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The next web conference 2013 Amsterdam; a visual overview in sketch notes
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The next web conference 2013 Amsterdam; a visual overview in sketch notes


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The Next Web Conference, an overview in iPadsketchnotes, made live at the event.

The Next Web Conference, an overview in iPadsketchnotes, made live at the event.

Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1. The Next Web Conference 2013,AmsterdamOfficially Opened by HRH Prince Willem-Alexander van Oranje
  • 2. Andy Budd“Good design is a crucialbusiness strategy”Design is more than justa pretty color. It is aboutexperience, usability andeasy use. These are thethings that will delightthe user and make thedifference between aproduct that is ‘just’possible from a technicalpoint of view and adesirable product.
  • 3. Gary Shapiro“Always be a Ninja,think outside the box”Innovation isimportant and canhappen anywhere. Weshould embrace thischange, we arechanging the world. Ifyou want to besuccesful you shouldaim for the trend or asicehockey players willsay; ‘aim for wherethe puck is going, notwhere it is now’
  • 4. Stephen Wolfram The WolframLanguage isdevelopped to customcompute answers toquestions. Apart fromNatural Language,Algorithms andMathematics are partof it too. If we look atprograms andsystems we candiscover newalgorithms fromwithin acomputationaluniverse we canunderstand the world.Just as looking at oursocial universe willhelp us understand.
  • 5. Andrew BlumSo where is theInternet, theREAL internet?It is the hubs, thefibre optic cables,the few buildingsacross the globethat actuallyphysicallyconnect onenetwork toanother. Themanholes wherethe cablesemerge fromunder the sea.
  • 6. Marina GorbisThe way wecommunicatehas changed.We went fromcentralized toa far moresocialstructuredmodel. Weconnectthroughengagement.ThistransformationeffectsEducation,Governance,Enterprises.We can shapethe future
  • 7. Robert ScobleWith all the data coming fromnew things like wearablecomputing, socials, GPS andsensors everywhere, we needa new way to save and searchthrough al this Big Data.Context will play an importantrole in this. We will needsomething to filter the noise.“I just want it to help me havea better time, now, here.”
  • 8. Leonard BrodyThe way we share and communicate online has changed ourbehaviour significantly. ‘The great Re;write’ this timeentrepreneurs get to build the rules.
  • 9. Jimmy MaymannHuff Post going global, here is how.
  • 10. Loic leMeurWe are becoming asharing economy.Today we have tomuch stuff.Technology enablesus to no longer ownstuff but to rent,borrow orsubscribe to it. P2P,trust is the newmoney.
  • 11. Kenneth CukierBig Data. Datafication. Frommore and more data we can getdifferent new information. Withquantity comes new correlationsthat can be signs for new valuesand behaviours. Reuse anddatafy.There is also a dark side,privacy, ownership, and what ifwe could be punished for futurepossible behaviour. We shouldremember that data is alwaysonly a shadow of reality.
  • 12. Jonathan MacDonaldWith all the social interaction it is nolonger possible as a company to sayone thing while meaning another. Sowe’d better say what we mean andcare. It will give you both loyalemployees and customersKei ShimadaFor Japan, innovation is a long termvision. It is something that we havebuild an ecosystem around. There is alot of things we are alreadyexperimenting with. The only thing wereally need help with is getting itacross our borders!
  • 13. Kevin Hartz Technology bringspeople togetherand enablescompanies to havesucces.Most often it iswhen a companymet with atechnologicalopportunity thatsucces followed.Startup tip;Investors bring alot of pressure,hang in there aslong as possible,focus on a marketfit first.