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Managing a Widely Distributed Network


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Your network is your business, so downtime and performance degradations are mission-critical problems, affecting productivity, revenue, and relationships with customers and partners. Combine this with …

Your network is your business, so downtime and performance degradations are mission-critical problems, affecting productivity, revenue, and relationships with customers and partners. Combine this with a widely distributed workforce and the accompanying widely distributed network infrastructure of most modern companies, and the challenges of real-time network management and troubleshooting seem overwhelming. However, by building distributed, intelligent network analysis that includes your remote offices, vital information for management and troubleshooting is always at your fingertips.

WildPackets is leading the charge with its Omni Distributed Analysis Platform. Join this webinar to see how WildPackets provides visibility across your entire network, from data centers to remote offices, providing highly distributed network analysis and troubleshooting with a single, distributed cost-effective solution.

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  • 1.© WildPackets, Inc. Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: #wp_NetworkAnalysis with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets Jay Botelho Director of Product Management WildPackets Follow me @jaybotelho Managing a Widely Distributed Network
  • 2. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 2 About This Webex … • All callers are on mute ‒ If you have problems, please let us know via the Chat window • There will be Q&A at the end ‒ Feel free to type a question at any time • Slides and recording will be available: ‒ Via a follow-up email
  • 3. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 3 Agenda • Goals and Challenges • Monitoring Application Performance • Network Analysis Architecture in a Distributed World • Using Network Analysis for Application Performance Monitoring • Industry-leading WildPackets Solution
  • 4.© WildPackets, Inc. Distributed Network Monitoring Goals and Challenges
  • 5. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 5 By the Numbers • 64% of organizations reported that managing network performance has become more complex over last 12 months • Organizations are losing on average $72,000 per minute of unplanned network downtime • 48% of organizations reported that, on average, they spend more than 60 minutes on repairing performance issues - per incident
  • 6. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 6 31% 38% 48% 49% 59% Better align IT with business strategies/goals Improve utilization of existing IT resources Reduce cost of managing IT Improve flexibility of IT infrastructure Increase amount of IT resources available for investing in innovation and new services Key Strategic Goals for CIOs
  • 7. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 7 Key Capabilities Organizations Are Looking to Deploy 24% 27% 30% 30% 34% 39% Ability to monitor VM-to-VM communications Single platform for managing network performance and security Access to network performance data based on job role and level of responsibility Ability to monitor impact of routing changes on network traffic activity End-to-end visibility into application transactions Ability to analyze and report performance issues at 10Gbps line rate
  • 8. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 8 Key Challenges for Network Performance Management 29% 29% 35% 36% 41% 46% Inability to identify potential performance issues when designing the network Difficulty determining next steps to take when a problem is detected Oversubscribed network monitoring tools Lack of visibility into the business impact of network performance Lack of visibility into application performance Inability to identify root cause of performance problems in a timely manner
  • 9. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 9 Summary and Key Takeaways • Network is becoming more of a strategic asset • Traditional tools are not as effective in managing high speed networks • Proactive management of network performance results in measurable business benefits • Organizations are looking to improve their ability for managing performance of VoIP and other real-time applications • Quality of user experience is becoming a key metric for monitoring network performance
  • 10.© WildPackets, Inc. Monitoring Application Performance
  • 11. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 11 It’s All About The User Application Response Time – The time it takes an application to respond to a specific user request, measured from the user’s perspective 3 Performance Levels of User Satisfaction
  • 12. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 12 A Bit More Precisely … Application Response Time = Network Response Time + Transaction Response Time
  • 13. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 13 Network Response Time • Network Response Time (R): Time between a user’s action and the network’s response to that action • Payload: Information content in bytes • Bandwidth: Minimal link speed between client and server • AppTurns: Number of interactions needed between the client and server to provide a response to the user • Round Trip Response Time (RTT): Propagation time for data between the client and server Network Response Time (R) ~ (payload/bandwidth) + [AppTurns*RTT] Adapted from Peter Sevcik and Rebecca Wetzel of NetForecast
  • 14. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 14 Other Network Response Time Considerations • NRT is dynamic, never a constant • DNS response time is a common source of performance issues • Proxy servers – TCP connection is not end-to-end to the server • Multi-tier designs – network latency between each tier
  • 15. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 15 Transaction Response Time • Server Response Time (SRT): Processing time required by the server • Client Response Time (CRT): Processing time required by the client Transaction Response Time (TRT) ~ Server Response Time (SRT) + Client Response Time (CRT) Adapted from Peter Sevcik and Rebecca Wetzel of NetForecast
  • 16. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 16 Transaction Response Time Factors • Server Latency: Time for the server to process a request - memory, disk system, CPU, and usage dependent • Application Latency: Time for the application itself to process the request – mostly software design dependent • Database Latency: Database design factors that contribute to overall processing time – eg. fragmentation, indexing, etc. • Browser/Workstation Latency: The client side of the equation • Protocol Usage: Some protocols outperform others
  • 17. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 17 It’s All About The User Application Response Time ~ (payload/bandwidth) + [AppTurns*RTT] + SRT + CRT 3 Performance Levels of User Satisfaction
  • 18. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 18 Getting It All In One Place Payload Turns ~ RTT ~ SRT, CRT Application Response Time ~ (payload/bandwidth) + [AppTurns*RTT] + SRT + CRT
  • 19.© WildPackets, Inc. Network Analysis Architecture in a Distributed World
  • 20. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 20 Where to Capture • On the Network • On the vSwitch • On a Virtual Tap • On the VM Guest
  • 21. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 21 A Solution for Every Network
  • 22. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 22 vSwitch Span Port
  • 23. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 23 Virtual Tap Infrastructure Distributed vSwitch (shared across VM hosts) Virtual Tap
  • 24. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 24 Capturing on VM Guest
  • 25. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 25 The Challenges • Store every single packet with no packet loss • Provide critical network health statistics in real-time • Generate comprehensive analytics for in-depth post- capture analysis and data retrieval • Ensure packet access for deep packet inspection and complete troubleshooting • And do it all FAST like the network itself Importance: Packet-based PM tools remain only truly effective approach to definitive monitoring and definitive troubleshooting – Jim Frey, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.
  • 26. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 26 10G Network Data Capture
  • 27. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 27 10G Network Data Capture
  • 28. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 28 10G Network Data Storage • 1Gbps steady-state traffic assuming no storage overhead: 7.68 GB/min 460 GB/hr 11 TB/day 2.9 days in a 32TB appliance • 10Gbps: 76.8GB/min 4.6 TB/hr 110 TB/day 7.0 hours in a 32TB appliance
  • 29. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 29 Different Approaches, Different Results • Client side ‒ Closest to what the user sees ‒ Difficult to troubleshoot delays ‒ Requires monitoring equipment at all remote sites + centralized monitoring – expensive • Server-side ‒ RTT harder to determine ‒ Consolidation of monitoring equipment ‒ Better able to assess server response time
  • 30. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 30 Multi-Segment Analysis (MSA) Compare simultaneous data from end to end ‒ A single point only tells you flow health ‒ Multiple points measure link quality
  • 31. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 31 The WildPackets Solution • Intelligent, dynamic load-balancing, filtering and time-stamping of highly-utilized network traffic ‒ To capture and store every single packet ‒ To eliminate capturing unnecessary traffic ‒ To provide high precision time-stamping for accurate latency measurement and time synchronization • Gather high-level, flow-based statistics ‒ To monitor the network health ‒ To narrow down post-capture analysis criteria • Make packets readily and quickly available ‒ To provide in-depth troubleshooting and deep packet inspection • Aggregate and display the load-balanced traffic in a single view ‒ To make it trivial for the user to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot demanding networks
  • 32.© WildPackets, Inc. Using Network Analysis for Application Performance Monitoring
  • 33. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 33 The Network Or The Application? Possible Issues on the Network Possible Issues with the Application
  • 34. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 34 Expert Analysis Leads The Way Network may be at fault System or Application is at fault
  • 35. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 35 What To Look For • Primary events are anything related to “slow” ‒ Depending on what events we see, we will know who is at fault • Typical application events: ‒ HTTP slow response time ‒ Oracle slow response time ‒ Inefficient client • Typical network events: ‒ TCP SLOW segment recovery ‒ Slow retransmissions ‒ Slow acknowledgements ‒ Low throughput
  • 36. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 36 Visual Expert Provides Proof Two requests for data, two quick TCP Acks, but then a long delay before the server sends the requested data Requests and Acks Then the Data gets returned much later ACK fast = Network fast Data slow = System slow
  • 37.© WildPackets, Inc. Industry-Leading WildPackets Solution
  • 38. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 38 Omnipliance – A Solution for Every Network Powerful Precise Affordable The new family of WildPackets Network Analysis and Recorder appliances gives IT organizations powerful and precise analysis of high-speed networks in an affordable solution with half the hardware footprint of rival offerings
  • 39. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 39 Omnipliance Is … Powerful ‒ Fastest network recorder in its class - Up to 20Gbps of real-world traffic ‒ Up to 128 TB of storage ‒ Simultaneous real-time analysis and comprehensive Forensic Search Precise ‒ Captures complete network traffic, so you can analyze everything, not just samples or high-level statistics ‒ Doesn’t drop packets or sacrifice accuracy for speed ‒ Supports rich, detailed analysis, including VoIP and video-over-IP traffic Affordable ‒ Delivers outstanding price/performance (lower price; half the rack space) ‒ Allows mix of 1G/10G/40G interfaces without buying extra appliances ‒ Solutions start at $16,995
  • 40. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 40 Omnipliance Product Line • Omnipliance TL: NOC or Data Center, 10G/40G, up to 128 TB with OmniStorage • Omnipliance MX: Corporate Campus, 1G/10G, up to 32 TB • Omnipliance CX: Branch Offices, 1G, up to 32 TB
  • 41. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 41 Omnipliance TL Industry Leading Network Analysis and Recorder Appliance • Sets a new standard in capture-to-disk speeds ‒ 20Gbps sustained capture to disk rate with zero packet drop • Best price/performance Network Analysis Appliance in the market ‒ 25Gbps with only one Omnipliance TL and one OmniStorage ‒ Consuming less rack space, less cooling, less electrical power • Most flexible network interface offering ‒ 1G/10G/40G interfaces supported in a single unit eliminates additional unit requirement • Most accurate real-time analytics − Packet-based processing and analysis vs. inaccurate sample-based calculations
  • 42. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 42 • Omnipliance TL with OmniAdapter 40G has a capture-to-disk rate of 25.33Gbps with no loss in storing the data • Omnipliance TL with OmniAdapter 10G has a capture-to-disk rate of 20.94Gbps with no packet loss • Capture-to-disk rate per 10G port of 10.47Gbps is the highest observed to date in testing of network analysis and recording appliances Faster Capture = More Complete Data
  • 43. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 43 Distributed Analysis Collaboration or Independent Control OmniEngine OmniEngine OmniEngine OmniEngine
  • 44. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 44 WildPackets Omnipliance Advantages • Fastest write to disk with no packet loss • Best price/performance • Most flexibility with 1G/10G/40G Interface mix and match • Newest technology • Best UI • Most accurate, packet-based analytics and statistics • Fastest real-time analysis and capture to disk • Rich, detailed analysis, including VoIP and video
  • 45. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_NetworkAnalysis 45 More Power in a Smaller Footprint ‒ Captures traffic up to 25Gbps of real-world traffic ‒ Scales up to 128 TB of storage ‒ Requires half the rack space and power of competitive solutions Greater Precision ‒ Captures network traffic with no data loss, so you can analyze everything, not just samples or high-level statistics ‒ Accurate metrics ‒ Rich analytics help pinpoint and characterize anomalies ‒ Enterprise-wide solution makes forensic analysis available at every location Better Price/Performance ‒ Superior power and precision at a price significantly lower than other network forensics products. The WildPackets Advantage
  • 46.© WildPackets, Inc. Q&A Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: #wp_NetworkAnalysis with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets Follow us on SlideShare! Check out today’s slides on SlideShare
  • 47.© WildPackets, Inc. Thank You! WildPackets, Inc. 1340 Treat Boulevard, Suite 500 Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925) 937-3200