union Network is giving you complete access to planet Earth’s Last reserve of: Oil, Gas, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Uranium, just to name a few… Join us to enjoy the Bounty!
  10. 10. Financial Empowerment? We custom design each Member’s personal or business needs into a realistic instrument to either fit in the Global Market necessities, or the fast changing Global economies. The original intent of the Network was to recruit a certain segment of retired Individuals with credible financial management experience to join the network to help facilitate a Club environment, designed to reward those less credit-worthy individuals a pool of business understanding, and financial opportunities to become Wealthy. But due to the persistent decline of economic opportunities, another Segment of the Global Citizenry, Credit-worthy Individuals with low credit scores are completely pushed out of the available Financial opportunities. We have altered the rules of engagement and Membership qualifications to include potential Members with zero credit score as Qualified Members, so they themselves can reap the benefits of our fast & efficient Credit repair enhancement, and financial empowerment, thus enabling them to become participating platinum members of The Green Card Express.
  11. 11. Introduction Citizens of the World, Here is the true meaningful Global Green Card. No Financial Deportation. No work permit to earn Money. Real benefits for Members worldwide. Real financial opportunity for Associates and Circle agents. Transfer funds to Friends & Family Members free of charge. Earn points, then your commission Money is deposited in your Card. Earn Money at home, on the road, at work. Even while you are asleep. The only way to win in this Life, is to become an intelligent productive Player… Join the Network.
  12. 12. What makes Our Network Different? Research indicates that The Green Card Express, target market finds it difficult to obtain confirmed and reliable advice on set principles to achieve the kind of success that we envisioned. We’ve decided to change the present Global economic rules. We must aggressively change the business as usual attitude and the so called prudent and secure economic course of the past. The new world order must be economically inclusive to all, they are preaching “no one left behind” while closing the gates of opportunity to a certain segment of the Global Village. Our network shall provide the basic entry level to anyone willing to participate in our Global wealth building program. Individuals, Groups, Corporations or Organizations including Governments. Placing People’s Financial Empowerment First, in lieu of Profit definitely makes our Network Different…
  13. 13. Individual Benefits (A) A Green Debit Card Loaded with $50 debit limit (B) A Global Credit Profile (C)A Global Discount Voucher :Travel-Hotels-Car Rentals- (D)A Global Business Opportunity, to start your own business (E) A personal (3) page Web Site (F) An E-mail Address (John or Jane (G)A Global Virtual Briefcase & storage (H)An opportunity to earn money selling the Green Card. (I) After One year, your card will turn into an unsecured Credit Card, ($500 limit.) (J) A Line of Credit: to Increase your Credit limit and boost your GCP Score. (K) Discount rates on health & Life insurance. $1000 accidental death policy. Just to name a few of the Benefit pool to be enjoyed by our Members. Join us !!! Join the African-Union Network, you pay an annual fee of, $99 to enjoy the following:
  14. 14. Corporate Benefits African-Union Green Park Office alternative for our Members in the United States of America. Annual fee ($100 Ind--$500 Corp) WE ARE PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING SERVICES TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR CORPORATE AND INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. * A : Secretarial services. * B : Phone answering & message center. * C : Incorporation & E I N numbers. * D : High speed Internet availability. * E : Large conference Room. * F : Corporate address & mail services. * G : E-mail addresses 3 * H : Custom Web Page (built) * I : Free Internet Radio advertisement for (3) months (weekends only) * J : Multi-language services (English French Spanish) * K : Free add in virtual business Green pages. * L : Global video conferencing link . * M : Free computer access upon request. * N : Free design for logos, Corporate identity ,and flyers. * O :YOU MUST RESERVE AN OFFICE SPACE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE FOR MEETINGS. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become your own boss, all you need is your cell phone, we will handle the rest. Our responsibility is to make your Company look and respond just like Microsoft. If you are not incorporated, we will prepare all your necessary documents free of charge, just pay the State & your stock certificate. Sign up today for our “new year Special” no Security Deposits no first and last, just pay $ 500 to join the network as a Corporation. $ 100 to join as an Individual. AS A MEMBER OF OUR NETWORK, YOU WILL BE VERY WELL EQUIPPED TO GO OUT THERE & MAKE MONEY
  15. 15. Diamond Safety Net Ask to peruse the Network’s Diamond Safety Net Every Dollar that comes in the network, must be invested wisely. (25) Cents goes to purchase zero Coupon Bonds from the US Treasury. (20) Cents goes to the up coming African-Union Commerce Bank. (20) Cents goes to the African-Union Capital Funding. (20) Cents goes to the African-Union Protium & Energy Group. (20) Cents goes to the African-Union Network. ( 5 ) Cents goes to the Arabian-African-American Chamber of Commerce ( 5 ) Cents goes to the African-Union Federation. As a member of the African-Union Network, you are part of the greatest profit sharing plan ever designed for the benefit of Mankind…
  16. 16. Compensation Plan Through the Green Card.
  17. 17. Compensation Plan We the Managing Board of the African-Union Network want to ensure that you will be involved in the Financial Empowerment process, while enjoying all the benefits associated with your Membership. By promoting & selling The Green Debit Express Card, you will become a Circle Agent with Executive Pools. As a Circle Agent you will be able to represent our Network. then to be rewarded through the most generous compensation plan in Marketing. We are inviting you to take a few minutes to become familiar with our plan. It’s really as simple as filling out a One page Application The Network will teach you how to help others to become Circle Agents and reach Higher Ranks in the Executive Pools in the Organization. By focusing on becoming part of the Global Financial Empowerment Team, you are shaping the future of the next Generation. We did not inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our Children. So it’s our responsibility to set the base for a successful future for them. The choice is yours
  19. 19. AUB2B’s Binary System The binary compensation program is created for the purpose of introducing people to the powerful Financial Empowerment that the African-Union Network has to offer. The Bi-weekly commissions you earn are based on your down line pool and you are compensated by bonuses and Points. The Point System is Called Pool Points System (P.P.S) accumulated in your left-side and right-side down line organizations. The African-Union Network pays you twice a week, your commissions will be deposited automatically in your Green card express, with no limit to the number of levels you can earn on. You will be generously compensated, based on the Pool Points System being accumulated on your down line organization. The best and the Most Powerful Financial empowerment Binary System on Earth. Best of Luck.
  20. 20. Direct Sales •DIRECT SALES (DS) Retail Sales allow you to earn income. By Joining the Network at $99.99, Which includes the Green Debit Card Express, you will become a Circle Agent and a qualified Business Agent reselling the card to Global consumers, businesses and Organization. Each time you personally sponsor a new Circle Agent, you will obtain $15 dollars deposited to your card and {10 Pool Points.}
  21. 21. Binary Bonus Sales •Binary Bonus Sales(B.B.S.) Each time you personally sponsor Two (2) Circle Agents in your (Down line), you will obtain $20 dollars deposited to your card and {20 Pool Points.}
  22. 22. Multiple Order Bonus Sales •Binary Bonus Sales(B.B.S.) Each time your client places three (3) or more orders in your Organization, it is considered as a MULTIPLE ORDER you will receive 35% of the sales… For Example $100 X 3 = $300 your compensation is $105 and you will receive 10 Pool Points for each leg. .
  23. 23. Executive Pools • EXECUTIVE POOLS BONUS SALES (E,P.B.S) To reward our Executive Field Leaders, we have created the Pool Points System.. This program allows you to earn EXECUTIVE POOLS BONUS SALES which are Commissions paid to you personally for Recruiting Circle Agents ,Then in your Down line the Circle Agents they personally enroll, and so forth—up to 15 (15) generations of Executives in your personal enrollment tree. As your Executive rank increases, so too will the number of generations on which you will be paid Executive Pool Bonus. You may earn the Executive Pool not only on The Executives found on each of your personal enrollment tree legs but on Distributors at the various ranks as well. Don’t Delay, Join us today. Your life will positively change for ever…
  24. 24. Executive Pools Ranks • Circle Agent Active Member •Associate100 Pool Points •Executive500 Pool Points • Bronze Executive • $1,000 1,000 Pool Points • Silver Executive • $3,000 2,500 Pool Points •Gold Executive • $5,000 5,000 Pool Points •Platinum Executive • $10,000 10,000 Pool Points • Green Diamond Executive • $20,000 15,000 Pool Points • Yellow Diamond Executive $30,000 20,000 Pool Points • Blue Diamond Executive $30,000 25,000 Pool Points • Diamond Executive • $100,00075,000 Pool Points • Royal Black Diamond Executive $120,000100,000 Pool Points • Presidential Black Diamond Executive • $400,000 300,000 Pool Points • Absolute Black Diamond Executive • $700,000 500,000 Pool Points • Supreme Black Diamond Executive • $1,250,0001,000,000 Pool Points
  25. 25. Our *AU-Netwok*Corporate Family African-Union Federation African-Union Bio Institute Research & Medical Organization African-Union Commerce Bank African-Union Protium & Energy Group
  26. 26. Let your Journey Begin! Thank You.
  27. 27. African-Union Federation The Developers of African – Union Federation, USA. For further information please contact: Wilhem L. Blanchard, Director of Operations Telephone: (310) 430-1853 E-mail: Reginald J. Anglade, Director of Operations. Telephone: (310) 686-6440 E-mail:
  28. 28. Peace * Joy * Happiness * Health & Wealth to All Africans! Thank You.