Network Performance and Latency with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform
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Network Performance and Latency with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform

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Watch the full OnDemand Webcast:

Businesses rely on modern networks to carry critical information. When that information doesn’t get there, or gets there too slowly, it slows down the business. Techniques for analyzing latency sources have traditionally been difficult to implement, relying on round trip times or inline application analytics. Now, it’s just a few mouse clicks away.

Watch this WildPackets OnDemand webcast to see how the Omni Distributed Analysis Platform uses total network visibility to uncover real-world network performance issues. We show you a live demo of three common scenarios, using powerful tools to combine deep packet inspection with intuitive visualizations, to find the root cause quickly.

Here are the scenarios:

The server team and the network team are pointing fingers at each other. Users say the server is slow, but the stats show there’s not a lot of server load. We’ll show you in a single click how to get the answer. If it’s the network, we’ll show you where to find the slowdown.
The company is paying for a premium WAN link for a fast and reliable connection between sites, but VoIP and other time-sensitive traffic are having problems. The WAN provider says you need a faster link, but MRTG implies you’re not sending that much traffic across. Before you spend more money on the upgrade, take a few minutes to measure just how reliable the link is.
Wi-Fi is convenient, but a recent audit showed that the network password could be cracked in under an hour, so the company is rolling out 802.1X with WPA2-Enterprise, but people are having problems getting online, so they refuse to move to the new network. Since the Wi-Fi frames are encrypted, you don’t think you can use OmniPeek. However, the solution can be found by capturing on both wireless and wired.

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  • 1. Network Performance and Latency with Omni Distributed Analysis Platform Jim MacLeod Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: Product Manager WildPackets #wp_omni7 with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow me @shewfig Follow us @wildpackets#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 2. Administrivia • All callers are on mute ‒ If you have problems, please let us know via the Chat window • There will be Q&A at the end ‒ Feel free to type a question at any time • Slides and Recording will be available: ‒ Via a follow-up email#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 2
  • 3. Agenda • Network capture overview • Real world use cases ‒ WAN SLA validation and link latency measurement ‒ Application vs. network latency ‒ Remote end-user experience measurement ‒ Uncovering wireless issues • About WildPackets#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 3
  • 4. Network Overview#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 4
  • 5. Network Overview#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 5
  • 6. Network Overview#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 6
  • 7. WAN SLA Validation and Link Latency Measurement#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 8. The Problem • “Business-class” WAN link ‒ Expensive, but it comes with a SLA • Results are disappointing ‒ The ISP says the link hasn’t gone down ‒ What about the rest of the SLA? • The ISP only performs latency and loss tests as troubleshooting • BERT/BLERT/loopback tests take the link offline • Can you measure the link performance yourself?#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 8
  • 9. The Network Packets from end-user PC to remote server across WAN#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 9
  • 10. Capturing on the Network Capture at each endpoint of the WAN link#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 10
  • 11. Multi-Segment Analysis • Compare simultaneous data from end to end ‒ A single point only tells you flow health ‒ Multiple points measure link quality#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 11
  • 12. Why Multi-Segment Analysis? • Old way: one capture at a time ‒ Gives direction, but not location ‒ Unplug system, move it, capture different data ‒ No guarantee of finding or reproducing the problem • New way: multiple simultaneous captures ‒ Track flows along the packet path ‒ “Bullet-time” visibility for data transactions ‒ Packet-level timing for link latency and reliability • The result: root-cause location ‒ Uncover patterns as flows are forwarded ‒ See where packet latency and loss are injected ‒ Measure quality of links without downtime#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 12
  • 13. What We’ll See • Multi-Point Capture ‒ From wireless client to server room ‒ Client behind NAT • Link measurement ‒ Taken at ingress and egress • Multi-Segment Analysis ‒ Automatic processing of timestamps and routing hops ‒ Shows latency and packet loss#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 13
  • 14. Demo#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 14
  • 15. Application vs Network Latency#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 16. The Problem • Users are complaining of a slow server • Server team says stats look okay ‒ CPU & memory within tolerance ‒ It MUST be the network! • SNMP & Netflow look okay ‒ CPU, errors, dropped packets within tolerance ‒ It MUST be the server! • Where is the problem?#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 16
  • 17. The Network Packets from end-user PC to local server#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 17
  • 18. Capturing on the Network Capture in-line with TimeLine network recorder at 40Gbps#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 18
  • 19. Latency Graph in Compass Dashboard • Comparative visualization of latency sources ‒ Allows quick latency troubleshooting ‒ Graphs wait times by application and network#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 19
  • 20. What Compass Latency Solves • Is there a persistent problem? ‒ Are some segments or apps frequently slow? ‒ Are there occasional “hiccups” in the network? • Find what needs fixing ‒ Is it the application or the network? ‒ Figure out quickly where to spend time and money • Baseline information ‒ Are certain nodes slower than others? • Entire subnets due to old switches/routers • Certain servers, certain applications. ‒ Are some protocols slower than others? • E.g. HTTP vs SSL • SMB vs FTP#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 20
  • 21. Why Latency in Compass? • Single-page visualization ‒ Easy to see “hidden” slowdowns ‒ View per-flow, per-protocol, per-node • Interactive information ‒ Quick drill-downs ‒ Find the information you want#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 21
  • 22. What We’ll See • Capture from TimeLine • Latency graph in Compass • Proof in the packets#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 22
  • 23. Demo#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 23
  • 24. End-User Experience Measurement#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 25. The Problem • Cloud-hosted service ‒ “It will save money if we don’t have to maintain it ourselves” • Road warriors are complaining about performance ‒ Troubleshooting on-site will eliminate the cost savings • How can you troubleshoot what you don’t host?#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 25
  • 26. OmniPeek Remote Assistant • Small agent to capture directly on the end-user PC ‒ Simple user interface: “Start” and “Stop” ‒ Capture exactly what the PC sees#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 26
  • 27. Why OmniPeek Remote Assistant? • Capture directly from end-user PC ‒ See what the PC sees ‒ No active connection required: diagnose connectivity issues • Test servers using end-user experience ‒ Client perspective measures how well service is delivering ‒ Capture from multiple different clients for global perspective ‒ Lightweight setup, no special equipment • Remote troubleshooting ‒ IT helpdesk or vendor tech support ‒ Strong encryption: data isn’t exposed, even at rest • Send the data, not an engineer!#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 27
  • 28. What We’ll See • Capture file from OmniPeek Remote Assistant • Transparent decryption • Latency source diagnosis of SSL traffic ‒ It’s not always the network…#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 28
  • 29. Demo#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 29
  • 30. Troubleshooting Wireless#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 31. The Problem • Users can’t connect to wireless network ‒ Association without IP ‒ Authentication problems • Wireless network is “slow” ‒ Users complaining about “pauses” ‒ Logs show disconnects, reconnects • Ever wish you could swap out the cable on wireless?#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 31
  • 32. The Network Wireless users with unreliable connectivity#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 32
  • 33. Capturing on the Network Omni Distributed Analysis Platform provides visibility at multiple points#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 33
  • 34. Wireless diagnosis in OmniPeek • Integrated multi-channel aggregation ‒ Capture on multiple channels using multiple USB adapters ‒ True visibility across the spectrum without sampling / scanning • Integrated roaming analysis ‒ Latency measurements per roam, even local roaming ‒ Aggregation per AP and per node, even across channels • Fully integrated 802.11 diagnosis ‒ Expert analysis ‒ Signal strength visualization • Decrypt WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK ‒ Full packet data visibility ‒ MSA provides wired/wireless comparisons#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 34
  • 35. Why OmniPeek for Wireless? • On-site analysis ‒ Walk the floor with OmniPeek ‒ Aggregated capture gives cross-spectrum visibility ‒ Track down weak signal locations • Remote analysis ‒ Remote adapter turns AP into capture source ‒ Capture with USB over IP hubs • End-user analysis ‒ OmniPeek Remote Assistant with WildPackets driver ‒ Promiscuous wireless capture shows 802.11 admin packets#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 35
  • 36. What We’ll See • Roaming • Signal strength • Wired and wireless multi-segment capture • Node DoS attack#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 36
  • 37. Demo#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc. 37
  • 38. Omni Distributed Analysis Platform • 40G support • Multi-segment network analysis • Remote end-user experience analysis with OmniPeek Remote Assistant • Enhanced visibility with OmniPeek network analyzer ‒ Compass dashboard now with • Latency monitoring • Integrated Expert event analysis • Flows ‒ Multi-channel and roaming analysis ‒ New and enhanced decodes#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 39. Q&A Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: Follow us on SlideShare! Check out today’s slides on SlideShare #wp_omni7 with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 40. WildPackets Corporate Overview Optimizing Network and Application Performance#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 41. Corporate Background • Experts in network monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting ‒ Founded: 1990 / Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA ‒ Offices throughout the US, EMEA, and APAC • Our customers are leading edge organizations ‒ Mid-market and enterprise lines of business ‒ Financial, manufacturing, ISPs, major federal agencies, state and local governments, and universities ‒ Over 7,000 customers / 60+ countries / 80% of Fortune 1,000 • Award-winning solutions that improve network performance ‒ Internet Telephony, Network Magazine, Network Computing awards ‒ United States Patent 5,787,253 issued July 28, 1998 • “Apparatus and Method of Analyzing Internet Activity”#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 42. Business Opportunity • Growing $5B network management market (Gartner) • VoIP, video, and other converged networking applications are saturating network bandwidth • Increasing network speeds create a discontinuity ‒ 1 Gig  10 Gig  40 Gig  100 Gig networks • Users and business will not tolerate downtime Need for better real-time network visibility in addition to network forensics and DPI#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 43. Unprecedented Network Visibility NETWORK HEALTH GLOBAL WatchPoint can manage and report on key devices’ performance and availability across the entire network, from anywhere on the network. UNDERSTAND END-USER PERFORMANCE TimeLine and Omnipliance network recorders monitor DISTRIBUTED and analyze performance across critical network segments, virtual environments, and remote sites. PINPOINT NETWORK ISSUES ANYWHERE Omnipliance Portable can rapidly identify and troubleshoot PORTABLE issues before they become major problems—wired or wireless—down the hall or across the globe. ROOT-CAUSE ANALYSIS OmniPeek network analyzer performs deep packet inspection DPI and can reconstruct all network activity, including e-mail and IM, as well as analyze VoIP and video traffic quality.#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 44. A History of Innovation 2001 2005 2009 2011 • First 802.11 Combined distributed Innovative dashboard • Total visibility with wireless analyzer network and VoIP with drill-down for VoIP zero packet loss • First network network analysis and video • First wireless analyzer with network analyzer to automated expert support capture and analysis analysis of 802.11n 3-stream wireless 2003 2008 2010 2012Distributed real-time Enterprise-wide First to achieve 11 Gbps • Capture, record, and troubleshooting Monitoring and Reporting sustained capture-to-disk analyze from 40G network segments • First wireless network analyzer to support 801.11ac, k, r, u, v, w#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 45. Real-World Deployments Education Financial Government Health Care / Retail Telecom Technology WildPackets Proprietary#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 46. Product Line Overview#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 47. Omni Distributed Analysis Platform OmniPeek Enterprise Packet Capture, Decode and Analysis • Ethernet,1/10 Gigabit, 802.11, and voice and video over IP • Portable capture and OmniEngine console • Aggregate analysis data across multiple capture points Omnipliance / TimeLine Distributed Enterprise Network Forensics • High-performance packet capture and real-time analysis • Stream-to-disk for forensics analysis • Integrated OmniAdapter network analysis cards up to 40G WatchPoint Centralized Enterprise Network Monitoring Appliance • Aggregation and graphical display of network data • WildPackets OmniEngines • NetFlow and sFlow#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 48. Omni Distributed Analysis Platform Software and Turnkey Solutions • Enterprise monitoring and reporting ‒ WatchPoint Server ‒ OmniFlow, NetFlow, and sFlow Collectors • Software probes and network recorders ‒ Omnipliance network recorders – Edge, Core ‒ TimeLine network recorders ‒ OmniAdapter analysis cards • Distributed analysis software ‒ OmniPeek – Enterprise, Professional, Basic, Connect ‒ OmniEngine – Enterprise, Desktop, OmniVirtual • Portable solutions ‒ OmniPeek network analyzer ‒ Omnipliance Portable#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 49. Key New Features in v7 • 40G network support • Analyze issues from end to end: Multi-Segment Analysis (MSA) • Collect data from non-technical end users: OmniPeek Remote Assistant (ORA) • Single, interactive dashboard for utilization, top talkers, top protocols, latency, Experts, flows, and wireless signal strength • New wireless specifications ‒ 802.11ac 802.11k ‒ 802.11r 802.11u ‒ 802.11v 802.11w#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 50. OmniPeek Network Analyzer • Distributed analysis manager – Connect to and configure distributed OmniEngines, Omnipliances, and TimeLines • Comprehensive dashboards present network traffic in real-time – Vital statistics and graphs display trends on network and application performance – Visual peer-map shows conversations and protocols – Intuitive drill-down for root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks • Visual Expert diagnosis speeds problem resolution – Packet and payload visualizers provide business-centric views • Automated analytics and problem detection 24/7 – Easily create filters, triggers, scripting, advanced alarms, and alerts#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 51. Omnipliance Network Recorders • Captures and analyzes all network traffic 24x7 – Runs WildPackets OmniEngine software probe – Generates vital statistics on network and application performance – Intuitive root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks • Expert analysis speeds problem resolution – Fault analysis, statistical analysis, and independent notification • Multiple issue digital forensics – Real-time and post capture data mining for compliance and troubleshooting • Intelligent data transport – Network data analyzed locally – Detailed analysis passed to OmniPeek on demand – Summary statistics sent to WatchPoint for long term trending and reporting – Efficient use of network bandwidth • User-extensible platform – Plug-in architecture and SDK#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 52. TimeLine Network Recorder • Continuous network recording and comprehensive real-time statistical display — simultaneously ‒ 12Gbps sustained capture with zero packet loss ‒ Network statistics display in TimeLine visualization format • Rapid, intuitive forensics search and retrieval ‒ Historical network traffic analysis and quick data rewinding ‒ Several pre-defined forensics search templates making searches easy and fast • A natural extension to the WildPackets product line • Turnkey bundled solution ‒ Appliance + OmniEngine, OmniAdapter, OmniPeek Connect#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 53. WildPackets Network Recorders Price/Performance Solutions for Every Application Portable Edge Core TimeLine Ruggedized Small Networks Datacenter Workhorse Enterprise, Highly- Troubleshooting Remote Offices Easily Expandable Utilized NetworksAluminum chassis / 17” LCD 1U rack mountable chassis 3U rack mountable chassis 3U rack mountable chassisDual 2.13 GHz Quad-Core Intel Quad-Core Intel Xeon X3460 Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core Dual Intel Xeon Quad CoreXeon L5630 "Westmere" 2.80Ghz E5530 2.4GHz X5560 2.8GHz24GB RAM 4GB RAM 6GB RAM 18GB RAM2 PCI-E Slots 2 PCI-E Slots 4 PCI-E Slots 4 PCI-E Slots2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports6TB SATA storage capacity 1TB SATA storage capacity 8/16TB SATA 8/16/32/48TB SATA storage capacity storage capacity4.5Gbps CTD 1.1Gbps CTD 3Gbps CTD 12Gbps CTD#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 54. WatchPoint Centralized Monitoring for Distributed Enterprise Networks • High-level, aggregated view of all network segments – Monitor per campus, per region, per country • Wide range of network data – NetFlow, sFlow, OmniFlow • Web-based, customizable network dashboards • Flexible detailed reports • Direct link to detailed, packet-based analysis#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 55. Comprehensive Support and Services Standard Support Premier Support  Maintenance and upgrades  24 x 7 x 365  Telephone and email contacts  Dedicated escalation manager  Knowledgebase  2 customer contacts per site  MyPeek Portal  Plug-in reconfiguration assistance WildPackets Training Academy  Public, web-based, and on-site classes  Complete curriculum: technology and product focused  Practical applications and labs covering network analysis, wireless, VoIP monitoring and advanced troubleshooting Consulting and Custom Development Services  Deployment, configuration, and assessment engagement  Systems integration and testing  Application integration, driver, decode, interface development#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 56. 24x7 Network Monitoring, Analysis, and Troubleshooting#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 57. Long-Term Product Vision Event-driven Application and Network Performance Management Data Abstraction • Predictive Data Mining • Autonomics • Aggregation • Closed-loop Derived Data • Base-lining • Statistics • Correlation • Measurements Capture Data • Tracking • Drivers • Probes • Packets WildPackets Proprietary#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 58. WildPackets Key Differentiators • Visual Expert intelligence with intuitive drill-down – Let computer do the hard work, and return results, real-time – Packet /payload visualization is faster than packet-per-packet diagnostics – Experts and analytics can be memorized and automated • Automated capture analytics – Filters, triggers, scripting, and advanced alarming system combine to provide automated network problem detection 24x7 • Multiple issue network forensics – Can be tracked by one or more people simultaneously – Real-time or post capture • User-extensible platform – Plug-in architecture and SDK • Aggregated network views and reporting – NetFlow, sFlow, and OmniFlow#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.
  • 59. Thank You! WildPackets, Inc. 1340 Treat Boulevard, Suite 500 Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925) 937-3200#wp_omni7 © WildPackets, Inc.