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Mobile adhoc n_w
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  • 1. Mobile Ad-Hoc n/w A quick/short idea google.me/+SendilKumar
  • 2. Its about small cells !! ● Next generation deployment exploit the idea of idea of small cells, low power and bit of ad-hoc coverage  ● Enablers are the broadband back-haul and the ALL-IP design of cellular networks (LTE & WIMAX) ● One of primary concern to use MOBILE as a small BASESTATION to relay in FDD is the difference in the uplink/downlink frequency ● Mobile's RF front-end is designed to receive and transmit at a certain bands  ● Mobile Adhoc network had been a popular research area around 2000 ● Around April2008, heard about this company http://www. terranet.se/ demonstrating a peer 2 peer call !!
  • 3. What now ? New hand-held terminals have become more smart  ● Processor speeds with 1GHz available now ● Supports MIMO capabilities (Form factor) ● Much better operating systems (unix) comparable with PC functionalities ● TDD version of LTE & WIMAX available ○ Leading to single RF frontend ○ Tx-Rx is software controlled switch !! ● Relays - which used to be a research topic is now widely accepted  and supported in 4G standards ● Typically a TDD frame is divided into multiple slots and the n/w configures the DL:UL proportion (DL - slots for downlink, UL:slots for uplink)
  • 4. Converting mobile terminal to relay Why not convert the 4G mobiles part of mesh network ? ● Capability of terminal to function as a relay or a data originator ● Could be transparent to n/w or by requesting grant from n/w to transmit in the downlink duration of macro ● Challenges : Minimize interference to macro connected terminals when transmitting in a downlink slot  ● Possible solution :  ○ Macro allows certain downlink slots for allowing p2p communications.  ○ Exploit spatial diversity
  • 5. Opening up posibilities ● Any UE can behave as small streaming server  ● Enable p2p communication ● Provide emergency services  ○ Macro coverage is limited by providing multi-hop links ○ Extend data to adjacent sector macro when a sector is fully loaded ● Sharing wired or wifi based backhaul between a small user groups  ● Social networking kind of applications  ○ Broadcast route/direction request to UE within a small region  ○ Foursquare kind of apps can now locally !! 
  • 6. Comments Share your thoughts with me... The slides put up here are a very top-level thoughts on mesh network within mobiles  Communicate on the first slide..