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My slides from an invited Pecha Kucha style presentation at Dundee Science Festival 2011 20:20 VISION - DESIGNING FOR A DIGITAL FUTURE

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  • dr will simm school of computing and communications voiceyourview technologist and systems developer
  • image from riot clean up in clapham earlier in year. what we see is the use of technology in a new way, bringing local like minded people together for the good of the spaces they live in
  • 3 this is the inspiration for voiceyourview. we want to investigate digital consultation tools to capture local tacit knowledge that isn't currently captured
  • 4 for example as we go about our livesmthoughs occur to us that often we feel aren't important enough to record using tradition means (letters to council etc), and this knowledge is lost
  • 5 we want to provide mechanisms to capture this tacit knowledge anytime anywhere it occurs to people before it is lost and other priorities take overWe look at platforms to collect and categorise all these comments
  • 6 and look at producing sophisticated real-time visualisation tools to plot the "buzz" of a locality - allowing both public and policy makers to see and act upon the information
  •  7 Some context here about the rise in digital connectivity and the opportunities it presents to do this research. Now we have a unique, ubiquitous platforms for mass scale engagement - leveraged by governments through the rise in e-democracy and gov 2.0 systems
  • 8 VoiceYourView's core system Viewki accepts input from located devices such as kiosks and handsetsmobile devices through speech and textsocial media interfaces using already familiar servicesweb site interfaces
  • 9 once we have captured the commentit is processed by the core viewki system which stores and tags commentsthere is an API interface to the system which generates live comment summaries for feedback and visualisation
  • 10 comments are tagged by topiclanguage features such as actionability contentand sentiment estimation
  • 11 from the comments and summaries a number of mechanisms have been built to allow interaction with the commentsweb apps allowing exploration of commentstimeline summaries of shifts in conversationlocated projection of comment summaries
  • 12 an example of the studies we have done - lancaster library underwent a £650k refurbishment but what did the users think?
  • 13 we installed telephone style handsets with low barriers to use to capture comments as they occurred to people
  • 14 These almost immediately contributed to visualisations of comment summaries shown on large screens around the library
  • 15 later, we worked with data viz artist adamnieman, students from MCA and digital media festival future everything on a project designed to make the students think of taking ownership and responsibility of their locality
  • 16 we toured the city using and captured students comments and opinions with mobile devices, these comments were used to seed an installation at the futureverything festival
  • 17 which was a projection of the "buzz" of comments and which festival go-ers could interact via mobile & web platforms
  • 18 the open nature of comments leads to an ever changing, hyper-local topic of conversation. Because of this, the topic is allowed to evolve around the most important issues to the public. numerous stake holders can take from this individual components of interest.
  • 19 The tagging process is higher level than simple keyword summary, tagging categories of words and expressions. we found the topic tagging process chooses an appropriate topic in 78% of cases - this is sufficient for high level navigation of conversations
  • 20 In the library we found that rather than attracting negative commentary, we illicited more positives than traditional forms of consultation - finding out what people like is often much harder than gathering critisms
  • Digital Consultation by VoiceYourView

    1. 1. Dr Will SimmLancaster University November 2011
    2. 2. “Local People Know Local Issues Best” Photo:
    3. 3. Love what they have done withthe square. Photo:
    4. 4. Need to catch thebank before it shuts. Town centreneeds moresignposting Photo:
    5. 5. Photo: Adam Nieman
    6. 6. 77% have 47% use Internet social media access 27% own a smart phone*Source: 8th annual Ofcom Communications Market report Photo:
    7. 7. 1 Multi-Channel Input #VYV
    8. 8. 2 Comment Processing Generates live Comment comment Stored & Tagged summaries for Web Accessible feedback & visualisation
    9. 9. 2 Comment Processing Generates live Comment comment Stored & Tagged summaries for Web Accessible feedback & visualisation Semantic tags Classifier to Senora selected to estimate sentiment represent topic “actionabilty” estimation
    10. 10. 3 Feedback & Interaction
    11. 11. @adamnieman
    12. 12. Photo: Adam Nieman
    13. 13. What about the quality of data? Photo:
    14. 14. Is it intelligent enough?
    15. 15. Isn’t it just forgrumblers? Photo: BBC
    16. 16. @voiceyourview Presented by: Dr Will Simm @willsimmProject Team: Dr Busayawan LamProf. Jon Whittle (PI) Dr Therese Lawlor-WrightDr Maria-Angela Ferrario Mark RaineyProf. Andree Woodcock Prof. Jane BinnerKate Frankova Dr Ryan DavenportLaurence Garton Dr Baseerit Nasa