SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 | Smart Data Management Case Study with ZoomInfo


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Smart Data Management: How Marketing Advocate Eclipsed Its Lead-to-Revenue Conversions with ZoomInfo
Is your sales and marketing staff spending hours hunting for target accounts, then even more time identifying the correct contact at the company? Well, no more! Smart data management tools can help you engage your target audience faster and accelerate your demand generation engine. By leveraging our relationship with ZoomInfo, our team at Marketing Advocate was able to generate more pipeline, decrease our cycle close time, increase the average deal size, and triple the number of MQLs generated via email. Join us for this informative session to learn where we succeeded and failed and how we eventually eclipsed our previous lead-to-revenue conversion rates by keeping our company’s database accurate and actionable.

Key takeaways:
• Accurate business data is important to the bottom line
• Tracking lead source helps justify spend on successful campaigns.
• Pinpoint your target audience to leverage conversion data and repeat success

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SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 | Smart Data Management Case Study with ZoomInfo

  1. 1. Smart Data Management How Marketing Advocate Eclipsed Its Lead-to- Revenue Conversion with ZoomInfo
  2. 2. Speaker Background
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover • Set the Stage • Where We Started • Where We Ended • The Road to Actionable Data • How to Extend the Value of Your Smart Data Management • Key Takeaways • Q&A 8:00-8:03 8:03-8:07 8:07-8:12 8:12-8:22 8:22-8:28 8:28-8:33 8:33-8:45
  4. 4. Project “Land & Expand” • Objectives: – Increase business development opptys through account-based marketing tactics – Execute omni-channel campaigns for top 4 buyer personas • High-touch targeted (named accounts) • High-volume targeted (buyer personas) – Increase engagement with target accounts – Equip sales with an accurate prospecting tool • Soft Goals: – Grow integrity of house list – Optimize marketing investment spend
  5. 5. Channel Directors, Managers My Goals 1. Acquire and retain the most strategic partners 2. Increase through-partner revenues 3. Improve partner productivity My Frustrations/Pain Points 1. Proper management of constantly-changing resources 2. Inability to manage partner efficiency throughout entire sales cycle 3. Inability to orchestrate activities of channel partners  Partner Portal, campaign build inputs 4. How can I manage the quality of partner deliverability? 5. How do I automate and speed information transfer? My Buying Criteria/Success Metrics 1. Will this new tool be able to report the activity of my partners? 2. Do I have real-time visibility into the revenue pipeline through my channel? 3. Which solution will allow me to enable partners to respond more quickly/efficiently to constant change in consumer demand? 4. Will this new tool help me better retain my top partners? At a lower cost than present-day? 5. Revenue $ per partner, increased revenue per returning partners 6. Ability to forecast partner demand accurately 7. YOY revenue growth per reseller 8. YOY growth in reseller count OEM Buyer Persona
  6. 6. Head of Sales, Owner My Goals 1. Increase CLV YOY 2. Grow brand awareness of particular product/solution 3. Increase the perceived value of my company 4. Deliver more qualified leads to sales team faster My Frustrations/Pain Points 1. Inability to operationalize marketing function 2. How can I understand my customer needs better? 3. Cold-calling and unsolicited email don’t work! 4. Limited use of pre-packaged OEM campaigns and assets 5. Limited time, skill set to put marketing to work My Buying Criteria/Success Metrics 1. How can I ensure that my limited MDF actually generates pipeline? 2. What solution will allow me to close new business faster? 3. What solution will enable me to stay compliant with my OEM’s products, messaging, and branding strategy? 4. Will it require a dedicated headcount in order to execute and manage? 5. Increased brand awareness within my OEM sphere YOY VAR Buyer Persona
  7. 7. Content Strategy Informed by Persona Drives Engagement
  8. 8. Mapped Messaging Tiers Enable More Immediate Response
  9. 9. The Landscape Before • Process: highly manual • Expense: high cost • Contracted workforce dedicated to scrubbing the WWW • Complex in nature • Inefficient gains • Zero efficiencies realized
  10. 10. Data Point Likelihood of Gathering Accurate Info Salutation 50% First Name -- Last Name -- Company -- Job Title -- Email -- Address -- City -- State -- Postal Code -- Phone -- Unsophisticated means for data collection, low probability for accuracy
  11. 11. The Landscape Now • List quality improvement efforts netted BIG wins in less than 60 days • Additional data points collected • List dev is top 3 generator of MQLs • More actionable data for sales • Data integrity not a concern • Now armed with an accurate prospecting tool
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Results: Stories Tell, Numbers Sell Lead velocity increases 67% when ZoomInfo is the lead source 10% of our current Q114 pipeline was generated with ZoomInfo contacts On average, it takes 45-90 days to close with a ZoomInfo record versus 180 days with another lead source Number of MQLs generated from email campaigns used w our ZoomInfo contacts increased 300% Average deal size is 80% larger when ZoomInfo is the lead source For every $1 we invest in ZoomInfo, we generate $1.88 in sales revenue Deliverability rate up 3 points Bounce rate dropped dramatically (3.2%-0.01%) Unsub rate drops to zero Email open rates doubled CTR jumped from 0.6% to 6% CTOR went from 5% to 46% Email Performance KPIs Overall
  14. 14. The Road to Actionable Data • Do the work. Define your buyer persona pedigree • Utilize a build tool that pinpoints both decision makers and influencers • Make sure your data management tool allows you to slice and dice at various levels (segmentation criteria = region, revenue, management level, personal interests, etc.) • Know thy prospect before reaching out • Set up email alerts to notify when prospects change jobs, win awards, etc. • Give sales direct access to prospect data immediately • Not all data is created equal
  15. 15. How to Extend the Value of Your Smart Data Management • Take inventory of your existing database – Personal interests augment explicit data • Take advantage of direct access to updated phone numbers, emails, and relevant Web articles – Contacts automatically updated whenever there’s a change with ZoomInfo for Salesforce • Test as you go • ZoomInfo Pro and ZoomInfo for Salesforce • Start with a single campaign
  16. 16. Key Takeaways • Start where you are • Identify where efficiencies can be gained • Align with sales to ensure needs are met • Take time to pull out golden nuggets from prospect profile data • Actionable data leads to speedier conversions and larger deal sizes • He who has the best data, wins!
  17. 17. Let’s Connect Courtney Wiley, Vice President of Marketing +1 (469) 328-4492 @wileyCcoyote Ned Leutz, New Business Sales Manager +1 (781) 693-7531 @zoominfo
  18. 18.
  19. 19. About Marketing Advocate Marketing Advocate accelerates revenue growth through the channel with its Through-Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) software. The company’s industry-leading TPMA solution drives effective B2B channel marketing for many of the world’s largest brands, including HP, IBM, Microsoft, and NetApp. By maximizing lead efficiency, generating sales-ready leads, and building pipeline, Marketing Advocate helps global organizations turn channel marketing into a revenue driver. The company was recently recognized as a 2013 Gartner “Cool Vendor” and showcased as a corporation that is innovating sales and marketing techniques to help global IT providers go to market more effectively. For more information, visit