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Introducing network analysis and data capture for 802.11ac

Introducing network analysis and data capture for 802.11ac



To watch the full-length Ondemand Webcast go to: http://bit.ly/80211ac_analysis ...

To watch the full-length Ondemand Webcast go to: http://bit.ly/80211ac_analysis

Whether you’re a chipset or WLAN equipment manufacturer looking to test and verify 802.11ac traffic, or you’re building a wireless enterprise network, the demand for a WLAN analyzer that can capture and analyze 802.11ac traffic is already high. We are excited to announce our next version of OmniPeek network analyzer, the first and only wireless network analysis solution to address 802.11ac.

Join us for this short, 30-minute webinar where Jay Botelho, Director of Product Management, will give an intro to 802.11ac and Chris Bloom, Director of Custom Engineering, will explain how OmniPeek network analyzer can help you maximize high-speed WLAN uptime and quickly identify the root-cause of WLAN problems.

In this web seminar, we will cover:

An overview of 802.11ac and comparison to 802.11n
Current WLAN capture and analysis techniques
What you will learn:

Why remote, 24x7 WLAN capture is essential for 802.11ac traffic
How to effectively use OmniPeek to capture and analyze 802.11ac traffic



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    Introducing network analysis and data capture for 802.11ac Introducing network analysis and data capture for 802.11ac Presentation Transcript

    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.Show us your tweets!Use today’s webinar hashtag:#wp_omnipeekwith any questions, comments, or feedback.Follow us @wildpacketsJay BotelhoDirector of Product Managementjbotelho@wildpackets.comChris BloomDirector of Custom Engineeringcbloom@wildpackets.comIntroducing Network Analysis andData Capture for 802.11ac
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekDetails• All callers are on mute‒ If you have problems, please let us know via the Chat window• There will be Q&A at the end‒ Feel free to type a question at any time• Slides and recording will be available‒ Via a follow-up email2
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekAgenda• What’s New in Version 7.5• Demo• Wrap-Up3
    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.What’s New in Version 7.54
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekVersion 7.5 New Features• Full 802.11ac support‒ First to market‒ Data collection and analysis• Data captures from locally–attached or remote APs‒ Only practical solution for capturing gigabit speed 802.11ac traffic‒ Eliminates expensive travel costs‒ Reduces problem resolution from days to hours or even minutes• Enhanced roaming analysis‒ Addressing the needs of an increasingly mobile work force• Interactive channels and WLAN views in Compass‒ Quickly identify areas that need more detailed, packet-level, analysis• Significantly improved the write-to-disk performance (wired orwireless) – up to 7Gbps – making it an ideal 24x7 networkrecording and analysis solution for 802.11ac
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekOmniPeek 802.11ac Support• Wider channel bandwidths‒ 80 MHz and 160 MHz channels• More MIMO‒ Support for up to 8 spatial streams• Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO)‒ Multiple STAs transmit or receive independent data streamssimultaneously‒ Downlink MU-MIMO (one transmitting device, multiple receivingdevices) included as an optional mode• Low level MAC and RF improvements‒ Beam forming‒ MAC modifications
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekCapturing from Locally–Attached or Remote APs• APs provide the support and bandwidth required for802.11ac multi-gigabit capture and analysis• AP “capture” devices – cross-over cable directly tolaptop• Distributed analysis using deployed APs• The choices:‒ Custom Remote Adapters‒ Remote PCAP
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekCustom Remote Adapters• Allow an AP that can be put into promiscuous modeto act like a direct-connected sniffing device• Allow the full capabilities of the AP to be leveraged• APs are “reconfigured” via the AP controllersoftware• Depending on the manufacturer and the model, APsmay or may not be able to continue sending traffic• OmniPeek supports‒ Cisco – updated for 11ac in Zinfandel‒ Aruba‒ Meru‒ Coming soon: Quantenna – 11n and 11ac
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekRemote PCAP• An industry standard that allows interaction with aremote machine to capture packets• Widely available in enterprise-grade APs – makes802.11ac capture capability easy• Typically not a “marketed feature” by manufacturers• Devices we have worked with include:‒ Aerohive: Model HiveAP 120‒ Ruckus: ZoneFlex 7363 (requires ZoneDirector Controller)• Others that we’re aware of:‒ Cisco MDS 9216• We will continue to compile a list
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekEnhanced Roaming Analysis• Support for bonded channels‒ Improves algorithm for 40, 80MHz operation• Displays channel, frequency, and band• “Select Related” from any row of a roaming table• Association packet recorded and shown in "Comment" column‒ Find exactly where and when the roam took placeAddressing the needs of an increasingly mobile work force
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekInteractive Channels and WLAN Views• Channels viewin Compass• WLAN view inCompass• MCS, spatialstreams, andadaptercolumns inPackets viewQuickly identify areas that need more detailed, packet-level, analysis
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekOther Wireless Enhancements• Decryption support for multi-channel aggregation‒ Decrypt across channels for complete visibility‒ Per-capture support• Dynamic driver detection in Aggregator‒ Add or remove WLAN adapters without restarting OmniPeek• Full support for MCS‒ Decodes, stats, filters, Compass, remote adapters‒ The new way to describe data rate in 11n and 11ac• New adapter “block list”‒ Stop irrelevant adapters from appearing in the list• Decodes‒ Many improvements and bug fixes
    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.Demo13
    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.Wrap-Up14
    • © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_omnipeekSummary• The first to support data capture and analysis of 802.11ac traffic• The only to support 802.11n 3-stream (450Mbps) traffic analysis• The most comprehensive for voice-over-wireless (VoFi)analysis• The only to support remote data capture from commercialenterprise APs• The best for distributed networks with remote 24x7 real-timeanalysis• The only to support packet capture from non-technical users• The most cost-effective by supporting both wireless and wirednetwork analysis in the same solution• The most comprehensive with an industry-leading UI thatmakes troubleshooting effortless
    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.Q&AShow us your tweets!Use today’s webinar hashtag:#wp_omnipeekwith any questions, comments, or feedback.Follow us @wildpacketsFollow us on SlideShare!Check out today’s slides on SlideSharewww.slideshare.net/wildpackets
    • www.wildpackets.com© WildPackets, Inc.Thank You!WildPackets, Inc.1340 Treat Boulevard, Suite 500Walnut Creek, CA 94597(925) 937-3200