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Cyber Security - IDS/IPS is not enough

by on Feb 15, 2012


Watch the full OnDemand Webcast: ...

Watch the full OnDemand Webcast:

Network breaches are on the rise. You can find statistics and specific accounts of breaches all over the Web. And those are just the ones companies are willing to talk about.

You have an IDS/IPS in place so you’re protected, right? Not necessarily, since most breaches today are unique, and often employ prolonged, targeted attacks, making them hard to predict and counteract with existing IDS/IPS solutions. Worse, sometimes attacks begin, or are at least facilitated, from within the firewall, whether maliciously or simply due to negligence and inappropriate corporate network usage.

The current environment of profit-driven network attacks requires that you supplement existing IDS/IPS solutions with technology that constantly monitors and records all network traffic, and provides the ability to perform Network Forensics. This way if an attack occurs, and the odds are not in your favor, you can not only characterize the breach, but also assess the damage, ensure no further compromise, and comply with corporate and legal requirements for reporting. Additionally, by employing Network Forensics proactively, you can spot dangerous behavior on your network as it happens, swinging the odds of avoiding an attack back in your favor.

In this web seminar, we will cover:

- Current trends in cyber attacks, including APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats)
- Common characteristics of recent cyber attacks
- Limitations of IDS/IPS solutions
- Using Network Forensics to supplement your defenses

What you will learn:

- Why IDS/IPS solutions fall short
- How to implement a Network Forensics solution
- How to use Network Forensics for both proactive and post-incident security analysis



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Cyber Security - IDS/IPS is not enough Cyber Security - IDS/IPS is not enough Presentation Transcript