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  • Development hell ltd ( own mixmag )
  • “WHERE YOU AT ?”
  • 555 media ting

    1. 1. The central image is of a young man (Calvin Harris) and heis an iconic symbol as he is a DJ/performer/singer. It is aclose up shot and there is a reflection in his sunglasses ofCd decks which reflects his image and how Mixmag aretrying to get their image across which is music partyingclubs and summer! This then instantly draws the targetaudience age of 18-24 years into the magazine from justlooking at central image. The mise en scene is veryimportant on this front cover as the sunglasses are aconnotation for summer and partying and the ideology ofthe reflection in his sunglasses suggest thats all hesee’s/does.The masthead is very bright and bold which indicatesyouthfulness and blends in very well with the rest of thecoverlines. The masthead reflects the magazines themewhich is young bright bold and colourful. The font is veryindividual and is easy to spot out due to the I in MixmagMain Coverline ‘”THEY THINK IM A BIT OF A WEIRDO “Calvin Harris a crash course in dance superstardom isalso a pull quote and ironically will draw the reader inbecause the quote has still left “they” unnamed . All thecoverlines are set out in the same structure; they arepink then followed by a faded grey or black for contrast.This is following the theme of the magazine.Buzz words such as “free Carl Cox cd” & “win aDJ set at global gathering” are highlighted assome importance to both the reader and theproducer as it 1. boosts the image of Mixmag, andalso fulfils the consumers by getting a free cd andthen a opportunity to win a bigger prize. SkylineFonts are near the same style. The uses of pinkblack and grey go nicely with the typographyand all coverlines plugs and puffs are set outdiagonally, this creates a very unique style andfits in perfectly with the masthead and centralimage.There is loads of direct mode of address on thisfront cover, which seems to suggest what kind ofrelationship Mixmag has with its consumers. Orperhaps the direct approach for mode of address isneeded for them to boost their image. They talk alot about partying summer drinking and how itscheap. This can relate to a lot of young people whoare looking to go abroad and party in the sumemrGeneral information:The genre of this magazine is dance music. I knowthis from taking further research into “Mixmag”magazines. Its first date of publication was 1stfebruary 1983 and it is still in production. MixMag isowned by Development Hell Ltd and does have awebsite. Contents- All the stories have the sameideology as it is all talking about summer and this canthen tell us about the audience that they are partypeople and are interested about clubbing andholidays destinations for partying .
    2. 2. Central image: this is an image of a young woman layingon a Lillo. Her bikini fits in with the colour scheme and setsthe mood for partying. The position of her body tells theaudience that she looks like a party goer and this isemphasised by her wearing sunglasses . The ideology ofthe central image being sold here is quite clear. Lovespartying and hot weather, this brings out a very lively andyoung sort of lifestyle. Representation- the magazinepresents themselves as “the worlds biggest dance musicand clubbing magazine” and this reflects on the centralimage.Masthead: the masthead in contrast to the previous one are very similar due to the fact thatthey both indicate youthfulness and are very bright and colour co ordinated.Main Coverline: “ Cut price Ibiza! Drink cheap dance forfree eat only when essential” this is The main Coverlinedue to its font size , colour and positioning of it on thepage. this is also a puff because it is boosting themagazines image by using the words “cut price, Drinkcheap, dance for free! Eat only when essential! Thiswould appeal to the consumer due to the lifestyle itprojects.Fonts: There are about 4-5 different types of font used onthis front cover. The colour co-ordination with the fontsremain the same, the colour they chose reflectsyouthfulness and it matches the colour of the bikini .Other Coverlines: all the other coverlineslocated on the right and bottom left hand side ofthe front cover are there to drag the audience ineven more by saying things like “blag the guestlist, affordable beach wear, a week of madnessfor £200” these are all in bright and bold coloursto suggest that they are of some importance andthat Ibiza is the place to be for a cheap andcheerful holiday. Those coverlines are aimedhighly at people aged 18-26, people likestudents who may not have heaps of cash.Mixmag are emphasising the fact that theirmagazine provides all their needs. Which thenleads into the uses and gratification theory.General information: Thereis no direct approach. Itseems that mixmag magazinetakes a different approach inwhich to lure their audiencein. All the stories on the frontcover all have one thing incommon, it is all aboutsummer and partying. Thisdefinitely suggests theirimage and what their tryingto portray as a company.
    3. 3. Central image: This is a close up shot of aman, most likely a DJ. I make this assumptionbecause within the central image, he iswearing a retro T-shirt that has Vinyl cds onit. The man on the front cover looks quite oldschool and retro which also reflects themagazines image and his image beingportrayed by the magazine. So its like adouble threat. As the concept of thismagazine seems quite old school and retro iwould say the audience age could differ fromlate teens into middle aged people. Sort oflike a binary composition.Fonts: Its all about the old school retro lookwith this magazine. DJ-ing has been aroundfor years and it seems that DJ magazineskeeping to its roots. There are about 4-5different types of fonts used on the frontcover and have no real typography orpositioning. This could suggest its chilledapproach on how they advertise to theiraudience. There are 5 different colours usedfor the fonts which also emphasises the factof their retro approach.Masthead: The masthead is very unique as there arenone like it in that specific genre of music. The vinyl Cdabove the “J” of DJ makes it even more individual and itemphasises genre. The masthead also reflects the man onthe central image and colour contrasts with his shirt.Main Coverline: “ AEROPLANE FLYING SOLO” thiscoverline doesn’t give of much information, im unsure ifthat is their approach to advertising their magazine.Loyal customers may already know what thismeans, perhaps it is a artist that was in a group before.But the size colour and font type suggests that it is themost important story.Skyline: the skyline says alot about “DJ magazines, it shows thatthey are loyal to their customers by offering every single buyer afree CD. This is a good form of advertisement as offeringanything that is free will always make more customers want tobuy the magazine.General Information: The genre of this magazine is oldschool andnew school house music club music. It has a wide variety of music itcan put on the magazine. It was first published on the 31st ofJanruary 1991. DJ mag are owned by Thrust Company and they arestill in production. Their website is located in the “D” of DJ“Djmag.com” there is no direct mode of address but there is someindirect ones “TECH SPECIAL! TECH AWARDS 2010 All the gear youneed in your life.” this is shouting out to anyone who is a fan ofbecoming a DJ or anyone that is interested in the technology usedfor Djing.
    4. 4. Central Image: The central imageis of a DJ letting go of a dove. Thisis a really good image in contrastwith the main Coverline “BORNAGAIN” as the dove is aconnotation of a new start/peacemaking. It is a close up low angleshot of him releasing thedove, weather or not its photoshopped the thought is there. Theman on the front cover doesn’tseem like a young iconic figure andiIdon’t recognise him as a DJ , thissuggests that Djmag’s audienceage is marginally higher than amagazine such as mixmag whichadvertises more youthful thingssuch as Ibiza and cheap drinking.Main Coverline: “BORN AGAIN” i think this Coverline is directed at thecentral image and tells the readers that perhaps he was once famousdisappeared then came back again, maybe he has released new songs, (which could connect very easily to the release of the dove) or evenstill, come back from rehab.Fonts: The fonts used on this front coverare consistent. Sticking with the 3 coloursbrings out a more relaxed front cover. Theuse of yellow black and white is repetitivebut it works. The placement of thecoverlines due to the fonts brings out theimportance of some stories better thanothers. The three coverlines under themain one ( on the right hand side of thepage) all have **** by it suggesting thatthey are all related to each other. Theflash at the bottom of the page is alsoanother image booster and the fact thatthe “WIN” is in bigger bolder font willalways suggest its importanceSkyline: “Double Trouble free technoalbum & Dubstep mix” this skyline clearlyemphasises the relationship Djmags havewith their customers, by giving away notone but two things this suggest that theyare loyal to their customers. This is a verygood way of advertising. I noticed that it isin white which kind of fades into thebackground. this could be to surprise theconsumer after reading all the othercoverlines.Masthead: The masthead very much stickswith the theme of front cover, the standardred for the masthead but with a switch up onthe web address. This could be because thecoverlines are also in yellow. Which blends invery nicely with the whole concept. It alsobrings out the Flash at the bottom which alsostands out as there is only two bits of red onthe cover.General information: There isno direct mode of address on thisfront cover and the low angle ofthe shot could also suggest asubmissive positioning. Withcontrast with the dove and hishands open wide.
    5. 5. Masthead: this masthead is very unique for a Dubstep magazine because whenDubstep first started it was promoted as FWD>> due to its global affect on themusic industry. It is very urban and looks young. This can then also suggest thatthis magazine is aimed at a younger audience. I know this because Dubstep onlystarted becoming mainstream in 2004.Central image: This central image is amedium/close up shot and reflectsyouthfulness, i can say this because thereare three young men standing next to eachother. The image has been edited a lotwhich also creates an urban affect. <<RWDis also a club venue and that itself reflectstheir image as a magazine company. Theunique layout of colours and patterns makeit unique. The target audience for thismagazine seems to be people between theages of 16-24.Main Coverline: “The summer of dub. Dubstep goes global”this Coverline shows that this is the prime time for Dubstep.It has just become mainstream and this will appeal to a widevariety of people as this is a whole new genre of music.Other Coverlines: There is a massive list ofdirect mode of address underneath the word“featuring:” this broad selection of artists thatis named on the bottom left hand side of thepage will appeal to a wide selection of theaudience as there are so many to chose from.This shows that <<RWD have a wide selectionof things in their magazine .There is also direct interaction on one of thetwo coverlines. One being a flash asking you totext your name and address to the number fora freebie and the log on to buy free musiconline. This wide variety of things to do willkeep the audience busy and can boost theimage of the magazine.Fonts: The broad selection of fontsused on the front page emphasisestheir youthful approach to music andis very summery and new schoolretro style. There are about 6-7different types fonts and 4 differentcolours, their approach on varietyisn’t short.General Information: The magazine isurban hip hop grime and dubstep basedand was first published on the 1st ofseptember 2001 and is owned byCreative media LTD. It is still inpublication but sales have droppeddown a lot.
    6. 6. Main Coverline/Article The pull quote Underneath the Title gives a clear short and informative piece of writing that ends with a rhetoricalquestion, this makes the reader want to carry on reading due to the fact that the man is still anonymous. The Drop capital implicates wherethe article starts and the theme of Yellow and black goes nicely. The title and the central image also suggests that the lemon is of greatimportance. There seems to be three sections of the article and this is shown by the yellow strips and the bold text that indicates a slightchange in topic.Central image: The central image is only spread out on toone page which suggests its equal amount of importanceto the article itself. The lemon is being used as a prop tohide this mysterious mans face. The fact that his face iscovered up by a lemon gives a weird aura to what mightbe going on in the article., especially due to the fact thatthe camera is focused on the lemon.Fonts: There are 3-4 different types of fontsused on this double page spread and they allfit in with each other. The small body copyunderneath the header is in a different fonttype and is bigger. This could mean that themagazine wants this to be read first as aintroduction into the article.
    7. 7. Central image/Graphic features: The central image for the big 3 is stated as No.1. this is obvious because the size of the image states that this is the topparty location. The other two graphic features connect with the central image but of less importance. For each image there is a little piece of writing thatcould be a pull quote or anchorage that is directed at the readers to give them further knowledge of what these top 3 locations are all about. The mainimage shows two women dancing, one of them is smiling which is a connotation for happiness. Picture number 2 shows a man dancing with alcohol, this issymbolises rebellious and no authority which boosts the image and brings the reader in more. Could also be relatable to the readers.Fonts: There are a good amount of different styles offonts, different sizes to emphasise different things. Thefirst thing to catch your eyes is “the big 3” then inchronological order downwards. Good use of colour co-ordination with the pink yellow and black. ObviouslyNo.1 “party Masion” has the biggest image and thebiggest font to represent its dominance on the doublepage spread. The retro approach seems to work well forthis double page spread and theHeaders/coverlines: The style of layout on the header “ THE BIG 3” is very unique toMixmag and goes with their theme. Under each smaller header there is a Coverline to boostthe graphic features and informs the reader more about the location and night life it brings.There is also a small body copy for each 3 informing the reader “need to know” sort ofthings. However the article are too small for me to read so in contrast with that the articlescould be smaller in detail and get straight to the point.
    8. 8. Central image/Graphic features: to start of, the image of a live performance is clear hereand the artists name are on both images. The central image is of magnetic man, i can saythis because the image is bigger than Deadmau5. These are two mainstream iconic artistsand the images themselves are promoting both the artist, and the magazine Mixmag.There are also one other graphic features on each page which slants the story to pull thereader in even more. Short snappy information that can fill the reader up with knowledgeMain Coverlines/body copy/general information: A by line underneath the artists name is promotingthe image. These are also pull quotes. “they never saw the cube coming” Deadmau5 flying wedge ofpower. This will instantly draw the attention of the reader to the bigger article, simply because thecube is unexplained. A similar by-line on the opposite side of the double page spread that says“dubstep’s holy trinity are here to blow your mind, and maybe your eardrums too” too anyone that is aDubstep fan, that quote there will gain the attention of any reader. there are also two body copies, oneon each side of the page stating when the two artists next performances are and when! This is veryinformative because if the reader missed any of these performances, they now know where to look .Fonts: There are 4-5 different types of fonts onthe double page spread, all of which exploredifferent higher status and meaning. Obviouslythe artists names have to be the biggest font sizeas that is what the article is about. This is a visualimage booster and they use of black backgroundon yellow font brings out the second mostimportant body copy.
    9. 9. Main Coverline/Header:“PLACE OF WORSHIP” thisCoverline tells it all. In contrast with all the pictureswhich are self explanatory to anyone that is a partyanimal. This promotes mixmag magazines image and theQ CLUB venue tremendously. Anything that can be calleda place of worship is definitely worth visiting. Especially toparty goer.Main Image/Graphic features: As you can probably tell, the images are the highlight of thisarticle, they express how this is the place of worship, the different types of shots for example thebug eye lense on the top left adds the dramatic effect of how big the venue is and how many peopleare there. The blured image at the bottom left suggests that the photographer is also having a goodtime, i can say this because in every other graphic feature, people are dancing and smiling. The twosmallest graphic features contrast with the header to make it look more presentable and appealingto the reader.Body copy: “legendary Birmingham venue Q club has closed its doorsfor the last time, we were there for the last ever service in the UK’schurch of techno” What stands out for me with a huger significance isthat they have referred it to the church of techno which implies itsgreatness and sums up the atmosphere . A great quote “ we werethere for the last ever service in the UK’s church of techno. This wouldappeal to any reader who loves partying as it emphasises their pointin the images and in the header.Fonts: There are only 3 types of fonts on thisdouble page spread which leads me ontothinking that its all about the images ratherthan the content or style of font to lure thereader in.
    10. 10. Coverline: The coverline is big and broad, thissuggests that it holds a big importance. Thehighlighted name of the artists stands out nicely.Different areas of the article have different fontintensities to reflect different importance, aroundand in the articleCentral image: This image is of a man that appears to be jumping. Theimage could represent freedom and stress free, or the beginning ofsomething new. The black and white contrasted image shows the boldness ofthe double page spread. It fits in very well with the theme. As there are novibrant colours it sets the mood as quite tranquil . Also the graphic feature isused to keep the reader interested in the article so that they don’t looseinterest.Fonts: The use of drop capital adds niceaffect to the double page spread and theconsistent theme of black and white fitsin well with the central image.Highlighting the artists name in pinkshows his relevance in the article as themost important thing.Pull quote: The pull quote “ IN SIO PAULO WE WERE ASKED TO HAND OVER OURWATCHES AT GUNPOINT” this is very dramatic so therefore will bring the readerinto the article.
    11. 11. Main image/graphic features: The Central image doesn’tgive much information away at all so it gives the reader ateaser, just a picture of a man drinking beer. Its likepsychological profiling, if your that type of person, then thereader would flick to page 66. there are two other graphicfeatures that have a small slanting story which doesnt givemuch for the reader to go on, but as they are featured as themain coverlines they’re probably worth reading about. Theyare also all fitted in perfectly so that they are easy on theyeyes.Fonts: Mixmag have their own style of fonts as it appears. Very retro and unique. The black onyellow goes nicely for the “contents” bit. And it can also blend in with the graphic feature onthe bottom right. With the yellow background. Again they have stuck to their pink againstwhite canvas, some fonts bigger than others. This can suggest the importance of the Coverlineand also the texture of the fonts can also bring that effect. This also reflects the age audiencefor the magazine as the fonts are retro and out there. This will have a positive outcome on thereaderCoverlines: The structure of the coverlines seem to be set out in an orderly way, the title foreach Coverline is bolder than the Coverline itself, this is just to summarise it so that the readercan have a better understanding of what they are about to read.
    12. 12. Central image/graphic features: ForDjmags there approach on their contentspage is slightly different, although therenear enough on the same genre of music.Their audience age range is a lot higherthan that of Mixmag. The images are a lotmore abstract but more mature so thiscould appeal to a young and oldergeneration of readers. The graphic featureon the bottom right sticks out mainlybecause its not in the format of any of theother images. This is used to promote theirtechnology and their image as a Djmagazine.Fonts: The use of abstract retro colours brings out different coverlines andmakes them more appealing to read. They havent really stuck to any colourshceme which makes their approach unique. There are about 5-6 different fontsand about 3 different sizes. The biggest size represents the highest importancein the contents page. The faded Grey used for one section of the page adds toaffect. As does the “contents” header.Coverlines: There are 5 Main coverlines on this page, all highlighted indifferent colours. They are all vibrant colours which helps set the mood ofwhat the coverlines may be. The structure of all the coverlines are the same.Like i said bigger bolder fonts indicate higher important stories. And the titlesare very easy to read and it isn’t boring.
    13. 13. Central Image/Graphic features: The central image is the biggestimage and this shows the most importance to the contents page.It shows a close up of a young man who is looking directly at thecamera. This could then suggest that he is some form oficon, especially to the women audience. The image could thenpromote itself by getting more female attention therefore morereaders. The graphic features together make the width of thecentral image which makes the page look professional andpresentableFonts: Mixmag will always stick to their retro outlook with theirfonts. It works and the white on black canvas brings out the imagesand makes it look more youthful. The italic fonts create a smart andwell structured look for the contents page. And isn’t too in your facewith the amount of fonts and font sizes.Coverlines: The coverlines all share the same amount of importance butone stands out more than any other. And thats the bottom one. The title“ Dont stay in” is shouting out to the readers saying look what we have tooffer, come out and enjoy what were doing.