How To Design A Follow Up Marketing Campaign
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How To Design A Follow Up Marketing Campaign

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Follow up marketing campaigns are extremely powerful marketing tactics. Key is to nurture a strong relationship with your subscribers, this will help keep your list healthy and......

Follow up marketing campaigns are extremely powerful marketing tactics. Key is to nurture a strong relationship with your subscribers, this will help keep your list healthy and responsive.

Define your marketing campaign goals, target audience, offers, metrics, you maintain contact with your prospects by following up appropriately.

If you want to succeed in online marketing, you must implement a follow up marketing campaign. This will also help with qualifying your leads and encouraging customers to remain in contact with you long term.

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  • 2. OVERVIEW• Basics• Autoresponders• Text Messaging• Lists• Co-op• The Message• Follow-Up• Monitor & Measure
  • 3. BASICSYou know by now that you need to communicatewith your prospects on an average of seven timesbefore they buy from you. This can be dependenton your type of business of course. If you are aplumber and someone has an emergency, you geta call right away. How do you insure that customerwill call you again for the next plumbing issue?
  • 4. BASICSThe key is to stay in touch with yourprospects and your customers. There are afew ways to do this. Which of the followinghave you implemented?• Newsletter• Scheduled email messages• Broadcast email messages• Text messaging (scheduled or broadcast)
  • 5. AUTORESPONDERSIf you have a form on your website tocapture information, does that just go to youremail to follow up with a lead or are youbuilding a “list”?
  • 6. AUTORESPONDERS• With an Autoresponder system, you can design a follow up campaign. In fact, you can have several campaigns.• You may want to be sending a different message to your prospects that what you send to your customers.• You may also have a mixed customer base (i.e. a salon for men and women) and want to send a different message to each set.
  • 7. AUTORESPONDERS• With your customers, you may want to send them a monthly newsletter.• For your prospects, you may want to send them a series of messages that you will “drip” over time.• Consider sending out tips or other interesting information.
  • 8. TEXT MESSAGING• Text messaging works much the same way email marketing does.• You can send a broadcast message.• You can send a scheduled message.• A text message can be 140 characters so you need to choose your words wisely.
  • 9. TEXT MESSAGING• Text Messaging can be beneficial for many types of business.• Restaurants are an obvious choice to send out offers on a slow night or remind your customers to come in on a Friday night before a movie.
  • 10. TEXT MESSAGING• Service oriented businesses can send a mass broadcast text to fill a cancellation. Much more efficient than having the front desk make calls.• Auto service shops can send out messages for oil changes.• Optometrists can send out messages for patients to purchase contact lenses.
  • 11. TEXT MESSAGING• Another benefit to text messages is that they can work hand in hand with email campaigns. This increases your email open rate.• You can also increase the rate of attendance for webinars and other events.
  • 12. LISTS• You need to generate a list before you can follow up with anyone. The best way to do this is by offering an incentive. This is critical to your online lead generation efforts.• Use a free report, a free consultation, or a coupon/discount if possible.• You need to give something to get something and it needs to be appropriate to your audience.
  • 13. LISTS• You must have a call to action. Tell them to fill out your form in order to get what you have to offer.• You can further define your lists by having options. Let them opt-in to lists that are of interest to them.
  • 14. LISTSYour message needs to be appropriate oryou are going to have people opting out ofyour list. Don’t be too salesy. You can offerspecials but be sure to provide value. Makethe message count.
  • 15. CO-OPThis follow up method is largely under-used.Try finding industries that compliment yourown and invite that business to marketservices with you.
  • 16. CO-OPAn appliance repair company may want towork with an electrician and plumber. Canyou think of other possibilities?
  • 17. THE MESSAGE• What you say to your audience is very important.• Stay relevant. If they opt-in to your list on dental care, don’t start talking to them about skin-care.
  • 18. THE MESSAGEConsider sending out a series of tips on yourmost frequently asked questions. You mayalso want to include information that yourreaders should be thinking about but don’tknow to ask.
  • 19. FOLLOW-UP• Be sure to follow-up with your list. Ask them if there is something specific you can assist them with.• As you get feedback from your readers, check to see if you have incorporated any of the pain points in your messages.
  • 20. MONITOR & MEASURE• Monitor your open rate and your unsubscribe rate to give you an idea of what may need to be changed.• Measure your conversion rate. If you have low conversions from your opt-ins, look to see where things are getting bottlenecked.
  • 21. RECAP• Basics• Autoresponders• Text Messaging• Lists• Co-op• The Message• Follow-up• Monitor & Measure
  • 22. MORE INFORMATIONVisit: 440-399-3153
  • 23. THANK YOU